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Kagura's POV

Who does that prick think he is picking that rat over me? I mean who has been the one to love him despite the fact that everyone calls him a monster? Who was the one who still wanted to be with him even after seeing his true form? Me, that's who, I've put up with his bad attitude, his mean remarks, and his solitary ways. I was the one who waited at home pining away when he left, and I was the one who welcomed him back with open arms and bone crushing hugs.

And Yuki, that rat, who the fuck does he think he is taking my kitty-cat away from me? He thinks that just because he's the rat and Akito's favorite that he can have anything he wants. And, of all the things he could want, why does it have to be kyo?

I remember the day I first fell in love with him, everything about that day, down to the last detail. Though I'm strong and everything, I was a really big crybaby when I was younger. One of the boys in my class that a lot of the girls liked had a thing for me, but I wouldn't go near him because of the curse. This made all the girls in my class mad, because they thought that I thought I was too good for him. Which I didn't, I was just afraid he would hug me. Any way after school one day all the girls and the boy in question cornered me on the way home.

"Hey you wait up, we have some things we want to ask you"said the leader of the gang of girls.

Though I know what they wanted to ask me about, I stopped any way. As they got closer the leader, a girl from my class named Miu Takahashi pushed my back to a tree so I wouldn't be able to get away.

"So why are you avoiding Oda-kun, you do know he likes you, don't you? What do you think you're too good for him, princess, just because you come from some rich family?" with this she shoved me hard in the chest, making the air rush from my lungs.

"It's not like that, its just"

"Just what, don't you like him?"

"Yes, but"

"But what, do you know how many girls have been trying all year to get oda-kun's attention, but all he sees is you." With this she balled her fist and pulled back her arm as if you was about to punch me.

"Please don't, I'm sorry" by this time I had already started to cry, I had let my body slide down the tree trunk until I was seated on the ground. My legs pulled to my chest, my head buried in my knees.

She jabbed me with her foot, trying her best to show me how weak I was. Pulling her leg back she then kicked out catching me in my side, the pain rushed to my head making my breath go out in a pained hiss. One kick followed another; I curled up in a ball trying my best to cover my head. Kicks to the ribs, kicks to the back, kicks aimed for my head; she made every kick count. Then nothing, she stopped her assault on me. Kneeling down she grabbed a hand full of my hair, yanking my head back. Bringing her face close to mine in a way that in any normal situation would seem almost intimate, her lips so close they brushed mine when she finally spoke.

"Oda-kun now sees you for the ugly bitch you are, he doesn't care about you anymore. I mean you don't see him coming to your rescue or anything, do you?" and she was right, I lifted my head past the throbbing in it and looked at him. He looked back at me and what showed on his face was nothing, or nothing that would help me. As soon as he saw me looking at him a smirk spread across his face, as if he found the whole situation terribly amusing. Now looking back I bet he was, all these girls fighting over him. He must of felt really powerful then, looking down on the girl that rejected him. As if this revelation that he wasn't going to help me was a flipped switch the other two girls closed in to join their boss.

They pulled me back to my feet; slamming me back against the tree again once I was standing. As a mob the girls punched, kicked, and abused me. My cheeks were red and aching from all the slaps and punches dealt to it. My whole body was a red-hot pain that seized all my brain functions that would have allowed me to defend myself. Every time I would catch my breath another fist would plow in to my stomach, sending the air from my lungs. Within the struggle my lip had gotten busted open, now blood rushed over my lips flooding into my mouth as I sucked on them. My headache increased as my head was pulled in every direction by the roots of my hair. Losing my balance I once again fell to the ground, the girls never letting up stomping on my back, hands and legs.

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING TO HER?" a voice cut through the pain and finally the assault stopped. For some reason I felt I had heard this voice before, though I couldn't place from where. As I continued to lie on the ground, cataloging and analyzing what hurt the most and where, the mob of girls moved away from me.

"What do you want; this has nothing to do with you so you can just go away"

"Yeah right, like I'm really going to just walk past as you beat my cousin to death"

I still couldn't see the face that went with the voice that saved me, but I couldn't recall having a cousin that sounded like him. It was a boy, that much I could tell from the voice. The mob of girls still stood close blocking my view of the speaker. It couldn't be Yuki; his voice is too soft and wispy and Aya, Hatori and Shigure were in high school-their voices had already broken. No, this was the voice of someone around my age. Haru is home schooled because of his black side and Momiji had an accent so it definitely wasn't him.

"She's your cousin?"

"Yeah, that's what I just said"

"Do you got a name?"

"Sure do but you don't need to know it, all you need to know is that you need to get away from her."

"Or you'll do what?" a satisfied smirk spread across her face, what she wasn't expecting was for him to start laughing. Though he was laughing I couldn't figure out what was so funny, apparently neither could Miu.

"What's so damn funny, what are you laughing at you orange haired freak?"

"I'm laughing at you. What, do you think I won't hit you just because you're a girl? If that's what you call yourself, judging from your looks I just can't tell."

"You bastard you take that back" this came from Oda-kun. This was the first time he had spoken though out this whole incident. From this reaction I guess after I turned him down he had moved on to Miu. I guess this is his one act of chivalry for the day, because he definitely didn't come to my rescue when I was the damsel in distress. Judging from his feet, which were the only thing I could see, Oda-kun moved closer to the other boy.

"I said take that back, or else"

"Or else what, I'm just telling the truth your girlfriend looks like a bull dog. What, do you even let her piss on you so that she can mark her territory."

