"Meri?" Derek asked to get her attention from the newspaper.

"Hmm?" She barely glanced up at him, taking a sip of her coffee.

"What do you think of kids?" he questioned, rather out-of-the-blue.

It was completely effective in gaining her complete attention. She sputtered, spraying coffee all over the kitchen table. When she managed to quit coughing, she exclaimed, "What? What are you talking about?"

Hiding his smirk, he passed her a napkin to wipe up the coffee. "You know, Meredith, I think I'm just going to be really direct with you. Do you want to have a baby?"

Meredith was choking again, even though she had nothing in her mouth. "Um . . . a baby . . . with you."

"I would hope the baby's with me," he teased gently. "Don't freak out too much, Meri. I don't need an answer right now, I just want you to think about it."

"Um, yeah, thinking, okay," Meredith rambled. "Right."

Derek chuckled softly. "We don't have to have kids, but if we're going to, sometime soon would maybe be a pretty good time. We've been married three years and you're done with your fellowship in a month."

"I'll be an attending." Meredith grinned at the thought. "Well, as long as the chief of surgery approves. Do you think he will?" Meredith joked, knowing perfectly well she was good enough. And that the chief of surgery was her husband.

"I think he will. He needs to get rid of that dumb assNugan as head of department anyways," Derek played along.

Meredith's eyes lit up. "You're going to make me head of neurology?"

He touched her cheek affectionately. "Not anytime soon, but hopefully eventually."

The glow left Meredith's face after a moment, and she said softly, "I'll think about the kid thing."

"That's all I'm asking," Derek told her.

"It's just, I always assumed we'd have kids eventually, but eventually is so different than actually. Would I be a good mother?" she asked rather shyly.

"I think you'd be a great mother."

She bit her lip in thought. "And you'd be a good dad. Maybe we could do this, Derek." Having a baby with Derek, the idea seemed unreal. And somehow wonderful.

He leaned over to kiss her softly. "Don't rush the decision, sweetheart. I'll be happy either way."

"Would you really?" She leaned into the hand that was against her face.

"Meredith, of course. I'm incredibly happy right now; I have you, how could I not be happy?" He rubbed his thumb along her cheekbone. "And a baby would make me happy too."

"Okay." She nodded slowly. "I'll think about it."

He kissed her forehead softly. "I know you will. Now go get ready to go. Don't want the chief angry if you're late."

She giggled. "Oh, I'm sure he'd fire me."

"You are so funny when you try to be sarcastic," Derek laughed.

"You love me anyways."

"I do love you always," Derek agreed. "But go." He pushed her lightly towards the stairs so she'd go get dressed.


"Iz, would I be a good mom?" Meredith asked randomly as they were changing out of their scrubs that evening.

Izzie was startled for a moment before she recovered nicely, and responded, "Yeah, of course you would. You're great with Rachael." Her reasoning referred to her two year daughter with George.

"Did McDreamy finally pop the question instead of just hinting?" Christina asked knowingly.

"Yep," Meredith said with a frown. "Somehow that last popped question was easier to answer. I'll screw with me and Derek's lives, but I don't want to mess up a kid."

"Commitment easier than kids," Christina scoffed. "I guess that's why I have no kids."

"Burke doesn't want kids either, though, does he?" Meredith questioned.

"Nope. We are both happy with careers and marriage. It's enough crap for one lifetime."

Izzie and Meredith both laughed at Christina's pessimistic attitude, knowing her well enough to realize it was mostly just an act. Christina loved Burke and her job with passion.

Going back to the previous subject, Izzie reassured Meredith, "I don't think you'd screw up a kid, Mer. You're not really all that dark and twisty anymore."

Christina offered her opinion. "Yeah, and Derek's so freaken bright and shinny that your dark and twisty would be good balance for the kid."

Meredith face twisted into a grin. "I think we could do it. I think I want to." The realization was hardly a shock. Ever since Derek had dropped his first hint, over a year ago, it had gotten her thinking. Her and Derek with a little baby that was all theirs. It was a fantasy that made her warm and melty, and it made her want things she had sworn her whole life she would never want. A baby. Her and Derek's baby.

