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Authors Note: In the interests of story telling I have made a few minor changes- since this is primarily an Azumanga fic, graduating students are sixteen to seventeen rather then thirteen...well apart from a certain little genius.

In a world not so different from our own there exists a collection of different lands. Power, honour and respect are entrusted to the ninja who live within these lands, as the guardians and leaders of the numerous villages. The power of some is unmatched. Possessing both physical and spiritual power they are capable of performing great feats in battle. There is of course conflict between the humans…

But it is not only humans who have threatened the land of fire. Konohagakure was threatened by a terrible creature almost seventeen years ago. A vast powerful nine tailed demon fox arose from the shadows and threatened the very existence of the village itself. That dark night seventeen years ago the ninja of the village hidden in the leaves fought desperately to protect the village and all of those lived within. The village needed a hero. And with many ninja dying or unable to even slow the creature down, this looked impossible.

With hope fading a hero arose, a guardian of the village- the fourth Hokage rose and fought the cruel demon. On the battlefield the two fought one another. Though the village was saved, the Hokage lost his own life in the process- and the nine tailed demon was sealed within a newborn child. It's power remained deep within the child, hopefully to never be released. A child who the Hokage wished to be seen as a heroine for helping the village to survive. A heroine who would have to hold the force of the demon.

Unfortunately this child was also a bit of a moron.

R.O.TR presents

A R.O.TR story

Based on the works of Azumanga Daioh and Naruto


Chapter One

Tomo Takino, academy student and Genin wannabe slowly walked along the narrow edge of the second storey window. She could smell the hot food, recently cooked. She'd always had a good sense of smell. And as Yukari-sensei said a nose for trouble. She licked her lips as she inched closer and closer to the off limits prize. It smelt so good! And it was so very close now!

Her foot slipped slightly, and she just about managed to regain her balance. A small number of pebbles and material that had gathered on the edge fell to the floor, bouncing off the head of one of the adults of the village. He glanced up and looked at the girl angrily. She waved down at him.

"Tomo! What do you think you are doing up there?" he asked angrily.

"Sorry" shouted down Tomo. "I've…got to go now" she said, before returning her attention to slowly creeping towards the open window.

"Idiot child" muttered the man before walking away.

Insults, always insults. She couldn't understand why so many of the people in the village seemed to dislike her- she would go so far as to say some people practically loathed her. Sure she wasn't exactly the best behaved student in the village (in fact dead last on the behaviour list) but it wasn't like she did anything seriously wrong. Those idiots just couldn't accept her talents. Like she needed them anyway. Still, it would be nice to have more then a few good friends. And it would be great to finally show all of these people she was as talented as she claimed to be.

She reached the window and as quietly as possible (for her) climbed inside. She grabbed the hot meal, and seeing the room was completely empty and she couldn't hear anyone inside the building, she slowly...well noisily and rapidly began to wolf the meal down. Sure it wasn't the good stuff, but she was currently without money. She belched loudly as she finished the meal. Now to leave. The perfect crime…

Thud, thud, thud. The footsteps stopped and the door slowly creaked opened. Tomo, halfway out the window, pushed against the window frame, and fell to the ground, just about landing on the ground with a loud thud. Grinning manically she sprinted away.

"Tomo Takino!" yelled out a voice from the open window.


Tomo sat on the ground groaning loudly. Food plus running for an extended period of time equalled an uncomfortable Tomo. She leant back, resting against a wooden fence. A wooden fence that showed the faded words "Tomo Takino." It had taken longer then expected to clean that when they had finally caught her. Stupid high quality paint.

"So the criminal finds herself regretting her crime?" asked a voice.

Crap! Tomo didn't have to look up to know that Yukari-sensei was standing in front of her. Most likely with a fierce glare upon her face. She itched her hand nervously, suddenly deeply interested in a patch of ground in front of her.

"Look at me Tomo" she said in quiet anger. "Look at me!" she yelled, smacking Tomo over the head with a rolled up scroll.

"Oh hello Yukari-Sensei" said Tomo, "I didn't realize it was you."

Yukari glared at Tomo. "You know its strange, but I've heard another complaint regarding you."

"Oh, no one in this village likes me anyway. They always say things."

"Well someone seems to think you both stole and ate their food."

"How do you know they're telling the truth? You never believe me always listening to…"


"Yes Yukari-sensei?"

"I saw you running away from the scene of the crime with crumbs hanging from your mouth!" yelled Yukari.

"You see, what I meant to say was some people say things."

Yukari crouched down and signalled with her finger. "Come with me Tomo." If it was possible, sparks of electricity could easily have flown from the teachers eyes at that time.

"Yes Yukari-sensei" said Tomo in her apologetic voice. She slowly stood up and followed her teacher.

"You see Tomo, to you it may all be fun and games. But however what you have to realize is I have to put up with all the whining that occurs afterwards. And it can be difficult to come up with a suitable punishment. So you should stop and think for a minute before you do you acts of vandalism, theft or minor bodily harm- think what I have to go through."

"Of course Yukari-sensei" said Tomo, knowing it was best to agree with the teacher. Yukari still held the tightly wound up scroll. And even at distance she could be lethal.

She groaned as she picked up miscellaneous materials from the small garden in front of the house she had been in earlier that day. Stupid menial cleaning punishments. Her back was killing her. However she was going to make sure that this ended up being the cleanest garden ever seen! And besides, she was going to be one of the most skilful ninja's to ever come from the village- no the most powerful ninja from this village if not the world. That sounded good to her. Much better then Yomi would.

"Tomo, you do realize if you fail the academy test tomorrow it will be a year before you can try again. And it will be your second failure."

"Heh" said Tomo unenthusiastically. "Of course I realize! And I'm completely, one hundred percent ready!"

"I see" mused Yukari.

"Do I really have to do this Sensei? It's boring and my back really hurts."

"You must pay punishment for your bad deeds."

"You must have done something bad when you were a student."

Her face hidden from Tomo, Yukari broke into a grin. "Of course…not. I was a well respected student in my time."

"That's not what I've heard."

"What? Who's been telling you tales? Tell me and I'll destroy them!"

"Oh my back" groaned Tomo.

"I tell you what. You finish that, and I'll treat myself…and you to a fine meal."

"Now that's a deal!"

"Of course where I'll get the money from is a bit of a problem." Indeed that was a problem...

Later that evening Tomo stood beside Yukari as she knocked gently on a door. She waited patiently for a few seconds, smiling, before turning back to the door and hitting it hard. She yelled out hurry up and finally the door opened, a women appearing.

"Ha, I thought you were still here. Wanna come out for a meal with me and Tomo, Nyamo?" asked Yukari.