At this Oda-kun closed the gap between them and swung, or I guess he swung I couldn't see anything above the waist. But instead of the boy going down it was Oda-kun that made the pained sound and fell back and to the ground. Now that he was level with me I could see that he had been hit in the mouth. The side of his mouth was bleeding and his bottom lip was already starting to swell. His eyes focused on the other boy, he quickly got up and charged at his opponent. He swung once, twice, the other boy moving back to avoid the throws. The boy then stopped swinging his right leg up and connecting with what I expected to be Oda-kun's head, sending him flying back and in to the bushes behind him.

"You're pathetic, getting your girlfriend and her gang of hags to do your dirty work. And because of what, because she turned to down. That's so stupid. And you findo if you or any of your other transvestite friends of yours mess with her again he won't be the only one bleeding on the ground"

There was a long pause where they just stared each other down; finally Miu turned away muttering a brief 'whatever' under her breath. Turning to me she gave me one last kick "This isn't over freak; your boyfriend won't always be here to protect you, got it." With that said she signaled her girls to come help her pick up Oda-kun, who was still in the bush. I watched as they got him up and he had to lean on Miu for support. I guess he had strained something in the fall, whatever the bastard deserved it. Miu turned once more to glare at me before leaving with her injured jerk of a boyfriend.

"Hey you ok, are you hurt bad anywhere" this voice made me turn. In the commotion of Miu leaving I had completely forgotten about the boy. I jerked my head around to see the face of my rescuer; I was shocked to see who it was. He was right, he is my cousin, but he's the last cousin I would have thought of. In front of me stood a boy two years my junior with flaming orange hair. He wore denim jeans with a white shirt and a blue jacket over it. The person I gazed up at was Kyo, the cat, anger management boy. Kyo's my cousin and everything but we didn't really talk. His school isn't that far from mine but I never knew that he knew where I went. Because he's the cat cursed he's excluded from everything so I've never really gotten the chance to talk to him before this, but despite the fact that I never talk to him, he for some reason couldn't just walk by and let me get beat up. I mean I'm thankful, but I didn't deserve it seeing as the way everyone treats him.

"Hey did those kicks to the head make you brain dead, I said are you ok. It's not nice to ignore the person that just saved you." This snapped me out of my trance.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to ignore you, yes I'm ok just a couple scratches and bruises, nothing too big. He tried to help me up, but when I got to my feet my legs gave way, luckily he was close and caught me before my knees could hit the ground.

"Well it doesn't look like it's no big deal, here get on my back I'll carry you back" with this he knelt down turning his back to me. I put my backpack on my back and hesitantly climbed onto his back, piggyback style and he rose up as if I didn't weigh a thing. Bucking me up once we were standing he started walking home, his backpack dangling from his right arm.


Kyo was so cool that day, after getting me home he took me to Hatori and stayed with me through all of painful cleaning of my cuts. He even carried me back to my house and put me in bed. After that I tried my best to keep him company when everyone else ignored him, which would make you think he would pick me over that rat bastard who has made fun of him and up-staged him all this time.

As I made my way through the main gate and through the gardens I couldn't help recall all the memories of Kyo and me playing in these gardens. I bet those two are sweating it out thinking that I'll go to Akito, but I won't. The rat is our god's favorite; I have no doubt that he would hurt me for even mentioning such a notion. I hate the cat for this but I don't hate him enough to want him dead, and if it were for Yuki, Akito would defiantly kill Kyo over this. He would draw the death out until Kyo begged to die, that way he could tell himself that he was doing the cat a favor. Ending his misery, ending his pathetic excuse of a life. No it wasn't worth the risk to tell Akito, I have been able to avoid his wrath thus far and I'm not ready to give up that streak just yet. That still didn't change the fact that "He's mine, mine; god damn that fucking rat how could he that bastard?"

"Did my precious Yuki do something to make you mad Kagura?" the voice that sounded from behind me made me ridged with shock. The voice was a slow caress, like having ice cubes ran along your spine for hours. The bitter coldness of his voice bit into my skin, sending electric shocks coursing through my body. One sped my heart to something painful, another made my breath go shallow; like a boa constrictor his voice wrapped around me and with every inhale squeezed tighter. Turning around, I faced the owner of the voice; there stood the last person I wanted to hear me. It was rare for Akito to be out of his room. I wonder if Hatori had said he was well enough for a walk. Well it didn't matter what had brought our god out, the fact remained that he had heard me. I had always thought that despite his cruelty, Akito is beautiful. His features terribly androgynous, his face delicate and soft in its appearance. At first glance, no one would think such a delicate creature capable of such cruelty, but that shows how looks are deceiving. That tiny little porcelain hand could deal a blow hard enough to break bone. Hard enough to send you crashing to the ground, crying out wounded animalistic sounds.

"No, Akito it's nothing, I'm just mad at Kyo"

"So that repulsive thing is involved in this as well?" God, what have I done? Why couldn't I just keep my mouth closed? Now he knew that something was up with Kyo and Yuki. If I don't say anything else, then I can't dig the hole any deeper.

"Why don't we have a little chat and you can tell me all about my Yuki and that disgusting creature"


"Come inside, we can discuss this in my room where no one can disturb us" wrapping his arm tight around mine he pulled me in the direction of the house. Dragging me through the widening maze of hallways and corridors we finally made it to his bedroom door. Turning the knob he pushed the door open, turning to me he extended his hand into the room in a gesture indicating that he wanted me to enter.

"Come in Kagura, there's nothing to be afraid of, we're just going to talk" taking my hand he pulled me into the room, shutting and locking the door behind us. When he didn't have company, Akito kept large plush pillows on the ground formed in a circle. Dragging me over to the pillows and forcefully pushing me down onto them, I watched my God run around to the other side of the circle and flop down himself facing me, a sickly sweet smile spread across his face. He looked like a cat with milk.

"So, Kagura, now that we're comfortable and everything, why don't you start from the beginning, and remember, don't leave out a single detail."

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