"Mommy, I need to go."

"Go where Carina?"

"I need to go."

Starfire's eyes widened when she suddenly realised. She smiled to the girl as she gave Angela Marie Kori back to her mother.

"Friend Raven. Friend Garfield. Husband Richard."

She then grabbed the girl's hand, and with Jax on the other hand, left.

"Oh, someone just got the cold shoulder treatment."

Robin's stare could have killed him, and he certainly felt Raven hitting him. Beast Boy flinched in pain.

"Can you leave me and Dick for a moment Gar, before you get the cold shoulder treatment."

Beast Boy sighed. But placed Randall Victor back in the basinet and left Raven and Dick alone with the babies.

Raven turned and looked at Robin.

"Pleas don't say I told you so."

"I wasn't going too. Dick, normally I would let you figure this out on your own, but it's been two weeks. It's affecting Carina and Jax."

Robin looked down at Richard Grey in his arms, first now realising that he and Starfire's fighting was affecting their children.

"I just want to ask you one thing. Do you know why she is upset?"

"Because I smoked."


Raven looked at him. She really wanted him to figure it out, but knew first hand how dense men could be sometimes.

"Then I don't know."

"She feels stupid. You lied to her when you didn't inform her you where smoking, and I know why you choose not to tell her, but she doesn't. All she knows is that you lied to her, and she didn't realise that you lied to her. She's hurt. Like the time you said she wasn't your girlfriend."

He blushed. Raven almost melted when she saw that, but knew she had to be strong, for Starfire's sake.

"She told you."

"Of course. Dick, Kori is very insecure about herself and about her place in your life. Things like this only make her more insecure. You should know that by now."

He still didn't look at her, but he looked like he understood. Partly at least. He got to his feet and placed the baby in the basinet. He then turned and looked at her.

"I love her."

"I know that, and so does she. But she's female Dick, she needs reassurance."

He nodded. He went to the door, opened it, but turned again.

"But just for the record. Women aren't the only one's who need reassurance."

Then he turned again, and left.


"Ah home. Finally."

Raven smiled as she, with Angela on her arm, walked in through the front door to the apartment.

"This is home Angela."

"Tell me again why you carry one while I have to carry two?"

"Because I carried all three for eight months."

"Oh yeah, right."

Raven didn't even turn as Beast Boy stumbled inside with one baby in each hand plus the bags with Raven's things and the children's cloths.

"Ms Raven. It's so nice to have you back again."

"Nice to be back Elisa."

Two months. One month before, and one after. At the end Raven thought she would go crazy.

"Is that?"


As if she knew someone was talking about her she stirred and opened her eyes before closing them again. Her skin was white, her eyes where blue and her ears where just slightly pointy. The blond hair on her head had fallen of, so they didn't know what hair colour she would get. Beast Boy remarked that she looked like him before he turned green, and having seen his baby pictures Raven agreed.

She heard something drop to the floor and turned around. Still with the children in his arms, everything else was now on the floor.

"Gar, pleas."

"What. Their heavy."

Raven rolled her eyes, went over and gave him a kiss.

"Now which room?"

"Follow me."

Beast Boy led the way down the hall and stopped at the room next to their bedroom. After seeing him try to open the door with both arms occupied she smiled and opened the door for him.


She smiled as he, a bit embarrassed, opened the door fully and let her in.

It was wonderful. The walls were sky blue, and three cribs where lined up against the walls. All white, but one with dark blue covers, one light green, and one, since Raven would have killed him if it were pink, light purple.

Sophia's mobiles where on place too, the birds over the purple one, the sea over the blue and the land over green. There were also a two changing stations, three white cupboards and two rocking chairs.

"It's wonderful Gar."

Raven turned and kissed him. She then walked over to the purple crib and gently laid Angela down. She stirred again, but quickly continued to sleep. Rudo jumped from her neck to the edge of the bed. He had fallen hard for the little girl, and always stayed as close to the girl as he could.

Raven turned and walked over to the three men in her life. She carefully lifted Randall from his arm, and Beast Boy shook it like it had fallen asleep.

"Oh stop being such a baby."

"Hey, he's heavy."

Raven rolled her eyes and looked down at her sons. They where mirror twins, which meant Randall was a perfect mirror image of Richard, even his organs was reverse. Something Ada had assured them was nothing to worry about. Their skin had turned light green and their eyes had just turned purple. The one thing Beast Boy was very happy about was their mole, Richard under his right, and Randall under his left eye.

