- -Making Amends- -

Chapter Seven, Epilogue

Last Chapter:

"When she was just about to plant one on me, I panicked. I thought of you, and… well, I just came to it then."

"She didn't try to mess with you after?" Mullet asked.

"Nope. I told her to bug off." Roy grinned, and Mullet chuckled.


With that, he lifted his head up and kissed Roy once more.

Almost a year later, Roy cleaned up their apartment. He huffed as he bent down to grab another article of his clothing, his back popping from the movement.

He never expected for things to turn out as they did, but he wasn't complaining. He was extremely lucky, Roy thought, to have found a person like Mullet Fingers. At first, it was kind of awkward, for both boys had literally no expertise in the dating field, but then things loosened up and they went into a mellow flow of things.

Roy never expected Mullet to be the type to take his date out to some place like the movies, and he was partially correct. Mullet Fingers occasionally broke his hermit habits so that he could go to places with Roy in public. Mostly, though, they spent time with each other in the comfort of the wild side of Florida, and Roy didn't mind much.

He remembered the late nights he had in the shoe factory, and the few times he spent the entire night there. It wasn't as comfortable as a warm home, but with Mullet there, Roy didn't mind as much. He also forced Mullet to stay over Roy's house once in a while. Mullet didn't seem to mind, because he loved curling up in Roy's bed, spooning around Roy's smaller body.

Roy would always blush whenever he thought about Mullet, because things as of late had become extremely intimate. No, they hadn't done anything past third-base, but it was still all so new to both teens. Even though they were both legal adults, they were both admittedly inexperienced virgins.

Seven months into their strong-held relationship, Roy moved out of his parents' house and got his own apartment not too far away. He offered to share the abode with Mullet, who at first shied away from the idea of it, but then decided to take up on Roy's offer after a few days of avoiding each other. Mullet figured it wouldn't be so bad, and there were the Everglades not too far from the complex (it was most likely because there were no parents to walk in on them, and because there was a huge bed in the apartment's bedroom).

Still together months after their big move, Roy and Mullet were both members of society. Roy worked day shifts at a bookstore while he took online college courses when he came home, and he planned on becoming a book editor in the future. Mullet Fingers got the interesting job of being an aquarium employee, and he enjoyed his seven-to-twelve-hour-workdays. Mullet never planned on going to college, but Roy had forced him to at least graduate high school.

Mullet yawned, stretching as he walked into the living room. Roy huffed as he felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around his middle, and muttered,

"Can't you see I'm trying to clean up here?"

Mulled chuckled, and kissed the nape of the boy's neck.

"Yes, I can see that."

After a few moments of Mullet's hands still attached to him, Roy sighed.

"I guess I'm not cleaning anymore today?" he asked. "You're a smart one," Mullet said, and Roy felt the man's lips part in a grin against his neck. He hissed when he felt teeth sink into the skin on his collarbone, and moaned out as Mullet sucked gently on the bruising skin.

"Mullet… it's… like, not even past six…" Roy argued weakly, feeling his knees begin to buckle.


"Shouldn't we be doing this kind of stuff later on…at night?"

"Are there written rules for 'this kind of stuff'?" Mullet laughed quietly, his voice husky. Roy gulped, feeling his face flush a bit.

"But… I should clean up if Beatrice is coming in to Florida tomorrow morning," He muttered, moving his head to the side so Mullet could get a better angle.

"She's coming tomorrow."

"Tomorrow morning."

"She won't care if the place is a pigsty, and besides, the place is practically spotless." Mullet bit Roy's earlobe teasingly, enjoying Roy's intake of breath.

"There's dusting… vacuuming, laundry to do…" Roy bickered poorly, sliding his eyes shut.

"I did two load of colors and darks before I went to work this morning, you vacuumed before we went to bed last night, and there's no dust that could have collected over a span of two days." Mullet said with finality, and steered the two of them to the bedroom.

Roy sighed as he was pinned onto the freshly made bed, Mullet on top of him, and let Mullet attack his lips. He eagerly slipped his tongue out to meet Mullet's, and groaned as the deliciously evil tongue of his boyfriend's ran over his own teeth. He gently bit the tongue, and got a resounding moan from Mullet.

