Chapter 16 Final Chapter

Six Years Later

"So now you have the whole two point five kids here Sammy!" Shae said as she held Sam and Jessicas second child. "Wow. You're a father of two."

"And you're a mother of four." She glanced over at her little brother and nodded. "Wheres Nick at? Still out of town?" She nodded and handed the small baby boy back to her brother.

"Yeah. He said he's sorry. He really wanted to be here, but he just got the new job so it was impossible." Sam nodded in understanding as Mary and John walked in. "Hey guys! They weren't two much trouble, were they?" Shae asked as she took her one of her youngest off her father.

"No trouble at all. They're all fed and changed." She nodded and looked down at her daughter. "She sure is a happy girl." Mary nodded as she held onto her daughters two other kids. Jayden was holding onto Johns hand and smiling at Sam.

"You want to hold him?" Sam asked with a smile. Jaydens face lit up and he ran over to his uncle. "All you have to do is support the head."

"I know uncle Sam. Mom lets me hold my sisters, remember?" Sam nodded and passed the baby off to him. "I remember when they were this small."

"I remember when you were that small." Shae said with a smile. Jayden glanced over at her and rolled her eyes. "What did I tell you about doing that?"

"Only do it to dad." John walked over and smacked his daughters head. "HA!" Jayden laughed.

"Dad. What did you do that for?"

"Don't teach your son things like that." Shae just grinned and glanced over at Sam. He just smiled as well and shook his head. They all turned to the door when the doctors brought Jessica back to her room. "Looks like the proud mommy is doing ok."

"Yes she is." Jess slurred as they placed her bed by the window. She had this goofy grin plastered on her face and that made everyone else in the room laugh. "Don't laugh at me you guys. It's not funny." Sam stopped laughed and sat on her bed. "Honey! We got another baby!"

"I know Jess and he's perfect." Jess grinned and nodded before falling asleep. The rest of her family just sat in her room and chit chatted about nothing. Sam and Jessica were married two years ago, a few months after she found out she was pregnant. She just wanted to be able to fit into her wedding dress. Their first child, a little girl who they named Cassie, was staying with her parents while she gave birth to their second child, a baby boy they decided to name Dean. They both agreed that it would keep his memory alive for all of them. Shae and Nick also had more kids. Three to be exact. Yup, Shae gave birth to triplets not to long ago. Three perfect little girls name, Katie the oldest by one minute. Then the middle girl named Alyssa and the youngest by only a minute is Rebecca. Nick got a new, higher paying job that he loved more than anything. He got to spend more time with his family and thats what really mattered. Shae still made regular visits to Deans grave and spoke to it like it was him. She quit going to therepy and was doing just fine. She was even working at a local law firm.

"So whos hungry?" John asked as he stood up. Shae raised her hand and smiled. "I know you are. You always are."

"Dad. that hurts." She told him with a smile as she placed a hand over her heart. John just laughed and patted her on the head. "But really, I could go for a burger."

"Burger it is. Extra onions?" She nodded and he turned to the others. "Anyone else? I'm only making one trip."

"I'm good honey, but thanks." He nodded and turned to Sam. "Maybe we should just head out and stop someplace. Give them some time alone." John nodded and the three, well it would be seven if you include the kids, left when they saw Sam was asleep on Jessicas bed. "You know what?" John and Shae turned to look at Mary as they made their way to the cars.

"Whats up mom?" Shae asked as she stapped her kids in.

"I just kinda wish that Dean was here to see all this. I mean you know he would of been so proud of both of you." Shae smiled and nodded as she looked at the ground. It still wasn't easy for her to talk about her brother, but some times it just helped. "Just wish he could of had his own family."

"Yeah, but that just mean that Jess and I have to pop out more kids to make up for it." John laughed and shook his head, but Mary nodded in agreement. "I'm kidding mom. Nick and I talked about it and we think that we have enough on our plate right now." She said with a smile before turning to Jayden. "Get in the car and buckle up. We're going to get somethin to eat."

"Can I have pizza?" She nodded and he climbed into the car.

"Boy and his pizza. See you there?" John and Mary nodded as Shae got into the car and took off. "So what do you want on your pizza?" She asked as she glanced at her oldest. Jayden placed his finger on his chin and thought about it.

"Ham sounds good for now."

"Ham it is then."

"Mom, can I ask you something?"

"Sure baby. What's on that mind of yours?" She asked as she put in AC/DC. "And not one word."

"I wasn't going to say anything." She looked over at him and rolled her eyes. Sam got him into the whole mullet rock thing and he said it any chance he got. "But I wanted to ask you about uncle Dean." She nodded and kept her eyes on the road. "I know that you don't like talking about him, but I just wanna know what he was like."

"Why do you want to know so bad?" Jayden shrugged and looked out the window. "He was an ass." He glancedback over at his mother and saw a smile on her face. "Yeah. I said he was an ass."

"But he was your little brother. Why would you call him that?"

"If you knew him, you would understand. Thing is, he might of been an ass, but he was our ass." Jayden nodded and turned back to the window. "Anything you really want to know about him?"

"Just what he was like. I saw a few pictures of you, uncle Sam and him and you all seemed so happy together." She nodded at the memory and stopped at the red light. "Were you close?"

"Yeah. He was like my shadow when he was little. Always followed me everywhere." Jayden smiled and nodded. He knew that his sisters were most than likley going to be like that with him. "You wanna hear a funny story about him?"

"If you want to tell me." She nodded and the light turned green. "So?"

"Your uncle had this fear of rats. I mean he hated the damn things more than anything." Jaydens eyes went wide. When ever Sam told him stories about Dean, they were always making him out to be fearless, but this. This fear was new to him.

