Hello everyone, friendly Neighbourhood review whore Kyugan here.

As you know, some of my earlier works have been dead in the water for quite some time. This is a result of them being

A. My initial works, (which many an author looks back upon and shudders).

B. Written at a time when I was still developing as a Fanfic author.

C. Have been put on hiatus for so long I've forgotten where I was going with them.

I understand that there are many of you that are looking forward to where these fics were going, but I'm sad to say there isn't much chance of m updating them in the future. Good grief some of the things i wrote when I was young and naive...^_^!

In any case, do not be discouraged, as I have been approached by several people asking to continue some of my earlier works, as they liked the fics so much they want to keep them alive.

One of such, Azure Dragon of the East, will be continuing with Konoha Shinken, to which I wish the best of luck.

I humbly apologize to all those who are disappointed in these turn of events, but urge them to move on, and enjoy the fic, as I leave it in Azure's capable hands.

Once again, my apologies: