Bewitchment; Roku

By Yori Hayashi

Summary: The curse is broken, and Kyou and Tohru are dating. However, just when things seem to be better, an old friend comes back and possesses Tohru. Can they, with the help of Saki Hanajima and a detective, break Tohru's bewitchment? KyouxTohru, YukixMachi

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Tohru was coming home. Kyou and Yuki were in an uproar, trying to get everything cleaned up. They were excited because she would finally be able to smile again, and soon Kyou and Tohru would be able to have their wedding. He had been anticipating it for so long, and he could not wait any longer. He just wanted her to be his as soon as possible. Yuki laughed at Kyou's jittery motions as he cleaned the livingroom. He couldn't stay still and he was shaking terribly.

"You're really excited, aren't you Kyou? I can tell." Yuki smiled.

Kyou, despite the fact that he was still a little tense toward his cousin, smiled back, "How can I not be excited? My fiancé and I can finally get married! How are you not excited!?"

Yuki was about to open his mouth in a rebuttal when Shigure came into the kitchen. Shigure looked deathly serious, but Kyou and Yuki didn't think it had anything to do with worry. Shigure never worried. Anyone who knew him was aware of that. Still, they were very curious as to why he was acting so strange. Yuki spoke up first. "Shigure, are you alright? If it is Honda-san that you are worried about, try not to worry… Akito is-"

"Helping her." Shigure cut him off rudely. "I know, Yuki. I am not worried about Tohru-kun." He said. He opened the door to the fridge. "I am not worried about a thing, actually. Why worry when you know what is going to happen?"

Kyou was suddenly worried again. If he knows what is going to happen, and he is upset, then what does that mean?

There was a knock at the door.

Kyou's heart jumped excitedly. He was half-worried, and half relieved to know that it was not going to take any longer than Akito had promised. If it were to take longer, Akito probably would have called. He sprang over to the door with Yuki close behind him. The door opened before they reached it, and Kyou jumped back to get out of the way. "Is she okay?!" He interrogated Akito, who was wearing another kimono, as she walked through the door. "Where is she?"

Akito did not look at him. She avoided his eyes at all costs, knowing that it would hurt her more to see her family so excited over a bad thing. "She is out in the car. Hatori is helping her out at the moment. She is a little… out of it… Just so you know."

Kyou grinned as he saw female legs stretch themselves onto the grass. Hatori stood over her and held her hand so that she could easily stand up. When he saw her face, he could swear that his heart was skipping beats. He was just so happy to see her. He could cry from his joy! He bounded over to her at full speed and hugged her as soon as he reached her. He held her as tightly as he could without hurting her, and Yuki watched from the entranceway, smiling by a crying Akito. Yuki was shocked at Akito's reaction. "What is it, Akito? Why are you crying?"

Akito grabbed his shirt. "Yuki, you have to forgive me… I had to do it. There was no other option. I am so sorry that I had to do it!"

"…Akito… did you…?"

Tohru pulled away from Kyou almost as rapidly as he had hugged her. She looked at him with a confounded expression, and he returned it. Why wasn't she happy to see him? Were they not able to get rid of her true form?

"What are you doing?" She asked him

He didn't know how to answer. What did she mean by that? Was she upset with him over something? What did he do to make her mad? "Well, I'm… Hugging you…" Why was this happening, he wondered?

Why could he see fear directed at him in the eyes of the same woman that said she loved him?

The next question tore him apart. "Who are you?"

He gasped, not taking his eyes off her. He felt his knees buckle from underneath him, and he fell to the ground, but kept his gaze on Tohru the entire time. She raised an eyebrow at him, not realizing how much she had just hurt him.

Yuki, Akito and Shigure could not bear to watch the two of them. Hatori had been standing right next to them, but he backed away to give them their privacy. Yuki felt a tear run down his cheek, but it was nothing compared to what Kyou felt. What did he have to live for now? "To… Koi-chan… What do you mean? I- I… We're supposed to get married! I love you! Don't you remember me?" He stood up and touched her cheek. "Please, you have to remember!" He begged for her, but she just stared at him with distant eyes, as though she knew nothing of him.

And she didn't. "What is your name?"

He cried and laid his head down on her shoulder. She didn't bother to make him move, because she could see that he was hurting; the fact that she didn't have her memories didn't change the fact that she was still the same Tohru that he loved. "K-kyou. You used to call me Kyou-kun, but after we started dating, we changed to-" He choked. "Koi-chan, please, believe me!"

She didn't say anything. What could she say? A man she did not know was telling her that she loved him, and she didn't know what to do.

But… He was crying for her.

Akito was still crying into Yuki's shirt, and Yuki patted her shoulder carefully. "Akito, why did you tell Hatori to do that? Was there really no other way?"

"Don't you get it, Yuki?!" She sobbed. "That stupid demon only possessed her because it knew that she loved him. Erasing her memories was the only way to change that fact!" She let go of him and walked away, howling.

Shigure followed after her.

Yuki grabbed his hair and wondered how he was supposed to make it through the day knowing that everyone's "Honda-san" was gone? How much did she remember? Did she forget everyone? No, the only thing that she probably kept was her memory of her mother, and Uo and Hana.

Tohru stroked Kyou's shoulder. "Please don't cry, K-kyou…" She said. "I don't know what is going on, but if you want, I will try to remember…"

He lifted his head from her shoulder when realization struck him. "Tohru, there was a reason that your memories got erased… I…" He gritted his teeth. "I think it really is time that you and I just…"

"Do you really want to let go, Kyou?" She smiled at him.

"No, I don't. But I don't want to put you through what just happened ever again." He rubbed his face with his hands and began to walk away from her. "Bye, Koi-chan."

She almost cried, too. She did not understand a thing, but she did know that she had just hurt the boy deeply.

However, that is all he was too her now. Some boy that loved her.


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