One of them accidentally moved their hips-either up (Roy) or down (Mullet)-and their lower bodies rubbed together. They both froze from the electric shock of the action, and Mullet bit down on Roy's lower lip-hard, nearly drawing blood from the sensitive tissue. Mullet groaned out even louder, if possible, and Roy was breathless.

They both tore away from each other's mouths, and Mullet bent down to nip at Roy's neck as he chafed their hips together, delighting in the new and quickly common results.

Roy was panting from the overwhelming heat that was consuming him from the inside out, and was ready to cry out in frustration, from what he didn't know. Mullet growled; he seemed to feel the same thing.

He wasn't prepared for Mullet's hand to travel to his pair of grey shorts, and Roy gasped as Mullet's fingers brushed against his hardened manhood. His eyes shot open instantaneously, and quickly glanced up at Mullet. The man was looking down at him, his eyes darkened into a violent ocean-during-a-storm-color from the passion he felt. Mullet had a question in his eyes, one only Roy could spot, and Roy nodded minutely, and dragged Mullet down onto him as Mullet's hand began to stroke.

Roy was mumbling incoherently when Mullet stopped, and he mewled as the warm, talented hand was removed. He blushed at the new sound coming from him, but Mullet seemed to enjoy it, and forced their lips together again.

Roy slipped his hands down to the buttoned shirt Mullet wore, and tried with shaking hands to undo the buttons. He hissed in annoyance when they wouldn't undo themselves for him, and Mullet pushed Roy's fumbling hands away, and opened each button himself. He laughed throatily as Roy eagerly pushed off the shirt.

Mullet mimicked Roy's actions, and they both were thankful that Roy had on a plain t-shirt.

Quickly after, shorts were shed off, and they were both left in just their boxers. Roy experimentally tweaked one of Mullet's dusky nipples, and Mullet rasped and shuddered simultaneously. Roy grinned evilly and latched onto the other with his mouth, suckling onto it and eliciting sounds from Mullet that he'd never really heard before.

He sighed when he was torn away from the delicious tanned chest he was drawn to, and murmured out as Mullet bit down on his neck-again-and pinched one of Roy's already-hardened nipples. Roy squeaked from the pain and pleasure combination, and his hips twitched up instinctively, colliding with Mullet's. They rubbed together again, and Roy was tearing up from the overpowering feeling of being stuck on the top of a roller coaster that suddenly stopped on the tracks. He wanted to soar down, into whatever came after this dissatisfactory, almost painful pent-up feeling.

He dug his nails into Mullet's back, and Mullet paused, looking down at Roy. He gently kissed the bruised, full lips of his boyfriend before speaking.

"Roy…" It came out hoarsely, and Mullet tried again after clearing his throat a few times.

"Roy, do you want to…" He trailed off, gesturing with his hands the rest of what he couldn't say. Roy hesitated a moment, and blushed.

It hurt, didn't it? He knew that much. But he didn't know how; he knew how it worked with girls and boys, but what about them?

Mullet saw the confusion in Roy's eyes, and piped up.

"I read this book-thing when I was waiting one day for you to finish work. I know all about this." He grinned mischievously, though he was slightly blushing.

Roy let out a whoosh of air, and grabbed Mullet by his forearms.

"Doesn't it… hurt?" He asked fearfully. Roy was never one who dealt with pain well.

Mullet took one of his hands and ran it through Roy's brunette locks, lovingly tracing his entire face and stopping on the tip of Roy's nose."It will, but I promise I'll do my best to make it feel good for you. I'll control everything tonight, since you don't know a thing about what you're doing," He teased, kissing Roy who was stuttering nervously.

"But--" Roy began, and Mullet interrupted him.

"Do you trust me?" He asked simply. Roy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but replied immediately.

"Of course."

"Then let me do this, for you; for us. Please?" He asked in quiet tones, intimately grazing beneath Roy's chin with the tip of his tongue. Roy closed his eyes and nearly purred.

"Okay…" He said quietly.

