Okay, SpazticArwen has one, contest for deviantArt thing. Yeah, this is mine, the word was 'sunrise,' enjoy!

Anna looked at the setting sun. Sometimes she liked it better than sunrise. Other times, someone visited her. She didn't want said visitor there, but when it was there, she couldn't make them leave. Tonight her father and brother were out hunting. She decided to leave the window open, thankful for the cool nights among the hot days.

"Hello my darling Anna," Sylvia said with her thick Australian accent. She was the oldest of the four brides, and- to Anna- the nicest of the five vampires. That didn't stop her bloodlust, or the wanted discontinuation of the Valerious line.

"Sylvia, what are you doing here? Come to join me for dinner?" Anna taunted. She knew that Sylvia always came with one of two things: either Dracula himself, or a message from Dracula.

"My Master wants to speak to you," she said, walking to the dresser, and looking at the reflection of the room. She sighed in a meloncholy tone. She did miss her reflection. The only part of her head she could see was her shoulder length blonde hair. Her silver dress also stood out against the dark. It was simple, sleeveless, floorlength, and made of silk. Anna always loved the dress, but this wasn't the time for thoughts like that.

"What does he wish to speak about?" she asked while crossing her arms over her chest. "If he wants to talk to me, he should come himself," she finished definately.

"He has a propisition to make. You would do well to accepct it," she said, stepping away from the dresser. She went to the chest at the end of Anna's bed and opened it. She smiled as she saw a great assortment of weapons.

She reached in, but before she could touch anything, Anna said, "Do you like holy water? Crusifixes? I do. They come in handy when a vampire takes a liking to my weapons," she finished with a slightly malicious smile.

"This is what I love about being me. Nothing hurts," Sylvia smiled as she reached further into the chest. She took an unsheathed sword and swung it around. Anna's smile faded quickly. She always forgot Sylvia was as old as Dracula, thus making her almost as invincible.

"What is his propisition?" Anna asked, getting away from Sylvia's promised taunts. She stared at her waiting for her to answer the question.

"He wants you to help him with something. I do not know what, so do not ask," she said sourly. She hated when they had to ask an enemy for help.

"He wanted to be cryptic then? Wanted to see me? Anna spat. Dracula always wanted to 'see' Anna. She hated him like any sane woman would. When one took a look at his brides, one would easily notice they were insane.

"Unfortunately, yes. When does he NOT want to see you? That is all he talks abou, you," she spat back, eyes turning a deeper shade of silver with each word.

"You say that as if it were a bad thing," Anna said cheerly. "Tell him that if he wishes to speak to me, he either comes now, or I shall come in the morning, it is his choice," she said seriously.

"Why wait, when we shall talk now?" Dracula said seductively from the door way. Unlike the other brides would have done, Sylvia walked slowly and calmly to Dracula.

"Master, may I feed alone tonight?" she whispered, just as seductively in his ear. While she waited for a response, she lightly pulled at his earing with her teeth. His head leaned toward her.

"Tonight, you may," he purred. Only Sylvia had the bower to control him the way she did. She released his earring and walked away. he inhaled an unneed breath and stepped forward. Anna had a look of disgust on her face.

"What do you want count?" Anna asked suddenly and sharply. She could barely tollerate looking at him, the last thing she wanted to see was him being arroused by one of his brides.

"As I presume Sylvia told you, I havea a certain"-short pause-"need for your assistance. An old enemy of ours-meaning your family and mine- is coming. He knows what my brides look like, but you should be a new face to him," Dracula explained while walking around her room. He stopped at her bed and felt the sheets. "Linnen, meant for summer, an import, I presume?" he asked, almost sugestively. Anna was appauled yet again. Did he actually thing she would sleep with him at all, and in her bed?

"Count, the only person getting in that bed is you. Alone," she growled at him. "Get to the point, or I will not consider helping you," she continued before he could get any more ideas.

"Very well, I want you to kill him," Dracula said simply. His expression was blank.

"You- And your last option is me?" she asked in a shocked voice. Why couldn't Dracula kill this man like he killed others? What was different about this one?

"Yes, you are, and thank you for accepting," Dracula said quickly and looked out the window.

"Sunrise. Beautiful, is it not? I am the only vampire who can witness it, but others-" and as if to finish his sentence, there was a blood chilling scream in the distance. They both knew it was Sylvia. He departed when the scream ended.