Joey walked behind Seto as he secretly followed him. School was over for the day and he noticed that Seto was heading in the opposite direction that rehearsal was taking place. Today was suppose to be the day they went through the entire play with out scripts in hand.

"Where's he going?" Joey thought as he ducked behind a trash can, "I'm not letting him skip practice again."

Seto was fuming he knew Joey was following him. It couldn't have been any more obvious. Every time he stopped and looked back their he was acting like was looking something or ducking behind a trash can. It was embarrassing to even think about.

He had driven that day so he was picking up his brother and then going to an appointment. He didn't need the blond-wonder following him.

Seto sighed and walked down the steps of the school. He noticed Yugi and Tristan waiting out front and sighed with relief, "He's not following me."

He passed them as he headed for his car. As he approached it he notice a student trying to convince a girl it was his. It appeared that the girl was believing him too. Seto walked up he knew it was mean but lying wasn't cool at all.

"Wow nice car. Mind if I take it for a spin?" Seto said as he pressed the alarm. The girl giggled, "Hi Seto. I thought this was your car. It's really nice."

"Thanks, oh you're Joey's sister aren't you? Something that beginnings with an S"

"Yeah. I'm Serenity."

"Nice to see you. Do me a favorite and tell your brother to stop following me," He said before he got into his car.

"I wasn't following you!" Joey shouted as he ran from behind a tree, "We have practice! Where are you going?"

"Though it's none of your business I have to pick my brother up and I have an appointment."

"What kind of appointment?" Joey asked as his sister walked off to join Yugi and the others, "Are ya sick."

"I'll run you over Joey I swear."

"I'll come with you." Joey said as he got into the passenger seat, "Mokuba will probably be bored to tears waiting for the doctors to figure out what's wrong with you."

"Mokuba rides shotgun." Seto said flatly, "Get out."

"Your brother loves me. He won't mind." Joey was right Mokuba didn't mind not riding in the front but Seto seemed to be buggin about it, "So where are we going now?"

"I'm dropping you off. I don't care where you go."

"Seto be nice. Joey we're going to the spa. Seto's doing a photo shoot for a British Magazine."

"I won't if I was able to decline the invitation."

"You know I go through the mail first just so you don't get the chance too. Joey did you know that Playgirl asked him to pose for their magazine!"

"Did you do it?" Joey asked.

Seto stared daggers at his brother, "It was nothing like that!"

"Sure go why wouldn't you let me see?" Mokuba asked.

"One because I don't even know how you knew about that magazine and two eww."

Joey smiled to himself, "What month were you?"

"October." he answered with out a second thought.

"Hmm, I'll have to check it out."

The car stopped and was turned off. Seto turned in his seat as though to face Joey accept he was helping his brother out of the back seat. Enter the glamorous spa Joey grabbed a brochure and looked at everything this place offered. Some of the stuff list sounded like something straight out of a science fiction movie and the prices were out of this world.

"A hundred bucks for as haircut. What do they use diamond incrusted scissors?!"

Seto glared at him as he sighed his brother and himself in, "Why don't you sit down somewhere."

Mokuba laughed and pulled Joey towards the lounge, "We normally come here once a month too relax. It's one of the things we do together. Seems like Seto's really stressed and one edge today."

"Ain't he always?"

Mokuba saw his brother motioning for him to come back over to him and Joey followed, "Seto you should let Joey join us! He's never been to a place like this."

"I'm sure he's not interested."

"Sure I am." Joey told him, "I want to know the secret beauty routine of Seto Kaiba."

"…." Seto sighed and walked around from his little brother and Joey.

"I don't think Seto is really comfortable around you." Mokuba told Joey.

"…Should I leave?"

"No way! I love seeing Seto when he's nervous!" Mokuba said as he pulled Joey along.

They walked down the hall it was painted in a calming blue and eggshell white. With vases of flowers on oak tables. Mokuba pushed opened a door and when inside, "Come on."

Joey entered and the first thing he saw was one white tabled and Seto laying on it. Joey couldn't help but stare. He had his hand folded under his chin with eyes closed. Until Mokuba spoke. Then Seto propped himself up and his hands under his chin back arched downwards legs bent crossed at the ankles. The rode had slide up revealing those legs.

"He's not wearing anything under that!" Joey scream inside his head.

"Why are you in here!?" Seto asked, "Get out."

"Aw Seto Joey's not going to be in the way." Mokuba said as he climbed onto a stool and turned to Joey, "Seto's about to get his legs waxed."


"It's not like he didn't know Seto."

"Exactly I didn't." Joey said blushing.

"…..Both of you out."

"Come on. We might as well still. Joey alright knows you might as well get over it." Mokuba said just as the woman with the wax entered.

She didn't seen phased by the little audience in the room. Seto turned his face away from them and as the lady spread the hot liquid onto the back of his legs.

Joey watched Seto get his legs waxed. It didn't take a lot of time either. After the lady was finish she left.

"So that's how you keep your legs so smooth." Joey teased as he approached the table as reached out to touch Seto's freshly waxed legs.

"Wheeler!" Seto shouted and hit Joey hard against his head.

