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At first glance, he was a towering, bulky figure whose vibrations showed a disfiguration over his left eye. He was a complete and total idiot, and as stubborn as they come. He was unhelpful, awkward, and weak. A perfectionist in terms of bending (although he wasn't that great) and pretty much everything else he cared to try, he was the biggest waste of oxygen she cared to contemplate (Toph never ceased to wonder why she always became lightheaded around him). His stupid smelly feet were so big that they messed up all her vibrations.

At first glance he was the Prince.

And she hated him.

At second glance he was a tall, muscular teenager with scars deeper than flesh. He was a bitter and regretful boy – man – and almost (she said almost because anything else and he would rub it in forever) as determined as she was. He was unhelpful because he didn't think he could be otherwise, awkward because he didn't know how to act any different, and he wasn't weak, but simply kind. He had a passion for his element (like she did), and kept on trying no matter what until he got it right. His footsteps were heavier than any she'd ever felt, so different from Aang's light and carefree ones that Toph always had to wondered how much must have weighed him down by the time he'd wandered his way to her.

At second glance he was Zuko.

And she loved him.