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"Make it stop…"

"Hup! Gaara-sensei! I can't—hup!—help it." The girl closed her mouth and shut her eyes tightly as the hiccups rocked her thin body.

The Kazekage sighed at his student. She had had them all morning and had they had prevented her from keeping quiet enough to stay hidden during their training. Gaara could hear her a mile away.

"How do you get rid of the hiccups?" he asked finally, his tall figure leaned against one of the sand columns.

"Hup! Gaara-sensei, you don't—hup!—know how to get rid of—hup!—hiccups?" His student's tone was teasing despite the interruption of "hups."

He found his face heating slightly as her dark and wide eyes gazed at him. "I've never had them before. Will you just tell me?" He added harshly and instantly cursed himself when she visibly winced.

"W-Well, my mother always used to scare them out of me—hup!" She rushed out before covering her mouth.

The redhead blinked his pale eyes in a moment of confusion. Did she want him to scare her? He never really had to /try/ to scare someone before. It came naturally.

Matsuri's body jumped every once in a while as the time between the hiccups increased slowly.

"C'mon, Gaara-sensei.—hup!—I'll close my eyes—hup!—and just fake attack me or something—hup!"

The black eyes disappeared as she gently shut her eyes and Gaara blinked again, lost. He knew he couldn't scare her.

A thought suddenly occurred to him, and decided—somewhat impulsively—to go with it.

He walked forward, towards her, as quietly as he could.

"Hey—hup!—you going to scare me or—hup!—not?"

He waited until the most recent hiccup ended, and without answering her question, dipped his head to hers and kissed her.

He felt a sort of quivering in his chest and pulled away, finding round, ebony eyes staring at him. She was motionless.

"Are they gone? Did I scare you?" He asked, somewhat embarrassed, but worried and concerned at the same time.

She finally blinked at her teacher and smiled. "They're gone. Arigato, Gaara-sensei."

He averted his eyes from hers, and stood, knowing she had avoided mentioning the kiss on purpose. He recalled the way his chest had felt when their lips touched and shame washed over him in a huge unwelcome wave.

"Then let's get back to training," he said softly.

"Ah…uh…okay. But you didn't…you didn't scare me exactly."

Gaara turned his head towards her and she tucked a piece of choppy brown hair behind her ear. "I didn't?"

"I think I was more…surprised."

"What's the difference?" He muttered.

Matsuri looked up at him, stunned. "A big one. Being scared is something you don't want! But being surprised is like an event that you didn't expect to happen…but sort of…wanted to."

She untucked her hair, hoping to hide behind it while she blushed furiously.


She moved her head slightly, showing she'd head him. "Yes?"

"Anytime you have hiccups, just come tell me."

The Suna kunoichi finally looked at him, realizing his voice sounded a little different. "Gaara-sensei?"

He cleared his throat and turned again. "T-Training. We have to--."

He broke off as Matsuri picked up her weapon and swung it around a few times.

The young Kazekage kept his head, and his gaze, to the ground until he was absolutely sure that the slight pink in his cheeks had receded.