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"Wh-what the hell were you doing ... ?!"

Cho shoved Draco away from her roughly, her throat dry with panic. "H-Harry, I ... I ..." she sputtered. Excuses exploded in her mind, but she could not find the right words. What could possibly explain her behavior?

However, Harry didn't seem to hear her. He was glaring hatefully at Draco, who looked unfazed by the anger in his green eyes.

"I said, what the hell were you doing?!" Harry shouted again, this time in a stronger and louder voice. Even though he was staring at Draco, Cho had no idea if who he was talking to in particularly - her, or Draco - or even both.

"Can't you figure it out for yourself?" Draco said coolly. "What's the matter? Did the shock wipe out the small remainder of the brain cells in that thick, hollow skull of yours?"

"Answer the frickin' question, Malfoy!" Harry said so indignantly that Ron and Cho both jumped, alarmed by the vehemence in his normally nonchalant voice.

"Ah, very well, then. If you're too stupid enough to figure it out..." Draco was clearly enjoying making Harry angry. "I was snogging her, of course."

The blunt response caught the other three off guard. Harry was the first to regain his composure.

"And who said you could snog her whenever you felt like it?" he said coldly.

"I don't need anyone to tell me whenever to snog my girlfriend, thank you very much."

"G-girlfriend?!" Ron echoed in disbelief.

"Yes, that's right, Weasley - girlfriend. Something you will never have."

Ron turned as red as his hair. "Shut the hell up, you asshole!"

"Yes, the truth hurts, doesn't it, Weasley?"

"Didn't you hear him the first time, Malfoy?" Harry snapped. "Listen to what he says and shut the hell up! And while I'm at it, let me tell you that if you value that head of yours, you'll stay away from Cho or you'll end up just like the Headless Horseman!"

Cho stared in shock. What happened to the sweet, kind Harry Potter she knew? Who was this boy who looked so fierce that it seemed he would walk right over to Draco and tear him up with his bare hands?

"Oooh, I'm so scared," Draco said, sarcasm dripping from his icy voice. "I would never let my head get chopped off by the likes of you, so I'll hang around her whenever I want!"

"You stay away from her or else!" Harry warned sharply.

"Or else?" Draco said, amused. Cho's eyes widened when Draco leaned towards her and twirled his finger into a lock of her hair. His breath was warm on her ear. "Or else, what, Potter? What are you going to do if I don't stay away from her?"

"What the hell are you blabbering about?! Cho's not your girlfriend!"

"Really? Well, if you don't believe me, you can ask her for yourself." Draco leaned so close to Cho that she felt his bangs fall onto her cheek. "Isn't that right, Chang? We are dating, aren't we? Go on, Chang, tell him."

Cho's brown eyes met Harry's green ones, and she dropped her gaze to the floor, feeling sick to her stomach. Why can't I say anything? I had agreed to cooperate with him, so why am I so hesitant?

Draco sensed Cho's reluctance and his smile flickered for a short instant, but he merely stood upright and looked calmly at Harry, who looked rather furious by his interaction with the Asian girl. "She's just a timid little mouse, isn't she? It's such a turn on."

Ron looked disgusted, but Harry looked like he'd explode with rage.

''Y-you - you - " he sputtered furiously.

"You - you - " Draco mimicked, his voice high and squeaky. Then in a normal voice, he went on calmly, "What do you care, Potter? You have no reason to be so worried about who Chang's hooked up with. She's none of your concern. Don't you have the Weasel girl now? Why don't you leave us be and waste your precious time fawning over your beloved tart?"

For once, it seemed like Harry could not retort. Before he could find the words to shoot back at Draco, Ron spoke up, his brown eyes blazing with rage.

"You bastard! How dare you - my sister is no tart!"

"She's been jumping from guy to guy for ages. What do you call that type of girl? As for me, a girl like that is nothing but a tart. See, I can name all her ex boyfriends on two hands. Corner," Draco counted on his fingers, "Finnigan, Jordan, Thomas, ... ah, and Potter. Okay, maybe it's just one hand ... but pretty soon it'll be two, I can assure you that. Really, Potter, I wouldn't be surprised if she dumped you to hook up with someone else, say ... Longbottom." Draco thought this was very funny and laughed heartily at his joke. "Don't be too heartbroken if that happens, Potter. But I wouldn't mind if you were so devestated by it that you commited suicide. That would do us all a great favor."

Ron clenched his fists so tightly his knuckles turned white. "Harry?" he growled.

"Yeah, I know," Harry said, looking just as angry as Ron.

