Broken Glasses


The mirror was foggy. The air in the room was hot and humid, but that was to be expected considering someone had just finished their shower. As she wrapped a towel around her body she opened the door. Upon being met with a blast of cold air she sighed. It felt nice against her skin after such a hot shower..and night.

She crossed the short distance to the only room in the apartment in seconds, and smirked at the messiness of it. Bed sheets thrown wildly about, the night stand lay on its side, contents and items that had once been positioned so neatly on it splayed across the floor.

Leaving the door wide open she dropped her towel and began to gather her clothes that were laying on the floor starting from the door way leading up to he far right corner of the room.

The unusually unkept items stirred her memories of what had happened only hours before. She could still taste it on her lips and smell faint traces of that floral scented body mist on her shorts and shirt.

When at last she pushed her arms through the sleeves of her baby blue shirt she exited the bedroom. Taking another step out of the bedroom the smell of something toasted and sweet wafted over her. She knew it could only be caused by something being cooked. The sight in the kitchen almost didn't confirm that theory because there was no soft tune being hummed and the lights were off.

Instead the slightly shorter pink haired girl still dressed in her thin tank-top and shorts stood over a small silver appliance. Before she could reach out and poke the other girl she turned around and said "Good morning Karin!" in a voice slightly louder than necessary.

Karin nearly had a heart attack, somehow Sakura always managed to hear her sneaking up even when she wasn't making any noise. "Sakura! Don't do that you startled me!" She said breathlessly.

The other girl smirked, "And who was sneaking up on whom?" She said mockingly.

They both flinched violently when the toaster popped up with out warning. Sakura burst out laughing at their mirrored reactions, "God I hate that." Karin grumbled still feeling grumpy from not being able to sneak up on the other girl.

Sakura plucked the pop tart up from the toaster broke it in half and took a big eager bite. Karin's mouth watered and her stomach painfully reminded her she hadn't eaten dinner last night. Taking a step forward she wrapped a hand around Sakura's, taking a bite a little too close to her fingers.

Her two front teeth dragged across the skin of the girl's middle and pointer fingers. Her tongue whipped out and curled itself around one and sucked lightly. Karin's daring look was marred only slightly by her chewing on the cinnamon brown sugar pop tart.

She crossed her arms over her chest. Sakura blushed and looked away deciding to change the unspoken subject, "Hey Karin, where did your glasses go?"

Karin blinked. Sure she could tell the difference between when she was wearing her glasses and when she wasn't, but she honestly hadn't noticed. Everything was a bit hazy: thin straight lines where thick and fuzzy to her, and Sakura's eyes looked like dots of green oil that repelled itself from the surrounding white water.

"Umm…I don't know." She retraced her footsteps, with Sakura in toe, back to her bedroom and looked over at the nightstand with dread. Rays of sunlight that arched over the closed blinds sparkled on the few shards of broken glass.

Kneeling down next to the mess, Karin's nimble fingers sorted through the mess, until she laid eyes on what she had hoped she wouldn't find here. Picking them up by the thick black frame, she assessed the damage.

The left lens had several cracks; the right though, seemed to be, for the most part intact. With the pad of her pointer finger she tapped the glass. Upon impact the lens broke into countless pieces and fell to the carpet in front of her.

"Oh damn." She said casually. Sakura on the other hand freaked out, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"Oh my god! Karin what are you gonna do? It was all my fault if I hadn't-" she was cut off by the girl sporting scarlet hair.

"Sakura. I'm near sighted not blind." She said fingering the empty space.

Hate to end it there but I'm afraid my time has run out as well as my thoughts. I'm very pleased with how this turned out, usually I hate yuri and now I'm writing it! I must be the biggest hypocrite on the face of the planet! Anyway, please review and tell me what you think, thanks!