Mullet smiled and kissed Roy's jaw once before tracing down Roy's sides with his fingertips, stopping at the waistband of Roy's boxers. He paused, waiting for Roy to stop him if he wanted, and when Roy waited with his eyes closed, Mullet slowly pulled the clothing downward.

He took in the wonderful beauty of a completely nude Roy against the hunter green satin bedspread, and kissed Roy on the mouth, slowly stepping out of his own boxers as he did so. He tossed the undergarments off to the side with the rest of the clothing from tonight, and hovered over Roy.

Roy slowly opened up his eyes, and stared calmly at Mullet. Mullet grinned lazily back as his hands dropped down to caress the smooth skin of Roy's inner thighs. Roy gave a little twitch but didn't stop him.

Sigh. I had to cut the LEMON! scene there, to keep it safe. I found out that you're not allowed to go into sex scenes, even in Mature-rated stories… wow! Anyway, I didn't really write anymore to it, but if a few reviewers would like the whole scene, I'd be happy to write up something to go along with it.

Oh. Right. Back to the story!

Mullet Fingers sighed in contentment, gradually opening up his eyes to take in the sunlight streaming from the bedroom window. Roy was next to him, breathing in and out soundlessly and still asleep.

He smiled when he thought back to last night. Everything had gone wonderfully, and he couldn't wait to do that again. He'd have to check out the other books on varied methods of—

His thoughts halted when Roy mumbled cutely in his sleep and turned to latch onto Mullet's bare midriff. Mullet chuckled at Roy's tight hold, and relaxed into his pillow. He looked over at the bedside clock to check the time…

"Shit!" He ground out, and Roy instantly woke up.

"Wha?" He said intelligently, blinking in confusion as he tried to jolt his sleep-muddled mind into getting clearer.

"Beatrice, she's due here in an hour!" Mullet complained, and got up from the bed. Roy hissed in annoyance, but got out of bed as well. He blushed as he stumbled slightly on his feet, and he was forced to plop-albeit very carefully-back down onto the bed. Mullet was about to walk out but when he didn't hear Roy come up behind him, he turned around to quizzically look at his boyfriend. Suddenly, a smirk broke across his features, causing Roy to blush even deeper.

"Oh." Was all he said, and cackled evilly as Roy hid his burning face in his hands. He approached Roy casually, whistling as he did. Roy looked up and growled at Mullet, glaring as Mullet sat down beside him on the bed.

"Sorry, forgot about that little quirk." Mullet ground out with a straight face, before his face broke out in a grin.

"Yeah, right. Forgot." Was all Roy could say. He tried getting up again, this time slowly. Mullet didn't get up and only watched as Roy tried to bend down to pick up the clothes scattered around the room, giving up after a few moments of comically struggling to bow down enough.

He caught Mullet staring at him, and hissed out,


Mullet shook his head, his smile softening.

"You look so… I don't know. It's just seeing you like that."

"What, acting like a fifty-foot pole is jammed up my ass? Well… it seemed like there was one up there last night, I'll admit." He quipped, though he blushed a little. Mullet looked startled at first, but then he burst out in laughter, and rolled off of the bed in his fit.

"I love you." He sighed out after the last giggles were out of him.

Suddenly, the atmosphere grew thicker, and Roy stared in shock at Mullet, who in turn looked awed himself.

"What?" Roy gasped out faintly, his legs shaking. He placed a hand on the wall to steady himself.

Mullet looked up, wide-eyed. He sat on the floor, Indian-style, with his hands curled up into light fists on either side of him.

"…I love you." He repeated, though this time a bit more shakily.

"You-you do?" Roy asked quietly, licking his suddenly dry lips.

Mullet Fingers quickly stood and paced towards Roy, and took the man into his embrace. He looked seriously into Roy's brown eyes, and nodded.

"I do. I love you, Roy Eberhardt."

Roy choked out a rough laugh, and wrapped his arms around Mullet's neck, shakily smiling.

"Y-You know that I love you too, Mullet." His eyes filled with unshed tears, and he closed his eyes as Mullet kissed him softly, lovingly, and patiently, and Roy sighed as the romantic kiss came to an end.