"Let's send him to hell together," Ron spat.

"It would be my pleasure."

Cho felt numb with confusion and fear. They looked like they would actually kill him. What am I supposed to do? she thought frantically.

To her relief - half relief, actually - she saw a pale, hook-nosed man step into the doorway behind Ron and Harry.

"Just what do you two think you're doing?"

Harry and Ron both jumped, startled, before whirling around. "P-professor Snape!"

Severus Snape, chemistry and physics teacher. He gained pleasure from bullying students he didn't like, giving hard and complicating assignments and exams, and handing out bad grades to his pupils. He was strict, sarcastic (in a hurtful way, not a funny one), and sadistic, and only a few students liked him, and he them. Draco Malfoy was one of those few.

Cho never had Snape as her teacher - she had Pomfrey, who was pretty much an easy teacher. But she heard so many horrible things about Snape that she felt a sense of disgust whenever she heard his name or saw him on campus. She officially started to dislike him when her friend, Lisa Turpin, came crying to her last year, saying that Snape humiliated her in front of the whole class, including her crush, just because she was doodling in her notebook instead of listening to his dull and confusing lecture and taking notes like she was supposed to. Cho knew very well that Harry and Ron despised Snape as much as she did, probably even more.

"I said, what are you two doing? Or did you not hear me the first time?" Snape looked at the two boys coldly.

"Nothing," Harry said flatly, looking back at Snape with a hateful sort of defiance. "I - I just needed to get my binder. I left it here - "

"I'm not surprised," Snape said flatly. Harry glared at him, but he stalked over to his desk and took his binder. "Detention, Potter. After school tomorrow. For the rest of the week."

"For what?" Harry stared angrily at Snape. "I just forgot my binder, that's all - "

"Potter, what are you - a freshman? You should know that there is no fighting permitted on campus. Hm, but I think even a freshman would know that - "

"I wasn't fighting - "

"Oh, my mistake - both you and Weasley did, so he gets detention with you, too."

"What?! But - " Ron protested.

"No ifs, ands, or buts. You two are to report to my classroom for detention for the rest of the week after school, and that is final. Your parents - or guardians, in your case, Potter - will also be informed." Ron's mouth hung open at this in dismay. "You should have considered the consquences before trying to pick a fight with Mr. Malfoy - "

"We didn't try to pick a fight with him!" Ron said indignantly. "He brought it upon himself! He provoked us - called my sister a tart - "

"Indeed? I heard nothing like that - all I heard was you and Potter saying how pleasureable it'd be to send him to hell." Snape looked at them with his eyebrow slightly arched.

"B-but - " Ron sputtered.

"You came at the wrong time, obviously!" Harry said angrily. "If you don't believe us, we have a witness! You can ask Cho!"

Snape finally seemed to notice Cho, and he stared at her, his face as blank as a peeled potato. Cho fidgeted under his wary gaze.

"Go on, Cho!" Harry said. "Tell Snape the truth - that Malfoy called Ginny a tart!"

Cho suddenly felt a pang of heaviness in her heart. Was that why Harry was so upset - because Draco insulted his girlfriend? For a moment, she had believed that he was upset because of her, not that girl - but clearly, she was wrong. Resentment for the red-haired Weasley started to boil in her chest.

"Go on, Cho!" Harry repeated, looking more desperate now. Cho could not look at him. Why should I speak up for that girl? she thought bitterly.

"How do I know that she won't be biased?" Snape asked coldly. "She's a friend of yours, so it's not guaranteed that she'll be completely honest."

Harry and Ron seemed to be on the brink of exploding. "But that's not fair!" Ron burst out. "You won't listen to anything we say, and you'll just side with Malfoy just because you - "

"Of course I wouldn't listen to anything you two have to say. Having had the misfortune to be your teacher for two years, I've noticed that you two aren't all that honest." Like Malfoy is?! It took everything Ron and Harry had not to point that out. "How many times have I caught you copying off one another's assignments?"

"Malfoy does that, too!" Ron burst out impatiently. "He does it ten times more than we do!"

Snape pretended not to hear him. "If you don't stop your irritating whining, I'll extend your detention to the end of the month."

Ron opened his mouth to object, but Harry shot him a look, shaking his head furiously. He was clearly as frustrated as Ron, but he had the sense to shut up.

"Very wise of you, Potter. Be glad that I haven't suspended you two." Snape clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "It's such a pain ... I'll be going through two more years of this."

It sure has hell ain't gonna be a carnival for us, either, Harry thought bitterly. From the look on Ron's face, he was thinking the exact same thing.

