Chapter 1: Does Fate truly Change?

Gimme a little time,

Leave me alone a little while,

Maybe it's not too late,

Not today, today, today, today, today...

- Avril Lavigne, Tomorrow.

For three month's now there has been no demonic activity. None at all. There hasn't even been a bit of supernatural activity for what felt like years.

It's gotten way too quiet for us lately. Thought Sam, sitting at an outside café table in the middle of San Francisco. Meanwhile Dean sat across from him with a hollow looking face, watching the cars passing by.

"Soo…Dean…about that break you talking about taking…I was thinking that maybe now would be a-"

"No." Dean said immediately, interrupting Sam.

"No? But Dean we haven't even-"

"Sam. I said no. We can't afford to take a break…we just need to keep looking." Said Dean.

"Dean! We have been looking for Days! Months! And now? Nothing!" Sam whispered, looking into Dean's eyes with a blazing fire erupting in his. "…Dean. We need this break. You need this break. Admit it Dean, you need a break." Said Sam.

"No Sam! I don't need a break! Not anymore… Now can we leave? We need to get back on the road." Said Dean.

"Yeah…sure." Replied Sam.

Dean sighed, Left the table, and headed towards his precious Impala. Once Dean Got to his car he went into the driver's seat and sat there impatiently waiting for Sam to show up. He wanted to get out of here. Ever sense they had arrived here it felt like everyone had been staring at him. Like he was being watched. Now all he had was a headache. And boy did it hurt. It hurt almost as much as it hurt to be in this damn city. Just then out of nowhere the passenger 's door closed and Sam saw Dean jump as he sat down.

"Dean? You all right?" asked Sam.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Replied Dean.

"Hey…Uh. Sam?" asked Dean.

"Yeah?" asked Sam.

"Am I forgetting about something?" asked Dean.

Sam gave Dean a confused look, and replied, "Uh…I don't think so…"

"Are you sure?" asked Dean.

"Yeah Dean, I'm positive. Why? Is something wrong?" asked Sam.

"No. I just thought there was something that I had to remember that's all." Said Dean.



It took a couple hours before Sam and Dean reached the motel, and now that they where they were at the motel, Sam changed and couldn't wait to hop on the bed and get some sleep.

"Hey…Dean where you going?" asked Sam, watching Dean go back out the door.

"Oh…Uh…for a walk…" replied Dean, closing the door behind him not caring what Sam was going to say.

45 minutes later…

Instead of taking a walk Dean decided to take the Impala. He thought about going back but he didn't like the knot in his stomach that he felt whenever he stayed put. He new that he wasn't able to sleep but he was just so tired so he put some random radio station on to keep him awake.


Sam wasn't able to sleep.

Ever sense Dean left, the way that Dean had been acting bothered him.

He didn't look so good…hmmm…. Maybe I should just take a shower…get my thoughts off of things… Thought Sam, as he got up and went to the bathroom.

15 minutes later…

Just as Sam was about to grab his shirt and put it on he felt a searing pain in his back. Sam yelped in pain, and sunk to the floor clutching his stomach.

It still hurts…oh no… Sam thought, thinking of the part of his back that had been stabbed just exactly a year ago.



A couple minutes later Dean decided to head back, and was now waiting for the light at the intersection light to change. After what seemed like forever the light finally changed and just as Dean stepped on the pedal he remembered what had been bothering him…

"Oh no…" Dean whispered to himself.

Today…Sammy almost…

Dean never had the chance to finish his thought. Once Dean was in the middle of the intersection a truck ran the red light and crashed right into the side of the Impala. Just seconds later the impala was tipped over and had a huge dent on its right side. Meanwhile also occupying the Impala was a wounded Dean who clashed with immediate unconscious.

And I wanna believe you,

When you tell me that it'll be ok,

Yeah I try to believe you,

Not today, today, today, today, today...

Tomorrow it may change