Carefully she placed the boy under the blue blanket. He didn't even stir. Raven bent down just to see that he was breathing. She held her breath, and finally she could hear it. She kissed him carefully, not being able to resist, and turned to find Beast Boy had put Richard down.

He laid his arms around her, and rested his head on hers.

"I'm so happy you're back."

"I'm happy to be back."

"I've missed you so much."

Raven couldn't help to laugh. They had seen one another almost every day when she was in the hospital.

"It's not like you haven't seen me Gar."

"But you haven't been home. I've been so lonely without you."

She turned and called for Rudo, who relocated left Angela's side and went up to her back.

"We better get out before we wake them."

"You're probably right."

And then he led her out the door and into the living room. He collapsed down on the sofa, and pulled her down on his lap. Elisa came over with a cup of herbal tea.

"Was that all, or is there something else I could do for you?"

"Nothing, thank you Elisa, and send Alano my regards."

"Will do Ms Raven."

Elisa put on her shall and went out the door. Beast Boy was still holding her tight, resting his head on her shoulder. She tried to lean out to grab the cup but found out she couldn't move, do to his arms.

"Garfield, can you let go so I can get my tea?"

"No, you're finally home. I'm not letting you go."

Raven laughed again, but something in his eyes made her stop.

"Don't laugh Rae. I'm serious. I finally understand why they say home is where the heart is. This apartment, it's been unbearable without you. I've worked overtime, hanged out with Dick and Kory and Vic. Visited you. Anything I could thing about so I wouldn't have to come home to the empty apartment."

She was a bit taken back by his seriousness.


"I know, I'm not the right guy to talk about this, I never take anything serious and just joke about stuff, but…"

She silenced him with a kiss. When she finally broke from him, they where both gasping for air, and she was leaning her forehead on his.

"Do you know what the happiest day of my life was?"


"They day I became a part of the teen titans. They day I got my first and best friends."

She smiled and grabbed his hand and placed it over her heart. He looked down at it before up at her again.

"Do you know the second happiest day of my life?"

He shook his head.

"The day you walked in to my bookstore, and again turned my bleak and black existence into light and happiness."

She pressed his hand closer to her heart.

"This is your home Garfield Mark Logan. With Sophia, Angela, Randall, and Richard. Never forget that."

He smiled and his lips carefully kissed hers.



She had fallen asleep on his lap. She had put on almost 50 pounds because of her pregnancy, and yet she felt light as a feather as he carried her down the hall into their bedroom. Their bed wasn't as high as his former bunk bed, but it was custom-made to sooth his animal instinct of getting of the ground.

Raven hadn't even blinked when she had seen for the first time.

He carefully placed her on the left side of the bed, her side, and saw as she turned to her stomach. A faint, but unmistakable smile formed on her lips. He remembered that one of the things she had hated most about the pregnancy was that she couldn't sleep comfortable.

Rudo ran past him and to the little hammock hanging next to Raven's head. Soon sleeping as tight as her. Beast Boy bent over her body and carefully slipped of her ring.

No matter how used to he got to her holographic appearances, and thou she did look wonderful, to him she never was as stunning as she was now. He bent over and kissed very slightly, before pulling the blanket up to her chin.

He turned and walked around the bed, pulled of his shirt and trousers, and walked quietly up the ladder and lay down next to her. He had forgotten to close the curtain and when he saw the way the moonlight caressed her skin, he decided not to do it.

He still didn't understand how he had gotten to be so lucky. And weird enough his thought went back to that day all does years ago when she had walked back in to his life. Or, when he had walked back in to hers.

He hadn't even recognised her at first. He had forgotten that she had dyed her hair black, and she had lost weight since last time. And to be honest, he had been very nervous. It had taken him over three weeks of her address hanging on the fridge before he got the courage to go visit her. And then he remembered it was her birthday.

The bookstore had just popped out of nowhere. Like a sign from above.

And there she was. He remembered every thing she had said just as vividly as if it had been yesterday. He remembered every smile, every gesture, every word, and just how terrified he had been when he walked out of that store. He was so worried that she wouldn't show up. That she would reject them. Reject him. He didn't know what he would have done if that had happened.

He turned and looked at the sleeping woman next to him. His wife. The mother of his children. His best friend.

Luckily he would never have to find out.