This is my December
These are my snow-covered trees
This is me pretending
This is all I need

My December


The persistent vibrating of her cell phone was what pulled her out of her deep sleep and into foggy awareness. Her phone was still in the back pocket of her jeans where she had left it last night, said jeans were very uncomfortable to sleep in she soon realized.

Her phone vibrated again. She sighed, pulled it out and through it half-heartedly across the room. She didn't care to check the caller id, she didn't care to talk to anyone at the moment. It landed noiselessly in the carpeted hallway.

After showering and changing into a more comfortable pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, she picked her phone up off the grounded and shoved into her pocket. She grabbed one of her favorite caffeinated beverages from out of the fridge and sipped it, but it did little to improve her mood even if the grogginess and haze drifted away not long before she finished it.

She showed up for work right on time. There were no distractions this morning, no surprises that normally threw her off schedule. The hours flew by with out her really noticing until her shift was up, her mood lifting slightly.

When she got into her car, she popped in her favorite CD and increased the volume until the speakers jumped and she could feel the bass in her chest. She drove with out really thinking, but ended up where she was supposed to be anyway.

The few people in the parking lot stared, mostly out of annoyance, and she honestly did not notice. Once in her regular parking space, one she that could easily see from the window of her bedroom, she cut the engine, lowered the volume, and whipped out her phone annoyed. It had been going insane the entire ride home.

Sakura flipped it open, 10 Missed Calls, read the little screen in big black letters. She rolled her eyes and turned the thing off.


The sheets were cool and soft as she rolled over, shifting to find a comfortable angle to rest. Her eyes land on the little red candle, it's flame dancing with the shifting air. The candle had been new when it was lit- only a handful of minutes ago- now there was a deep trench around the smoldering wick filled with melted wax. And she hadn't even seen it melt.

Just like she hadn't seen her most cherished bond spontaneously combust. Perhaps, just like the candle, her bond was meant to dissolve, perhaps she should have seen it coming.


Most disappointing thing was, it didn't even smell like anything.


Bare feet padded softly across carpet, her voice echoed not as softly. "Sakura stop it. You have to stop." Green eyes rolled slowly over to her, framed in the doorway, her damp golden hair spilling over her shoulders in soft, persistent waves.

"Stop what?" It was painfully obvious that she was still miserable over Karin.

It had been almost a week; surely, they all didn't expect her to get over the only girl she'd ever wanted in just three and half days.

Ino rolled her eyes and walked over to her closet, disappearing into the room that she had spent countless hours in the mall to fill. Sakura sat up and ran a hand through her hair shaking it out to give it life, not wanting it to keep its objectionable matted look.

Three and half days.

Three and half days she'd been with out.

Her eyes ached from the abuse of her current position. She sat in the corner of her kitchen, knees pulled tightly against her chest. The heels of her palms slamming into her eyelids, where just beneath hot, salty tears slipped out and rolled down her stained cheeks, to her runny nose on to her lips pressed together as tight as she could manage, and finally to gather and drop down to pool on her exposed collarbone and stain her shirt.

A sob jumped from her mouth and soon another and then another, they kept coming until, many minutes later she forced herself to quiet down. She reigned in as much emotion as she could and dialed the number. There was no answer on the other line, except for the voice of the answering machine, which was, by the way, gorgeous, beautiful even. She was swept away, it was a voice she hadn't heard in two days and yet it felt like a life time.

There was a beep and somewhere she registered that she was expected to say something, to 'leave a message'. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out, what could she say, what should she say? There was no way she could possibly convert all of her feelings into words, let alone thirty seconds worth.

"Sakura, it's six o'clock, way too early to be going to bed." Ino called from the confines of her closet.

"I wasn't going to bed," Sakura yawned, and raised her hands above her head to stretch, "I was just resting. You know all this homework is killing me." The various papers, binders and books that littered the ground proved that.

"You're the smartest out of all of us Sakura don't tell me your losing it." Ino said appearing from her closet in jeans and a tank top. "I mean I know you and Karin were tight but don't let her get you so down."

Sakura frowned; there was just the slightest prickling from behind her eyes, but she forced it back, she didn't want to look like the loser she felt like inside. "Nobody said anything about me getting dumber, it's just the stress. You know it's hard enough keeping a perfect GPA, but getting dumped only makes all the little things just that much harder." The prickling of tears was coming back.

"Sakura, just try not to think about her." Ino said reassuringly.

"But she was the perfect study buddy-"

"If you want to study, we can hit the books. Right now." Ino said firmly. "Because I hate seeing you like this so I'll do what ever it takes to make you happy again. Even if it means, studying when we could be watching awesome chick-flicks with Ben and Jerry."

Sakura couldn't help but smile, as hurtful as it was she pushed her worries to the back of her mind. She couldn't be down and out twenty-four hours a day.

"You get the flicks, I'll get Ben and Jerry." Sakura said, her smile growing. Ino winked before disappearing into the hall. Sakura disentangled herself from the soft sheets and headed for the kitchen.

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