"So there's going to be some mini-McDreamies in the near future?" Christina asked, reading Meredith's expression and interrupting her daydream.

"I think so." Meredith nodded. "Yeah, probably so. I do want babies with him and now is a good time."

"Babies?" Christina sneered. "Trust me, one will be enough."

"No," Izzie contradicted. "Well, you will think that while you're pregnant, and actually quite a bit once the baby is born. But then there'll be moments when you just know you want more."

"And those will be the moments you have sex with a condom," Christina finished.

"Pretty much," Izzie agreed with a laugh.

Meredith finished changing and took her bag out of her locker. "Thanks for the advice guys. I've got to go home and talk to Derek."

"Talk," Christina mocked. "Right. Well, have fun."

Meredith decided that was a good time to leave the room.

"Remember not to use a condom," Christina called to her retreating back.


"Derek," Meredith called as she stepped into the house they had built on his land. "I'm home."

Derek came out of the kitchen and met her in the living room with a quick kiss.

"How was work, sweetheart? I didn't see you much today," he said.

"It was good," she nodded with a smile. "Dr. Nugan let me do a craniotomy. I kicked ass. And I decided something."

Smiling brightly at her enthusiasm about the surgery, he didn't comment further on it, and instead focusing on her last sentence. "What did you decide, Meri?"

"Remember that thing you asked me to think about?"

That got his complete attention focus on her. "Yeah," he said carefully, not wanting to reveal emotion and pressure her.

"I decided yes." She nodded her head enthusiastically to emphasize her own words. "I want a baby."

Derek was rather shocked, to say the least. He had never known Meredith to make an important decision that fast and seem so sure about it. Hell, she could deliberate for twenty minutes about something as simple as a pizza topping. She tended to be rather indecisive. Slow to make decision and quick to change her mind. But the tone she used convinced Derek that she would not be changing her mind.

Just to be sure, he asked, "Are you sure? You're not just doing this for me?"

"Yeah, I am sure. I want us to have a baby. I want a baby. They really are damn cute, and I think that we could maybe raise a kid. You know, without fucking their life up. I really think we can. And a baby . . ."

Meredith sighed almost longingly, and smiled up at him before she was literally swept off her feet and into his arms. He swung her in circles around and around, both of them laughing contagiously.

"I think you're suppose to do that when I'm actually pregnant," Meredith giggled when he finally set her down, yet kept her in the circle of his arms.

"You will be. And you're going to have to watch what comes out of that sweet little mouth of yours when we have a baby. Not all things that come out of it are as sweet as expected." His eyes glowed with love for her even as he reprimanded her lightly.

Her only response was another giggle.

Derek found himself laughing with her, before asking, "What made you decide so fast? You never make decisions that fast. You contemplated what color to paint the guestroom five times longer than that."

"I think I've wanted this, Derek." She looked deeply into his indigo eyes. "I think I did, and I just needed you to ask me straight out. You should know I'm an avoider. Sometimes I just need a push."

Chuckling, Derek lifted the hem of her shirt, and placed a warm hand on her flat stomach, grinning in anticipation.

"I'll be fat," she warned.

"You'll be beautiful."

Derek ended the discussion by capturing her lips in a long and passionate kiss that had them both gasping for air when it ended.

"You know what the best part of a baby is?" Derek asked with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"What?" Meredith asked cautiously, having a feeling she knew what he was going to say.

"Making it."

With that, he kissed her again, walking her backwards up the stairs and into their bedroom, where he proceeded to lay her down and show her that making babies was, if not the best part of children, certainly a highlight.

So there's the beginning of my newest story. I'm kind of going out on a limb with this one, and I have no idea what kind of reactions to expect when the plot really unfolds. I hope most of you will just trust me and hang on for the ride (I can promise a happy ending). But despite this fluffy beginning this is a sad story, just to warn.

I think most of this should be clear. Background should make itself clear as the story unfolds. Season two happened for sure and possibly some events of season three, I'm not really sure, but like I said, I'll explain as I go.

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