This is what I get after trying to put my fancharacter, Hammertread, through the Gary-Stu test. (and a small argument over spicy pickles later, I get this. hee)

told by my fancharacter, Jade.

Okay, so it goes something like this. Megatron had decided to launch a (stupid) attack on the Ark. Why? I suppose he thought he would catch us unawares.

Anyways, after HT's little run-in with the authoress for that Gary-Stu test, we all though she'd done something to him.

Or he wasn't right in the head or something...

not that we think he was to begin with, but...

Oh, right.

Cable's tapping me on the shoulder to continue, so I'll go on.

It started out with everyone waiting outside, since we'd seen the Decepticons coming a mile away. Kit, who had been hiding out on the Ark's boosters jumped out onto a passing Thundercracker.

Aaaaand that's what started it.

Hammertread glared. "Shut Up!"

Cap canted a grin and yelled "Taco!"

Me, I decided to be just slightly more tactful about it.


Jazz started laughing somewhere in the background.

Cable yelled "Mustard!"

Hammertread growled.

Bluestreak snorted like he was trying to hold in laughter.

Cap wasn't about to be outdone, though.

"hot sauce!"

Terra started laughing, then eeped and dodged a laserblast.

I have no clue where the Dinobots came from, maybe Wheeljack decided we needed backup. We didn't see them until they rounded the corner of the Ark.

But apparently, they didn't get the joke.

Grimlock glanced at all of us with a questioning look, then yelled


Megatron didn't get the implications either, but if you put a T-Rex and a Taco Bell commercial together...

The entire Autobot army started laughing.

Megatron thought we'd all gone nuts.

Jazz finally got in on it "


Prowl shot him a look.

Bluestreak howled. Soundwave was noticably backing up towards the relative safety of his comrades.

Hey!" I yelled. "Burger King! Burger King!"

Did I just see Optimus Prime's shoulders shaking?

Someone in the back yelled "WHOPPER!"

was that Sideswipe?

Had to be, because Sunstreaker yelled "No, idiot, it's Big Mac!"

Prime glaced over at them.

No, he's a Freightliner.

Jazz fired off a shot at the allready-retreating casseticons.

"You want fries with that!?"

Swoop looked confused "Mountain Dew!"

The laughter died down for a minute, then someone yelled

"Let's go kick some honey-buns!!!"





Megatron stuttered out "You've all flipped your circuit boards. Let's go!"

He took to the air, the other Decepticons following.

"Yeah!" someone in the back (I have a sneaking suspicion it was Bumblebee or Bluestreak) yelled "Yeah! take your order to go!"

"We've flipped our hamburgers!" Jazz howled.

"Well done!" Bluestreak added, guffawing.

That was followed by a round of applause and some cheering.

Prime walked up to where Prowl was, he'd apparently short-circuited his logic circuits again.

Ratchet looked up."Well," he mused "Lettuce be thankful nobody got severely injured."
Prime shook his head, but I could tell he was grinning behind that mask of his.

"Indeed." he replied. "We could have wound up in quite a... jam"