"Come on, I'm sure we have time for a quick shower before B gets here," Mullet said, and added slyly,

"I think we have to share one though, you know, to save time."

Beatrice knocked on the light blue door that had the brass letters '339' nailed onto its surface, holding her large duffel bag on one shoulder. She almost knocked again, but the door quickly opened up.

She smiled warmly at the older-looking Roy and Mullet, and her grin wavered as she noticed how the both of them seemed to… glow was the only proper word.

"…Hey guys." She greeted suspiciously.

She knew that nearly twelve months prior, Roy had found Mullet in that bush stalking the brunette. Beatrice had felt almost obligated to whack her stepbrother over the head for his stupidity and lack of being subtle (Mullet had sent over a letter describing the events leading to their shaky friendship). But then, another letter came from her honorary brother, not more than a week apart from the other letter he sent, and it told of how Roy and Mullet Fingers hooked up. Instead of threatening Roy to take care of her nature-boy, she was enforcing-firmly-that Mullet was good to Roy. Of course, Mullet readily agreed, and every few weeks, she'd get a report from her brother about his boyfriend. At times, she'd felt that Mullet was becoming extremely obsessed with the cowgirl.

But then, late one night as she sat in her aunt's guest room beneath a cozy homemade quilt, she got a sudden realization that Mullet Fingers was definitely in love with his boyfriend, or at least extremely infatuated. She couldn't fall asleep at all that night, and paid for it in the morning during her finals.

She didn't say a peep to Mullet about her hunch, but made sure that Mullet didn't do anything stupid. She reminded him a week ahead about Roy's birthday, only to get a response back saying that Mullet had pre-ordered a gift for his beau. She was flabbergasted at his commitment. Since when did Napoleon and commitment go together like peanut butter and jelly?

She was confused when she saw how dazed and happy the two of them looked, and smirked to herself: they were in love. Something had probably occurred while she was getting to Florida, because now she and Mullet would call each other constantly now that Mullet lived in an actual 'house'.

"Hey, B! Lemme grab that for you!" Mullet offered too enthusiastically, and Beatrice couldn't utter more than a syllable before she was empty-handed. Roy grabbed her free hand and pulled her inside, shutting the door behind them.

"Hello, Beatrice! How's it going?" Roy asked brightly with a grin, and led her to the living room. She sat down on the love seat, as Roy went to the kitchen to get some iced tea and glasses. Mullet zipped back into the room a minute later, the bag gone from sight. He lazily draped himself onto the recliner across from Beatrice, and Beatrice raised her eyebrows up in a questioning manner. Mullet chuckled, and said,

"So how was your flight here?"

"Pretty good…" she trailed off, watching as Roy bent down-slightly stiffly-to place the pitcher of iced tea and three mugs down onto the coffee table, and her eyes widened as Mullet wrapped his arms around Roy from behind, slipping Roy onto his lap. Roy looked a bit pained, but quickly readjusted himself in his human seat. Mullet still kept his hands around Roy's thin waist, his fingers slowly rubbing circles on Roy's clothing-covered abdomen. Beatrice coughed out,

"I see you two are still together."

They both grinned, and Mullet asked,

"How couldya tell?"

Wow, it's… over! cries Oh well. All things must come to an end eventually, and sadly, this is where Making Amends finishes.

I loved the smut scene in here, though it's not nearly as graphic as I'd prefer (hah!).

I wanted to wait a while before they got too serious, so I figured with a year passed, they'd both be nineteen or twenty, and living on their own. They were in a year-long relationship that didn't previously involve anything more than making out, so I figured it was kind of balanced out, plot-wise. I mean, what author would have them having intercourse a day or so after they hooked up?

I hope you all enjoyed this, and again, I won't be continuing this story. I did say that maybe, once I get my Harry Potter story almost completely finished, I'd be writing another Hoot story. I will, I swear! I have a story idea all planned out in my noggin, and I may even pre-write the entire thing for once! audience gasps

So now… I get to say goodbye to this lovely little ficlet, Making Amends. Thank you for being there, for letting me write you when I had writer's block with my other story! I'll never forgetteth thee! dramatic swoon-sigh

Well, the end. :D