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When Lauren has an epiphany about her place in life, will she change for the better, or will she remain the same girl that all Twilight fans love to hate?

Warning: You may end up feeling sorry for Lauren. Do not read if you want to hate her in peace.

I jolted suddenly from my dream – no, nightmare – and found myself drenched in rain. No, it was sticky sweat, I realized with horror. Just a dream, it was only a dream, I repeated to myself, but I could not shake the feeling of doom creeping up my spine. What did it all mean?

Before I could mull it over too much, I heard the daily holler from my mother downstairs. "Lauren, get your sorry rear end out of bed! You're going to be late, and your laziness will make me and Lindsey late too. She has to be at school early for eight grade mid-year testing, and you have to drive me to work since my car is still in the shop."

I sighed. Of course my mother would leave the important details to the last minute, and then have the nerve to blame me for screwing up. "I'm coming! Jeez, leave me alone! Oh, by the way, thanks for the warning! It would've helped if you'd told me this last night," I screeched back. Shoving the dream to the back of my mind, I put on some stunning clothes (of course, what of my clothing isn't stunning, I should ask?) and rushed downstairs. Skipping breakfast, I grabbed my keys, purse, and backpack, and stomped to the car.

The drive to Lindsey's school was silent; all three of us were fuming separately. Talk about a tense drive.

We pulled up to Lindsey's school two minutes before the test started. Here comes the drama queen and her excellent performance: "Thanks for making me late, moron! Now I'm going to fail all my tests. I hate you! How can I be related to you? You're such a selfish bitch! I hate you!" Lindsey screamed as she exited my car. And of course, she had tears streaming down her face.

It was at that moment when my nightmare came back to haunt me. What if I never saw her again? Would I want this to be the last thing I'd ever hear from her? Should I sink to her level and just complain about her immaturity? As I watched her storm off, I decided now could be my time of reform. Hell, it might even score me some brownie points with my mother, I thought.

I rolled down my window as my mother complained about being late to work. I didn't care much at that point if I were late or not. All I wanted was to show Lindsey that I could be a better person, and I could set a better example for her. Through the open window, I shouted, "I'm sorry about your tests! Forgive me?"

She wheeled around, confusion written across her face, and I heard a gasp from my mother in the car. She was probably having a heart attack, considering Lindsey and I hadn't gotten along since… Forever.

Lindsey recovered from her shock quickly, and she chewed out, "Why should I forgive you? You're just sucking up to me 'cause mom's here. What are you trying to pull?" She was giving me the death-glare by that point.

"Is it not enough for me to be sorry? Why do I even bother changing my ways if I'm not taken seriously?" Here I was, trying to actually be nice, and I got it thrown right back in my face.

"Lauren, you're missing a fundamental rule: Once a bitch, always a bitch. That's your definition. You can't change; it's too hard, especially for you. Just deal with it."

And so I have. If no one will respect my attempt to change, why bother? If you all are just going to label me a "bitch" and refuse to change your opinion, I'm just going to have the most fun I can with my ridiculous label. Change is hard anyway, as Lindsey said, and if no one is going to help me, or even notice the change, why should I go through such a metamorphosis? I'll just stay snobby, thank you very much. And oh, the fun I can have.

So in the end, it turns out the conclusion of my dream was false: love isn't all that matters. Being respected for who you are is what matters, and sadly, no one seems to care. We're stuck in our labels. But if we do the best we can with what we're given, even if it's an unwanted label… Then that is all that matters.

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