"Zuko, what's it like in the Fire Nation?" Toph's question hung in the still, humid air of camp. She rolled over onto her stomach, propping up her chin with her hands.

"Hot." Zuko brushed a sweaty strand of hair out of his eyes from where he leaned against a tree, hands behind his head.

"Come on, Sparky, you can do better than that. I'll ask again – What is it like in the Fire Nation?" Toph sat up, tapping her fingers against the ground.

"Um…it's, well….smoky. From the factories. And it's, uh, very…wet. Especially in winter." Surprisingly, Zuko was having trouble coming up with adequate words to describe his homeland.

"Hmmm. Are the people there nice?"

"No." Zuko replied, his voice screaming of boredom.

"None of them are nice?" Toph sounded dubious.

"Well…some of them are. Most of them aren't." Zuko absentmindedly scratched his nose with one hand and swatted at a fly with the other.

"Huh. And what about the girls?"

"The…girls?" Zuko somehow got the feeling that he was entering dangerous territory.

"Yes, Princess, the girls. Are they pretty?" Toph's voice had that tone that just required an answer.

"….I guess they are." What are you getting at, Toph?

"How pretty?" Toph got up and began to walk towards Zuko, her face expressionless.

"Some are attractive, some aren't." Zuko nervously eyed Toph as she came closer and closer to him.

"How pretty am I, Zuko?" Toph was now about two feet away from him.


Toph grabbed Zuko by the shirt, using Earthbending to lift him up two feet in the air.

"I said, how pretty am I?"

"Very pretty," Zuko said, desperately trying to squirm free of her iron grip.

"How pretty?" She raised her fist.

"Beautiful! Gorgeous! Amazing! Stunning!" Zuko yelled.

"And the Fire Nation girls?" The smirk was apparent on Toph's face.

"Ugly! Horrible! Revolting! Repulsive!" he shouted, eyeing her clenched fist apprehensively.

Toph grinned and let him drop to the ground. She brushed off her hands and shot Zuko a wide smirk.

"That's what I thought."

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