Pirate Of A Carribean Sea: Jack SParow is dead

Jack Spare-O was busy rowing a boat a way from a tornado. He was happy. Until a being came up behind him.

"Davey Jones? What the fuck are you doing here?"Jack said. he was suprised.

"I'm in the process of killing you, you ass pirate mother fucking bitch." Evil Inspector Andy said as he ripped off his Davey Jones Hallowen mask. he ran at Jack Sparrow and cut his legs off with a chainsaw.

"Oh bloody shit." Jack said as he looked as his bloody legs bled.

"Now you going to need a peg leg. I'll help." Andy said as he shoved a sword up his legs."where all the rum now?"

"In my fucking bowels, bitch." jack said.

"You need a fucking peg fucking leg. And I be the one who fucking gives it to you."

"EROOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jack Cried For Sparing as Andy shoved a sword up his decapitated leg.

"Now you FUCKING DDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Andy cried as he shot Jack with a machine gun. His body was un-recognizeable. what once was jack sparrow was now fish food.

"Now to destroy your remains, bitch." andy said as he put what was once jack in the water and fish ate him.

The End