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"Can you repeat that?"

Raven Logan was sitting in her doctors office. The 40 something woman, sitting just inches from her, was smiling reassuringly. It wasn't often the former titans had to go to the doctor, but they did have a private doctor they had used since their days as titans. Raven was therefore sitting without her ring.

"I have checked it twice Raven. You're pregnant."

Raven's hand went up to her mouth. She was in shock. She was 29 years, married 4, and she had always thought she wouldn't be able to have children. Though she knew, she wasn't that old.

Then a huge smile formed on her face, and tears ran from her eyes. Rudo was just sitting on the doctor's desk, looking at her.

"You knew?"

The monkey laughed.

"Of course you knew. How long?"

"About eight weeks."

Raven was just sitting there, and without knowing it her hand went to her stomach. She knew it was just her imagination but she could swear her stomach was bigger.

After some more detail questions, Raven got to her feet and Rudo jumped and wrapped his tail around her neck.

"Thank you Ada."

"It's a pleasure Raven. It's nice to see you need my abilities as well. Now just tell Gar if he has any questions just to call me."

Raven nodded. Ada got to her feet and walked with Raven out her office.

"And send my love to Kori and tell her to bring Carina when she comes with Jax. I want to see how her cold is doing."

Raven smiled with the thought of five year old Carina, and her two-year-old brother John Alexander, Jax for short. She loved couldn't have loved them higher if they were her own.

"I will. Send my blessings to Daniel and Nick."

"Thank you. Ring."


Raven put on her ring, and her hair became black and her eyes blue. Ada opened her door out to her waiting room, and Raven waved good-bye before the door closed it behind her. Raven ran down the three floors, and out the door.

The sun was shining, and the cool; crisp September wind made her smile only bigger. She had always loved autumn, and now she would love it even more.

She looked at the time, and since it was almost two she knew where her husband would be. She jumped on the tram, and 8 minutes later she walked of next to film studio. She gave a short wave to the guard, who knew her, and let her in.

She went swiftly over to lot 11, and walked quietly in. After two years, most of the crew knew her, so nobody tried to get her of the set. A young boy, twenty something P.A., was standing behind one of the cameras.

He saw her and waved her over but kept a finger over her mouth. Raven understood and quickly went over to him, and looked over at the stage. Beast Boy was standing on the stage and talking with his set sister. He said his punch line and the audience laughed.

"He's really brilliant."

The P.A. whispered to Raven, as he always did. He was Beast Boy's biggest fan.

When the show was over he and his set sister, a very beautiful girl with long blond hair, big grey eyes, and a body worthy of a 21 year old, hugged and complimented one another for the set. He hadn't seen her yet.

When Raven saw this, she was struck by jealousy. She hated that. It wasn't that she didn't trust him. She trusted him with her life. Years of working as a superhero on a team will do that to you. But she hated feeling so small compared to the models he was always working with.



She snapped herself out her pity party as her husband and best friend grabbed her and spun her around in a hug. Rudo hated when he did that and jumped over to one of the cameras. Raven suddenly got scared and as quickly as he put her down she called the monkey back.

Rudo was the only thing holding her powers in check, and the further he was the less energy he absorbed, and the more went to her powers. Now she suddenly got scared that could hurt the child, at least now in the beginning when she was so prone to abort.

"What are you doing here? I thought we were meeting at Dick and Kory's."

"I just finished my appointment with Ada, and wanted to drive with you."

"Gar, you want to go out and take a drink with us."

Raven looked at the girl from before, Beast Boy had told her that her name was Danielle, and looked back at Beast Boy.

"Sorry, can't do Danny. Maybe some other time."

Raven smiled and kissed him.

"Gar, I have some news. Something Ada told me."

Gar became worried.

"It's nothing serious I hope."

"Well, yes."

