A/N: Yes, we all know about the Mary Sue tests that people have taken in the past, in order to see whether their character is a Mary Sue (or Gary-Stu) or not. So I got a little bored, and decided to run yet another of my fancharacters throught the test... here's what happened.


The scene opens in the upstairs section of an old two-story farmhouse. It is white on the outside, and surrounded by open fields, and a white metal barn to one side of the house, where the driveway ends. We see through the top-story window, into a small room. The Authoress pulls out some hockey-goaley padding and a helmet, gets out her foam bat'o'doom, and a squirt gun.

"I hope this'll hold him back." she mumbles.

A doorway opens, and a figure comes flying through it. The little yellow car takes one look at the authoress and his light red optics go round.

He suddenly howls with laughter.


The Authoress sweatdrops.

Cable grins and picks himself up. He takes two breaths, onlines his optics, glances at the authoress and falls down agains, rolling on the floor. T

he authoress sweatdrops again, and deadpans. "Cable, get hammertread."

Cable manages to stifle another giggle, and glances up.

The authoress waves her foam-bat-o-doom.

Cable's straight face dissolves into giggling again.

"Cap!" the little yellow car yells, looking back at the warp-gate.

"Caaa-aaaaaap, you gotta...snerk..herherher...come see...harharheeheehee.. this"

the authoress waves her foambat menacingly. Cable gulps and grins like an idiot.

"Eheh... be right back."

He heads for the warp gate and collides with the figure on the other side.

"The authoress wants HT"

"She what?" a slightly deeper, yet just as much a tenor as the first replies, and a muddied camoflauge helmet appears through the gate. "Oh, hi. He said he'll..."

Cap snerks and ducks back through, shoulders jiggling mirthily as he tries to hold back laughter.

"Hey, you try taking on a four hundred pund tank for a Gary-Stu test and see if you won't need it!" The authoress pastes her hands on her hips and stormclouds.

After a minute of silence, she adds on

"Maybe you better send kit through with him!"

then calls "Or better yet, Alpha!"

Faint guffawing can be heard.

the authoress stormclouds.

A soft pounding sounds, gradually loudening, and a head and broad shoulders appears, followed by the rest of the tan M1A1 Abrams tank.

Hammertread frowned, trying to look threatening, but his red optics were absolutely dancing at the sight before him.

Finally, he glanced back at the warp-gate. A head popped through and there was a flash.

Cap had stuck his head through with a polaroid camera.


Hammertread glared at the warp-gate. "I'll be right back"


the authoress facepalmed.

He dissapeared thtrough the gate more quickly than a tank his size should be able to, and there was a muffled crash, and a frightened screech. (Cable)

The Authoress just watched, jaw agape.

"Guys, be..."

CRUNCH! "Ya-aiiieeee!" (Cap)



"No, Terra, don't..." (Cable)


"HAAA-IIIEEEE-AAAAAH!!!!! helphelphelp!" (cap, again)

the authoress shakes her head and sits down at the computer, types, then gets up. She grins.


"EEEEEE!" The authoress snerks, as the voice of a now three-inch-tall Hammertread being glomped by Kit wavers thtrough the vortex."

GET OFF ME!! I am not a hugaluvabear!!!"

"What did she...what's this?"



The authoress smirked. "Not exactly. You're a cucumber with a pepper for a hat."

(giggle) "spicy... pickle" (Kit)





the Authoress crawls back up into her seat after having fallen out of it laughing, then types some more.

There's a screech and a giggle, and the authoress waits patiently for her guest to appear, rapping her fingers on the desk.

Finally the red-eyed tank comes stomping through, looking very unhappy.

The authoress giggles and hold up her squirt gun. Hammertread eyes it.

"Whattya gonna do, squirt me"

the Authoress grins. "Ketchup."

Hammertread eyes the 'ketchup gun', and the authoress turns to her typing.

Now then, on to the Mary sue... er-Gary Stu test.