"And where do you think you're going?" A young blond woman asked the small child at her feet. The girl looked up at her and smiled before breaking into full on laughter. "You should be in bed by now. Let's go say good night to your brother and get you to your room." Mary carried her daughter to the nursery and smiled down at the tiny baby boy that was wide awake. "Say good night Shae."

"Okay mommy." Mary placed the girl on the floor and she ran to the crib. She reached in and lightly placed her hand on the babies head before turning back to look at her mother. "Can you pick me up so I can kiss him good night?" Mary smiled and nodded before picking her back up and holding her so she could lean into the crip. "Night Dean. Sweet dreams." She told him with a smile as she kissed his head. The baby giggled and waved his arms in the air.

"So she's still awake I see." Mary turned and looked at her husband. "Come here missy." Shae giggled as Mary put her down and she ran right into John's arms. "What are you still doing awake?"

"I wanted to say night to Dean and I wanted to say night to you to daddy." John smiled and hugged her.

"Now that you've said it, time to get to bed." Shae smiled and rolled her eyes, causing John and Mary to laugh. "None of that now. Come on. I'll tuck you in while mommy feeds your brother."

"Okay then. Night mommy." Mary gave her a kiss on the head before John left with her in his arms. "Can you read me a story daddy?" John smiled as he placed her in her bed. "That a yes?"

"Of course baby girl. Which one would you like to hear?" She placed her small finger on her chin and thought about it. "You figure it out yet?"

"Yeah. I wanna hear the one with the prince and the frog." John nodded before walking over and grabbing the book. He sat down and started the story. She was asleep by the time he got to the part when the princess kissed the frog.

"She asleep?" John closed the book and turned to Mary. "You know that was my favorite one when I was a kid." She told him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at Shae.

"I know. Why do you think I bought it for her?" He replied as he kissed her cheek. "Now let's get to bed." She nodded as he pulled up Shae's blanket. Both kissed her cheek before heading to their room and falling asleep in each others arms.

Six Years Later

"Dad!" Ten year old Shae yelled as she ran into the house. "DAD! You here!?" She stopped at the kitchen and looked around.

"Shae." She turned and smiled at her father. He was standing in the hall with four year old Dean in his arms. "Come on. We have to get to the hospital." She nodded and ran over to him. After strapping Dean into his little car seat and Shae jumped into the front, they made their way to the hospital.

"So moms going to have the baby soon?" John glanced at her and smiled before nodding. "About time. I was kinda sick of waiting."

"You know things like this take time." She rolled her eyes and looked back at Dean. He was reaching for his toy truck that had fallen onto the floor of the impala. She undid her belt and grabbed it before handing it back to him.

"There ya go." He giggled and began to play with the truck as she turned and buckled herself back in. "And I know it takes time. We learned about that in school already, but I just want to know if I'm going to have another little brother or a sister." John just shrugged. "You know, don't you dad?"

"I might have a clue, but you're just going to have to wait till she has the baby and they taught you about sex already?" She smiled and nodded. "So soon?"

"Not everything, but they did teach us about where babies come from and how it takes nine months for them to come. Other than that..." She drew out the last word and turned to look out the window again. John just nodded before turning back to look at the road. "So is it a girl or boy?"

"Not telling." He answered with a laugh. He glanced over at her and saw that she was giving him 'the lip.' "Oh not with the lip Shae. You're just going to have to wait till mom has it and that lip trick of yours isn't going to make me change my mind." She huffed and crossed her arms. "Don't do that either."

"Do what?" She asked in the most innocent voice she could. "I didn't do anything dad."

"Yes you did. You're doing the whole I'm mad at you thing and that's not going to work either and we're here."

"Can we say run on?" John laughed and parked the car. "Can I get Dean?" He glanced back at her and then at a very happy Dean.

"I don't see why not." Shae grinned and jumped out of the car. If there was one thing she loved, it was being able to take care of Dean. "Come on and let's go." She got Dean out of his car seat and held his hand all the way into the hospital. "We have to go to the third floor."

"Does that mean we have to take the elevator?" John looked down at her and saw her just staring at the doors to the elevator. He knew how much she hated them, but it was the fastest way to the third floor. "Do we dad cause Dean doesn't like them." John looked down again and saw the look on her face. He knew that she hated them more than anything, but he also knew that she wanted to seem tough in front of him. She always did.

"Dean doesn't?" She nodded and tightened her grip on her little brothers hand. "Alright then. We'll take the stairs, but I'm going to carry him."

"Fine by me." John picked Dean up and the three made their way to the stairs. Poor Johnny was huffing and puffing by the time they reached the third floor. "I think you're out of shape dad." He glanced down at her. "Or not. So what room?"

"Twenty one. It's at the end of this hall. You wanna hold his hand?" She nodded and grabbed Dean's hand as they made their way to the end of the hall. "Now we have to be quiet okay?" She nodded again and bent down in front of Dean.

"You have to be a good boy now Dean. You have to be quiet." Dean giggled and nodded before the three went into the room. "Mom." Mary glanced over at her family and smiled before opening her arms. Shae ran over and hopped into the bed. "The baby here yet?"

"Not yet, but soon." Shae nodded and sat down on the bed next to her mother.

"Is it a boy or girl? Dad won't tell me." Mary laughed and looked over at John. "You're not going to tell me either, are you?"

"Nope. Sorry, but you're just going to have to..." Mary stopped and grabbed her stomach.

"Mary?" She glanced over at John as Shae jumped off the bed and ran over to where Dean was playing with his truck. "You want me to get a doctor?" Mary started doing her breathing as she nodded. "Alright. I'll be right back." She nodded again as John ran from the room. Shae looked over at her mother with fear in her eyes.

"Don'" Shae nodded as Dean scooted in front of her. He sat back until his little head was resting on her chest and she just wrapped her arms around him as John came back in. ""

"Yes Mary. I'm here and what do you say we bring that baby into the world?" Doctor Greene said with a smile. Mary just nodded as John grabbed her hand. "I brought a nurse that's going to look after your other two till we're finished. I'm sorry, but you know they can't stay in here." John nodded and looked over at his children.

"You're going to have to leave the room Shae. You and Dean can't be here before the baby is born, but a nurse is going to look after you till it's over, okay?"

"Is Dean coming with me?" John smiled and nodded. "Okay then. You're going to come and get us when the baby is here, right?"

"You bet baby girl." The nurse came in and the three left the room. John watched them go before turning back to Mary.

"Babys coming John." She hissed as she gripped his hand. He just smiled past the pain and helped her through the delivery of their third child. After the baby was cleaned up, John went to get Dean and Shae who were waiting in one of the waiting areas.

"You two want to come say hi?" Shae looked up at him and grinned before grabbing Dean's hand and running out the door. John opened the door and they walked into the room. Mary was sitting in bed with a giant smile on her face as she held onto her newest child. "Now you two can say hello to your new baby brother, Sam."