He looked into her eyes. She bit her lower lip. She suddenly got scared. Scared that maybe he didn't want the child. With the exception of a short conversation after Carina was born, they had never talked about having children of their own. Yes he had adopted Sophia after they got married, but that was it.

"Don't worry. Just remember that I love you, and I will get you the best doctors and…"

"Gar I'm pregnant."

"No matter the cost. We will get through this. We always do right? We are survivors remember…"

"Gar I'm pregnant."

"And don't care about me not being there, I will work as much or as little as you need me to. We have money enough. The important thing is you now."

Raven got annoyed. Okay Beast Boy wasn't the most observant man in the world, but this was just ridicules. She grabbed his face, forcing him to look at her and raised her voice.

"Garfield Logan I am pregnant."

His eyes widened. She let go of his face.



"And I'm the father, right?"

She hit him in the arm, before her face broke into a huge smile.

"Of course."

His face broke in to the biggest smile she had ever seen, before he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around. This time Rudo just held on for his life.

When he put her back on the ground they heard clapping and cheering form all around them. The P.A. turned to one of the cameramen.

"Pay up, I told you she would get pregnant by the end of the year."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Danielle and the rest of the cast, and some of the crew, came over and started to congratulate them.

It took over 45 minutes for them just to get through the congratulations and good luck wishes, and get out of there.

They walked out to the employee parking lot and get in to Beast Boys green, special made car. A gift from Cyborg years ago, and with yearly tune-ups it was still one of the best cars out there. Beast Boy took short glances over at her from time to time, and after the third car he almost hit Raven ordered him to park by the side of the road.

"If you are just going to look at me, I'll drive."

Then she had made him switch places with her, something he was okay with, and she drove of. Now he didn't take his eyes of her. Just looking at her like when they where newlyweds.

"Do you want to tell the others when we get there, or wait?"

No answer.



"Do you want to tell them, or do you want to wait?"

"Tell who?"

Raven rolled her eyes, but a smile played at her lips. Sudo was hanging of the back of her seat. Somehow he always knew that when she was driving he shouldn't mess with her. Beast Boy always said Sudo was very smart, and Raven didn't fight it. She never admitted to anyone just how connected she and the monkey was.

"Kori, Dick and Vic. You remember we are having dinner with them today. That's were we are going right now. So do you want to tell them or do you want to wait?"

"Why wait?"

Raven parked the car outside Dick and Kory's. Then turned to face him.

"Usually people don't tell early because the first 12 weeks it's very normal to abort."

She looked away. She hated saying that, but he needed to know. It was one of her biggest fears, to abort. She just knew that would happen to her. Thou she didn't know why she was so sure about that. Beast Boy grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

"Listen to me Raven, we are not going to loose this child."

"How do you know?"

He bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Because you deserve it."

"And you don't?"

He grinned.

"I got you. So I already have much more than what I deserve."

"Oh aren't we a smooth talker."

Raven smiled and kissed him. Then a smile formed on her lips and she started to laugh, his lips still on hers.


"I think someone wants to talk to you."

She pointed, still laughing, at the window behind him. There a tiny girl with orange skin, jet-black hair and big green eyes were making a face against the car window.

He made one back, making her laugh. As he opened the car door she jumped into his arms. He grabbed her legs and held her up side down. Making her pink dress fall over the laughing, and getting redder, face.

Behind her came a tiny boy walking he too with bright green eyes, but with short red hair. Raven stepped out of the car.



Raven bent down and picked up the boy, making Rudo move from her back to hang on her hip. Jax had a tendency to pull and poke Rudo, but now the boy just grabbed the necklace around her neck.


"That's right Jax, that's a raven."

With Carina's legs over his shoulders, the four of them went up to the porch, and the man waiting there. Garfield placed the girl down.

"Carina I have told you, you can't go outside without your ring."

"Sorry daddy."

"You are a role model now. If you don't put on your ring, Jax will forget his ring."

