Sweetyb: hello everyone this is my first time writing fan fic. Woooo so exiting. Yuki- kun, kyo- kun aren't you guys so happy, you get to be in my very first fan fic story

Kyo: yah yah whatever

Yuki: no comment

Sweetyb: well I'm happy (dances around in a big circle to the ice cream song playing in head)

Kyo: can we just start the damn story, you wack job

Sweetyb: now Kyo no need to be so mean. You're so cute when you're grumpy (hug)

Kyo:(poof) damn it, you damn woman why couldn't you have just started when I said

Yuki: shut up you stupid cat, before she does something worse to us, this is HER story

Sweetyb: yes it is (laugh evilly and twittles fingers)

Kyo: I think I'm just going to shut-up now (backs away slowly)

Sweetyb: would you do the disclaimer yuki?

Yuki: sure, neither Kyo nor I belong to Sweety-san Kyo: thank god for small miracles

Sweetyb: (throws empty coffee mug a cat, knocking him out) that should keep you quite.

(Shigure POV)

I was working on my second cup of coffee when I heard it; those two were at it again. Couldn't even one morning go by without kyo and yuki getting in a fight? Apparently not. I sat my cup down as I heard them tromping down the stairs still yelling at each other. God they sound like an old married couple.

" You damn rat you should watch were the hell you're going" kyo said shoving the rat

" Watch were I'm going, you're the one who ran into me you baka neko", yuki said shoving him back

" You know what you damn rat, you have too smart of a mouth for your own good. I'm going to have to kick your ass to teach you a lesson".

" I would really like to see you try you stupid cat, that is if you can", I couldn't help pushing my face into my hands as yuki smirked. The rat was baiting kyo, he usually knew better then to do that. With out a second thought the cat took the bait. Kyo swung at yuki, aiming for the rat's face, but yuki easily caught kyo's wrist. Using the cats own momentum yuki was able to throw the cat into my couch. I watched as the cat went sailing into it; I heard the audible crack as his back met the supporting wood of the couch splintering it. You would of thought that I would of learned by now that nothing in my house is safe when it comes to these two.

" I'm going to kill you for that you damn rat", kyo yelled, his eyes burning with intense hatred for his cousin. I watched as he pulled himself up from the floor and resumed attacking the rat. Yuki effortlessly dodged every blow, grinning wider with every failed attempt of the cats. These smirks only seem to anger the cat even more. Kyo finally grabbed onto the rat's shirt, pulling him close then shoving him away harder then he probably thought himself capable of. The rat was sent stumbling back, off balance a shocked expression on his face. The cat took this moment to try for another punch to the rat's face. This time his fist connected solid with the rat's jaw, sending yuki into a wall. Everything stopped right after; nobody could believe what had just happened, not even the cat himself. The cat stood gapping at the fallen rat that now was using the wall behind him to stand back up. The cat's eyes widened even more when he saw the blood seeping from the corner of the rat's mouth. In his shock the cat had let his guard down, and this was all the rat needed.

" You stupid cat", yuki yelled as he sent himself forward at a speed most couldn't manage, and kicked the cat in the face sending the feline back and through.

" My door!", I screamed. Do you know how many times I've had to fix that damn door because of yuki always sending kyo through it? To many mother fucking times that's how many. I don't even know why I don't just get a fucking wooden door, but no I keep re- fixing the damn sliding paper door that these idiots keep breaking. I watch through the Kyo shaped hole in my door as the cat picks himself up, anger having turned his face to a color barely shy of burgundy.

" You know what fuck this, screw this house, screw this family, screw every fucking one", screams the cat past his anger. I turn to comfort Honda-san who is now in hysterical tears over the whole situation and kyo's harsh words, kyo stroms from from the front yard flipping everyone the bird as he walks off.

Sweetyb: wow that was great for my first time don't you think?

Kyo: not really

Sweetyb: oh shut up it was grand, what do you think yuki-kun

Yuki: its ok for now

Sweetyb: what do you mean for now

Yuki: well this is meant to be a romance. All I'm wondering is what are you going to make us do

Kyo: you better not make me do any thing kinky with that damn rat

Sweetyb: like what

Kyo: don't know any thing be sides kissing, god even that I hate

Yuki: SHUTUP U STUPID CAT, god look at her now you got her thinking of things she could do to us

Sweetyb: (evil grin) yes my pets I'm thinking of something very nice indeed

Kyo: from the way your looking I don't think well think it's so nice

Yuki: how about you tell us about it.

Sweetyb: oh no I couldn't do that it would spoil every thing. Be patient my pets. Trust me you'll see

Kyo and yuki: (run screaming of screen)

Sweetyb: oh well. When I get back from lunch I'll get to all the fuzzys ok. Till then review what I have so fair. i love hearing from you all. kk