"Uncle Dean was scared of mice?" Shae nodded and made the next right. She glanced back and saw that her parents were still behind them. "So what did you do?"

"You know me to well, you know that?"

"I saw some of the things you do to dad." He said with a smile on his face. Shae was known to play a prank or two on Nick and Sam. Not to mention her parents. Not so much Jess. She just helped Shae most of the time. The two girls were like sisters. "So what did you do to him?"

"One night, before he got sick, he was getting ready for a date. Getting all dressed up and what not. He really must of liked this girl cause he never dressed up for anything. Hell, he was in jeans and a t-shirt at his own funeral." She cleared her throat and started again. "Anyways, he was in the bathroom shaving. He had this thing about stubble. Loved that I haven't shaved look. When he came out, he finished getting ready and came downstairs. I knew he had to use the bathroom seeing as he drank so much water cause he was nervous about the date."

"He drank water?" She nodded and pulled into the parking lot of Pizza Hut.

"He did that when ever he got nervous. Always with the water, but anyways. I went into the bathroom before him and placed a rubber rat in the toilet before closing the lid."

"Mom. You didn't?" She grinned over at him and he knew right there she did. "So what did he do?"

"You remember when your aunt Jess saw that spider?" He nodded. "Remember what she sounded like when she screamed?"

"You saying that uncle Dean sounded like a girl?" She nodded and he just started laughing. "Mom, you could be so mean."

"I know, but he knew it was all in fun. Got me back not to long after that. Never did find out what was up with him and Nair. He put some in not only my shampoo, but Sams and your grandpas to. You ever saw my dad bald?" He shook his head and she opened her door. "Funny sight let me tell you." He laughed more and got out as well.

"You really miss him, don't you?" She glanced down at him and nodded. "Sorry I asked about him then."

"Don't be. Hes your uncle. You should know about him. I'm just sorry that you never got to meet him, but I know you would of loved him. You two are so alike it's scary sometimes."

"Really?" She nodded and got her three young girls out of the car. "You really think I'm like uncle Dean?"

"You have no idea how much you're like him. I'll let you in on more stories later. Right now it's chow time!" He nodded and helped push the stroller to where John and Mary were waiting at the door.

"Mom said I'm like uncle Dean!" Jayden said with a smile once they were all seated. John and Mary looked over at Shae with shocked looks on their face. She always avoided talking about Dean to them. She only opened up to Sam when it had to do with him. She just shrugged when she caught them looking at her and they ate as Mary and John shared more stories about Dean.

Seven years later

"Well, this is weird to say the least." Sam said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, not sure what to say here." He mumbled as he looked at the sky. "I know I should of came to visit earlier, but I just couldn't. You would understand. I'm sure of that." He said as he wiped a tear from his eye. "Mom and dad say hi and that they miss you. Mom still comes up to plant daisys each spring." He then stood their in silence, not sure what more to say.

"You alright dad?" Little Dean asked as he grabbed his fathers hand. Sam glanced down at him and nodded. "Mom called and wanted to talk to you, but I said you were talking to aunt Shae so she'll call back."

"Thanks Dean." He nodded and looked at the two headstones. "You want to say something? She can hear you, ya know. Her and your uncle."

"What do I say?" Sam shrugged and sat down. Dean looked at him before sitting on his lap. "I miss her. Thats all I really know."

"I know and so do I." Sam rested his chin on his sons shoulder and picked out one of the weeds that have grown. The two sat in silence for the longest time. They had lost Shae two years ago in a car accident. She was driving home later from work and it was snowing. She just lost control of the car and ended up in a ditch. The accident was bad and the doctor told them that she died almost instantly. Not sure if that was supposed to bring relief or what, but it didn't. Sam took it the hardest. Not as hard as Shae took Deans death, but hard non the less. Shae had a will made out some time before her death and their were two things she wanted. One was to be buried next to her brother and the second was that Sam did the inscribing on her headstone, which he did.

"You ok dad?" Sam nodded and wiped his eyes. "It's okay to cry dad. You love her." Sam smiled and held his son closer. Him and Jess were helping Nick out with the girls and Jayden was also lending a hand. Mary and John did what they could, but they were getting older and it wasn't easy for them. "I miss her a lot to." Dean said as he rested his head on his fathers.

"I know son, but we should get going." Dean nodded and got off his lap. "Next time I come up, you wanna come?" He nodded and grabbed his fathers hand as they walked back to the car. Now Sam had inheritated the impala. Funny how that damn car makes it's way down the family. :-) After getting in the car, he called Jess back. "You called?"

"Yeah. Wanted to make sure you were alright?" Sam smiled and turned the car on. "You ok?"

"I'm fine Jess. Just wanted to talk to them for a minute."

"I understand. I told Nick that he could come over for dinner tonight. That alright with you?"

"That's fine. He's always welcomed." Jess laughed and Sam smiled as Dean put in one of his rap tapes. "Oh god." Sam moaned as he rolled his eyes.


"Dean and this rap." Dean glanced over and had this smirk on his face that reminded Sam so much of his older brother. "This is worse that Shaes and Deans music."

"This is classic rap dad. Tupac was awesome!" Dean said as he pointed to the radio. "Don't diss."

"Don't say diss. Please." Dean laughed and nodded before he started rapping along to the tape. "We're on our way home now."

"Alright. I'll see you when you get here. Love you Sam."

"I love you to." He hung up and shoved the phone back into his pocket. "Nicks coming over for dinner." Dean smiled. He loved spending time with his uncle and cousins. "Thought that would make you happy."

"Always does dad." Sam nodded and continued the drive home. He was really happy. He thought that after losing not only his brother, but sister as well, his life would be over. He just thanked his family for everything, but what really mattered. What he really knew in his heart was that his two older siblings would always be watching out for him. For him and his family.

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