Snape raised a pale finger and pointed. "Now, get out. That includes you, too." Snape looked at Cho. "Unless you want to have detention with the two of them?"

"N-no, sir!" Cho rushed over to Harry and Ron.

"I thought so." Snape turned his gaze towards Draco. "You should get going, too, Draco."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks for lending me your keys, Professor."

"Of course, Draco ... it wasn't like you were going to do anything dishonest." Snape took his keys from Draco and gave Ron and Harry a withering look. When he went to his desk to get his things, Draco sneered at Ron and Harry, who glared back at him hatefully. He then looked at Cho and raised an eyebrow in a suggestive manner. He pressed two fingers to his lips and then blew a kiss to her, a smug grin spreading across his face.

"Cho, let's get out of here," Harry clenched his teeth. He grabbed her arm and she winced.

"U-um - Harry?" He didn't listen, however; he just dragged her out of the room. Before exitting, Cho looked back and caught a glimspe of the triumphant smirk on Draco's face.


The instant they were out of earshot, Ron turned on Cho.

"Why didn't you say anything to that old bastard?" Ron said angrily. "You could have spoken up and said that Malfoy called Ginny a tart. Why did you just stand there and do nothing?!"

Cho blinked, surprised. Before she could find the words to say, Harry spoke up. "Ron, be sensible. It's not like Snape would have listened."

"Yeah, but she could have at least tried to act like she was on our side!"

Cho looked away. "I'm sorry," she said stiffly, although she didn't care that Ron got in trouble, or that she hadn't defended Ginny. She truly did feel sorry for Harry, though.

"That doesn't help anything! Why the hell didn't you speak up?! That's what I'm so mad about, in addition to the fact that Snape gave us detention and let that slimeball off the hook - and he's gonna tell my parents! Dammit, I am so in for it - "

"I'm mad, too, Ron," Harry said, "but I'm not blaming Cho for anything."

"I'm not blaming anybody, Harry! I'm just saying that she should have -"

"But it wouldn't have made a difference, Ron! That's the point!"

"I don't care!" Ron snapped stubbornly. "If she was really a friend of yours, she would have stuck up for you!"

Harry stopped walking and glared at Ron. "What if she had?" Harry said. "What would the point be? Would our situation be any less worse?" Ron opened his mouth to respond, but Harry cut him off. "Instead of being angry at Cho, who could have done nothing to help our situation, maybe you should focus all your anger on the two who really deserve it.''

For a moment, Harry and Ron engaged in a fierce staring contest. Finally, Ron broke eye contact and looked away.

"Whatever," he said stiffly. The three walked down the hallway, weighed down by the tense silence. Admist her discomfort, Cho couldn't help thinking how wonderful it was of Harry to defend her, even though he was probably just as angry as Ron was about their situation. For an instant, she forgot about the scary-looking Harry she had seen back at the classroom.

"I can't believe you'd date an asshole like Malfoy, Cho," Ron muttered. "I had always thought you were too sensible to go out with scum like him ..."

Harry halted to a stop so abruptly that Cho, walking behind him, slammed into him. "Oh, sorry," she apologized. However, he didn't seem to hear; he turned to her so quickly that Cho didn't even see him turn turn his head.

"Don't be stupid, Ron. Did you really believe all that crap that Malfoy said about her being his girlfriend?" Harry said flatly. His tone sounded so confident in contrast to the anxious, almost fearful look in his eyes.

"She didn't deny it," Ron pointed out. "When Malfoy asked her if they were going out, she just stood there and said nothing."

"It's not like she said yes."

"It's not like she said no!" Ron insisted. Harry and Ron engaged in another staring contest before Harry broke eye contact and gave a frustrated sigh.

"You know what? Arguing with each other isn't going to help."

"Okay, then," Ron said hastily. "So, why don't we just ask Cho herself?"

Cho blinked, startled, when they both looked at her. "What?" she couldn't help but say nervously, even though she knew exactly what was going on.

"Are you dating Malfoy?" Harry said, his eyes pleading her to say no. "He was lying through his teeth, wasn't he?"

Cho felt her heart pounding in her ribs. Something was telling her to say yes - after all, wasn't that what she had intended to do? Pretend to date Draco to make him jealous? But something was holding her back. How could she dare? How could she even think about saying something that would hurt him?

"Well?" Ron said irritatedly. "We don't have all day."

"Wasn't he?" Harry ignored Ron, looking vastly dismayed by her silence.

