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Rikku in Wonderland

Chapter 1: Into the Hole

It was just a normal day on the Celsius and Rikku was just sitting at the bar as usual. Barkeep was washing some dishes off in the back, and she sighed. The Al Bhed girl sat there thinking, 'It's funny how things changed so fast. Tidus came back, Yunie left. When Yunie left so did Paine, she mumbled something about Baralai and disappeared. There's no more YRP, there are barely any spheres to find. It looks like everybody has moved on, except for me.

Rikku's thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she heard Brother yelling over the intercom, "Rikku! Kad du dra pnetka essateydamo!" (Rikku! Get to the bridge immediately!)

Rikku sighed softly and walked lazily to the elevator as she said aloud to herself, "Hmm, I wonder what he wants now."

When the elevator stopped at the bridge, she yawned and walked to Brother. "What do you want now Brother?" she said in a somewhat annoyed tone.

"Rikku!" Brother exclaimed. "There are—"

"Sphere waves coming from Bevelle," Buddy calmly interrupted.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get over there!" Rikku jumped around excitedly. The Gullwings hadn't recovered any spheres in such a long time; there was no limit to the good feeling.

It was no time before they arrived in Bevelle and Rikku was walking around, exploring. She found no trace of any spheres outside so she slipped into the big building where she, Yuna, and Paine had once jumped into a hole to fight Vegnagun. The blonde girl snuck past some guards and followed the path she had taken not too long ago. Rikku looked around the area where the big hole used to be.

"Ohh, where could that sphere be?" Rikku stomped her foot childishly, feeling like she just wanted to give up already.

Rikku was walking backwards and looking all around when the back of her foot hit something hard and she suddenly fell. She flinched and closed her eyes tightly, expecting make contact with the cold, hard ground, but instead she just kept falling and falling. She slowly opened her eyes and she was falling through darkness, looking up through a huge hole at the room she used to be in. Swirling around her were brief flashes of color, appearing brilliant and vibrant for a millisecond, and then fading back into the abyssal darkness.

It felt like Rikku had been falling for hours and she was starting to get impatient.

"Ok, I get it, I'm falling! Can I land already?" Rikku cried out loud, frustrated and bored.

As if granting her wish, she landed in a spongy patch of violet-colored flowers and was surrounded by soft light. The blonde girl slowly stood up and looked around.

"This looks like the place where we came to first to fight Vegnagun… where Yunie met Shuyin." Rikku walked around, although there was nothing distinguishable from where she'd fallen, all the flowers of the same shape and color. Glowing, glittering pyreflies danced around in the thick air. Rikku heard a quiet laugh from behind her, and she turned around. Then she saw a young boy in a purple robe. She couldn't see his face.

The little kid laughed and ran as she followed him curiously.

"H-hey, kid… shouldn't you be with your parents?" The kid started running faster and the blonde girl had to jog to keep up with him.

The child suddenly turned to her and said, "Come on, this way slow poke!"

"Heeeey, I'm not slow!" Rikku pouted, but then went running after the boy to keep up with him.

He turned and laughed once more and then there was a huge explosion of bright light. Rikku tried to shield her eyes with her hands, but it didn't help one bit. When the light faded she looked around and the little boy was nowhere to be seen.

Rikku looked around in awe. "Where am I now…?"

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