"Ow! Gez! Man I only wanted to make sure she didn't miss any spots."

"Pervert." he thought as he got off the table and exited the room.

"I've never seen him hit someone that hard before." Mokuba said in amazement.

Following Mokuba across the hall Joey found himself in another room. He could hear soft music playing and the soothing sound of trickling water. The walls had a faint blue tint to them which made the room so relaxing. There was a cushioned table in the center of the room with a oval cut out at the top.

"Why are we here?" Joey asked as he noticed the two hanging lasso roped hanging from the ceiling and the table of bottles of different colored liquids.

"You're going to get a deep tissue massage." Mokuba said, "Seto's person is out sick so I guess he's not going to get one today. I would get one but I think they hurt too much." Mokuba grinned, "Undress over there and lay face down on the table."

"I don't-"

"Come on the lady will be here any moment they like to get thanks done." Mokuba said as he accused himself from the room to give Joey some much need privacy.

Joey was a bit nervous about get undress for some compliant stranger and he didn't know whether or not he was suppose to take his underwear off. So he left them on. He laid face down on the table and waited. It wasn't long be from he heard the door open and close. Soft footsteps and then a warn hand rested on his back.

"Hi, I'm Joey." He said as he began to sit up to see the person that was about to give him a rub down, however the person pushed him back down, "nice to meet you anyway." Joey watched the person's shadow on the floor but he never got a real good look. Joey sighed and tried to relax that was until he felt something hot pour onto his back, "Hey! What are ya trying to do bur-" Joey stopped when he felt the hands rubbed his back slowly making him feel tingly all over.

"This feels great. Wow. What have I been missing. I should get a part time job so I can come here again." He thought to himself.

The hands soon left him back, "It's not over yet is it? I was about to fall asleep." he told the person, "You really know what your doing. I'd tip you but I don't have much money." The person remained silent. "I hope this doesn't effect our relationship." he teased.

"Not at all." the owner of the hands finally said, "I'm doing this for fun really."

"That's cool. What are those ropes hanging from the ceiling for?" Joey said.

"You feel soon enough." the person said.

Joey remained still as he felt a greater pressure on his back, "Wow a back walk."

Joey back was really oiled up it was pretty hard on to slide right off. Joey brought his head up a little and stared straight ahead and in he saw the image of the person in the picture frame's glass.

"SETO!" Joey began to roll over onto his back not realizing it wasn't the best idea.

In an attempt not to fall over and possibly hurt himself Seto tried to the log run however with he added bonus of being bare foot and covered in oil it didn't work as he hoped. One foot slipped backwards and the other forwards resulting in a position Joey said positive he didn't have a problem with. Seto legs where on either said of him. Seto felt something all too familiar poking him as he sat there.

"You seem to have made yourself at him." Joey teased.


"Don't worry I won't tell anyone about your kinks." Joey said, "As long as your open to one of mine."

"…..Get dressed." Seto said as he tried to think of a way on dismount Joey with minimal touching. However that plan failed when Joey decided to sit up and embrace him in an intimate hug. Which drove Seto's uncomfortable meter over the edge.

Joey gave a sigh of contentment as he held Seto. Seto attempted to pull away but failed and surrendered to the hug since there was no escape and Joey's boner was gone, "This is the best part of the day so far." he said as he nuzzled into Seto's neck.

Seto sighed he'd gotten himself into this situation there wasn't much he could do about it. He rested his chin in Joey's shoulder. Joey wrapped his arms tighter around Seto's waist and whispered into Seto's ear, "You know my birthday is coming up."

"Yeah and?"

"I was hoping you'd do something special for me on that day."

"I'm not having sex with you!"

"Hey I didn't even mean it like that." Joey said as he held Seto in place, "I was thinking something just as physical but not as physical."

"Well that made zero sense. But what did you have in minded?"

"Can you pole dance?"

"….why would you ask a stupid question like that?

"You're in gymnastics already I'm pretty sure going from horizontal to vertical would not be that hard. Or a lap dance. You could do that right now actually."

"What makes you think I'm attracted to you let alone like you?"

"Well you've comfortable with me kissing you and touching you. I'd say you'd have to like me in order for me to do that and it's obvious your attracted to me because I never see you letting my understudy touch you."

"That's only because….what? They only use your understudy when your in there how do you know that."

"Well long story." Joey grinned slightly.

"Sure it is." Seto told him as he unsaddled him.

The next day at rehearsal their director had begun the count down to opening night. He had become rather annoying to Seto. He keep changing everything about his character it was extensive from how he want him to move across the stage to which costume he want him to wear.

"Alright on last run through with Romeo's death scene and well add Juliet's in next." the director instructed, "Seto I added a costume change in as well."

"Aren't I suppose to be playing dead though?"

"Yes however the costume change is before Romeo comes into you tomb."

"….mmmm What am I suppose to wear now. I already have five different changes already."

"The sewing club made a funeral gown for you." He said as he took it out of the box. It was a white gown with lace, "Have Miko lace you up."

"There's a corset in this too?!"

"Of course! I want to make sure you have the hourglass body Juliet has."

"No where in the text does it say-" Kaiba started.

"Hurry and change I want to make sure it fits."