The girl nodded, and looked at her father with her sorry eyes. He smiled to her, and gave her two rings. After putting on her own, making her eyes and skin normal, she went over to the boy and put on his ring, doing the same to him.

"Can I go and play now?"

"Yes you may."

The girl squealed, and ran over to a bright red swing set.

"Push me uncle Gar. Push me."

"Duty calls."

Beast Boy bowed and ran over to the girl, and started to push her. Jax stirred and Raven had to put him down. He ran over to the sandbox next to the swing set and Beast Boy changed between pushing Carina and helping Jax play in the sand.

"The children love him."

"I know, and he loves them."

Robin looked at her. Rudo had positioned himself at his usual spot with

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine Dick, you don't have play the big brother all the time."

He pulled out his cigarette pack, put on in his mouth before packing it away.

"Can't help it. Blame it on the years as Robin."

He gave her half a smile while lightening the cigarette. Raven smiled back, but took a step back knowing too well how it could hurt the child.

"You're not going soft on me are you?"

"Of course not."

She met Gar's eyes, and he gave her an assuring nod before Carina demanded all his attention again. She turned to Robin again.

"I'm pregnant."

He just looked at her. Rudo tugged at Ravens air. Thanks to Rudo Raven could only feel other emotions if she wanted to. They didn't bombard her like when she was younger.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Eight weeks."

He blew the smoke out of his mouth, took the cigarette in his hand, and gave her a hug. Neither of them were much to huggers, so when they did it, it was special.


"Thank you Dick."

He let go of her and took a new puff, careful to blow the smoke away from Raven.

The door started to open, and Robin almost chocked, swallowing the smoke he had just inhaled. The cigarette was quickly put out and thrown in the flowerbed. Raven could just imagine how many cigarette buds there were in there.


Robin smiled and gave his wife a nod. With Carina of his back and Jax in his arms Gar galloped up the stairs, to the childrens delight.

"Are you coming?"

"Be right there."

He kissed her, and he went inside after Starfire.

"Still haven't told here?"

"I will?"


He rolled his eyes and opened the door for her.

"When she wouldn't go ballistic and tell me about the horrors of the smoking."

They laughed as they entered the living room and was greeted by the last of the former titans, Cyborg.

"Vic, so nice to see you. How's Karen?"

"She's fine. She's with her mother to show of Michael."

Michael was Cyborg and Bumblebee's newly adopted son, eight months old. Raven smiled. Carina jumped down of Beast Boy and ran over to her father, getting hoisted up in to the air by his arms. Raven saw Gar was looking at her, and since she had told Robin she gave him permeation to tell the others.

"Raven and I have some good news. We're pregnant."

Cyborg looked shocked, and Starfire stared to smile and clap her hands. Raven looked at him with one eyebrow raised, thinking he used the term we a bit loosely.

"Okay, correction. Raven's pregnant, with me."

Now he had every ones eyes. Raven placed a hand on her hip. Cyborg and Robin looked like they were going to laugh, and Starfire just looked confused.

"I thought you were already born friend Garfield."

"He is."

"Okay correction again. Raven is pregnant and I… I'm…"

He started to scratch the back of his head. Trying to find the right paraphrase.

"Let's just hope the child gets Raven's head."

The rest of the titans laughed, but Beast Boy looked insulted at Cyborg.

"Hey, I resent that. Well not really, I do hope the child gets her brain, but it's not nice pointing that out."

Raven smiling went over and silenced him with a kiss before he said something else.

"What's pregnant?"

"It means aunt Raven has a baby in her tummy. Like when mommy was pregnant with Jax."

Raven walked over to the girl, and placed her hand on her flat stomach.

"It's not big like mommy was."

"It's a while until it gets big, but just wait. Soon I will be as big as a house."

Carina's eyes grew. The doorbell rang, and Robin, with Carina still on his arms, went to open up.


Raven walked over to the door and gasped when she saw the man standing there. Her hands started to glow black.

"What do you want?"