Chapter 27. The King's Lady

Sarah watched as Toby rode off with Georgie on dragons, leaving Jeremiah and little Robin in their wake. She gathered the two younger boys and told them the older boys would return soon.

"Mama," Robin whined. "Tell us a story!"

A little girl sat in the sunlight, a little girl with long hair that was the color of the sunset. Her eyes looked up at her mother with amusement. "Yes, Mama, tell us a story." She joined her brothers in their begging as she worked on an embroidery frame.

Sarah took a seat on the bench, her own needle work long since abandoned as it was every time they were in the garden, "A story?"

The little boys, with hair the same color as their father and eyes like pale jewels clapped their hands and stomped their feet, "Story!"

Prince Zoan, now protector of the younger Royal children took a seat and smiled. Jeremiah climbed up into the lap of the Hobgoblin and settled in.

Ona, seated beside Princess Adrianna smiled at the antics of the little boy still stomping. "Robin, settle down." She called lightly.

"Oh give them a story already." Jareth called as he entered the garden to join his family; "If you don't that one will never settle down." He pointed to Robin who was hopping up and down. He took a seat beside Sarah, placing a hand to her swollen belly, and smiled.

Sarah placed a hand over that of the King's. "Alright, what kind of story do you want today?"

Robin, the youngest son of the King took a seat on the ground and wrapped his hands about the King's boot. "Adrianna's story." He said hugging his father's boot.

Sarah looked over head to see her brother and his companion on their dragons, "Yes, alright." She sighed. "Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a beautiful Princess…." Sarah felt the child in her belly move, and she smiled. "She was beautiful, and wise, and caring. She was the perfect Fairy Princess in every way….."


Author's note…

I'm ending this tale here. The voices have been silenced and the tale is told. Thank you for reading it. Thank you for all the support you've given me in this and other tales.