No, she couldn't ... but Harry ...! Oh, God, she loved him so much. She wanted to be with him ... she wanted him to love her. Not that blasted Ginny Weasley ... her. Her and only her. But ... to make him hers ... did she have to hurt him?

I ... I don't know what to do. I feel so confused! Cho could feel something hot stinging the back of her eyes. She whirled and ran ahead of them. She didn't even stop when Harry called her name. She suspected that Harry would probably have caught up to her, but Ron held him back.

"Ron ... ! Let go of me!" Harry glared at Ron.

"Why bother, Harry? Isn't it obvious?" Ron said flatly. "She's embarrassed because she really is dating him."

"Don't go jumping to conclusions, Ron. We don't even know the whole story."

"We know most of it, and that's good enough for me. They were making out, Harry," Ron seemed to have lost his patience.

"Malfoy could have just assaulted her!"

"If he did, why didn't she push him away, then? Explain that, Harry. Why did she sound like she was enjoying it?"

Harry stared at Ron, dumbfounded. Part of him knew that what Ron said was right. It made goosebumps crawl all over his arms to remember, but he grudgingly admitted to himself that Cho definitely did not sound unhappy to be making out with Draco. The way she moaned, the way she whispered his name ... Harry shook his head furiously at the disgusting memory. But, but ... his mind clumsily tried to search for a logical answer. To his dismay, he could find none that could convince Ron or even himself.

"There must be a logical explanation. I - I'll ask her tomorrow."

Ron suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at Harry's obstinacy. "Suit yourself, then," he grumbled. "But I'm telling you - "

"I heard you the first time, Ron!" Harry jerked his arm from Ron and stalked off, the anger in his chest so hot and scorching that it could have melted metal.


What have I done? The words repeated themselves in Cho's mind like a mantra. Did Harry hate her now? She didn't care much that Ron was angry at her; she was never on friendly terms with him, anyway - but Harry's feelings did matter. Was he secretly feeling resentment towards her because she was associating with his nemesis? It hadn't occured to her until now that Harry might actually hate her for doing this.

Cho cried out, startled, when a gust of wind concentrated its efforts onto her being, tickling her neck and caressing her face. When the breeze died down, Cho couldn't help thinking that something had felt vaguely familiar. Then the horror and disgust she had felt earlier built up in her stomach again as the memory of Draco touched her neck and face rushed into her mind like an icy cold tidal wave. And then ... and then ...

Cho stopped, feeling the blood drain from her face. Her eyes fell upon the water fountain nearby, and she rushed towards it. As she neared it, a woman bent at the fountain to take a drink, but Cho shoved her out of the way and pumped water into her mouth desperately.

The woman muttered something under her breath. However, Cho didn't notice the woman's irritation; she was intent on ridding herself of the taste and feeling of Draco's lips. But like a stain in a carpet, it wouldn't completely go away.

To think that my first kiss was wasted on the likes of Draco Malfoy! Cho thought furiously.

Cho gave one final spit into the fountain, not noticing that people were staring at her in disgust, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She whirled and stalked towards home, cursing the boy who stole her first kiss.


Possible side pairings:

1. Hermione/Harry. PLEASE do not flame me if you are a die-hard Ron/Hermione fan and a Hermione/Harry basher. It's just really irritating when a person flames a story just because of the story. Of course I can understand if you're disappointed! I know what it's like to read a decent story with side pairings I despise. But please don't go making any rude comments ... Thanks. :) I can tell you there WILL be Ron/Hermione at first, but eventually, Hermione and Harry will end up together.

2. Neville/Ginny. I don't like Ginny all that much, to tell you the truth, but it feels kind of wrong to leave her all alone after she splits with Harry. I think she goes best with Neville, even though he's the complete opposite of her. They're such good friends in the book series ... :)

3. Ron/Luna. Haha, this is a only a small possibility though. Let me get this straight: I hate Ron Weasley with the passion of a thousand suns. Sorry to offend any Ron fans, but I believe he is, in the words of Hermione, an insensitive wart. I don't understand why Hermione likes him ... he's so mean to her! I don't have anything against couples fighting (it can be amusing and cute sometimes), but they fight constantly for little or no reason, and it's not even funny. I always feel sorry for Hermione when Ron hurts her feelings. And then there was him ditching Harry when Harry really needed his support in Book Four! SERIOUSLY, WTF, RON! What a lousy friend you are. Anyway, I don't know why I considered putting Ron and Luna together ... I think I'm going crazy. XD

4. Pansy/Gregory: Don't even ask ... LOL.