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Kim ran through the fire surrounding her. Her entire world consisting of screams, brimstone, and burning heat. The blaze singeing her clothes and hair, scorching her skin where it touched her. This blaze was hotter than anything she'd ever felt even when she faced Shego. She felt like she was in hell and she couldn't explain it even to herself as she listened to the disembodied voice and the screams surrounding her.


She stopped, looking around for any sign of who had spoken. That's when her world took another twist. The screams came from nowhere and everywhere. They came from the seething masses of flesh that made up the walls of whatever cavern she was in. Kim watched in horror as a woman was burned to ash before her eyes, only to have the flesh reform on her body and burn again. She watched again and again as the blood boiled to steam and flesh charred. Then the voice came again.


"Show yourself!" She yelled into the burning void.


The laugh came again from all around her, echoing off the walls of flesh and a million times worse than any villain she'd ever faced. A pillar of flame shot up from underneath her and Kim's voice joined the myriad of screams that surrounded her. No longer was she watching the burning flesh of strangers. Her own flesh was being charred from her skin, melting away to a skeletal form. Her hair blazed around her head like a burning halo. Even as her senses were overloaded with pain she couldn't pass out, she couldn't die, it just burned again and again and again. Until finally her scream was louder than any others.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!'' Kim shot up screaming in her bed, Ron and her parents surrounding her.

"Oh Kimmie! Thank God." her mother said as she sat next to her, wiping Kim's brow as the teen hero settled down. "We were so worried."

"Yea, KP, you were unconscious for the whole trip back after whatever happened in that… chamber…" Ron said as he took his girlfriend's hand.

"What… what.. Happened?" Kim managed as she shook her head, clearing it.

"Yes, Ronald, Tell us, we were so focused with Kim we never did quite get the story…" Mr. Dr. Possible said as he sat down in a chair next to Kim's bed.

"Well, KP, after we got into that fight with Monkey Fist, I sort of tripped something and you got locked into… Monkey Fist said it was the Chamber of Vengeance… I don't know what that means and I don't know if he did either the way he talked. Anyway, I fought with Monkey Fist and actually managed to win… when I tripped and caused a statue to fall on him…but by the time I got to you and got you out of the chamber you were out cold and burning up with a fever. I don't know what happened in there… but Wade set up a ride and we got you back here. We've been waiting here for you to wake up… though we didn't expect the screaming I don't think." Ron said as Rufus climbed onto his shoulder, getting a better look at Kim.

"Indeed, " Mr. Dr. Possible said.

"What was wrong Kim?" Mrs. Dr. Possible asked.

"I don't know Mom… A nightmare I guess…but I can't remember it now.. I don't even remember the temple…How long have I been asleep?" Kim asked.

"About half a day… we were going to take you to the hospital if you didn't wake up by tomorrow." Mrs. Dr. Possible said.

"Oh wow…" Kim set back against her head board. "Can I have something to drink Mom? I feel thirsty… "

"Of course dear, " Mrs. Possible stood. "Come on Honey, let's go get Kimmie something to drink, and some food to while she and Ron talk."

The two parents left as the young couple sat looking at each other. One still with a worried look on his face and the other confused about all that had happened. As Mr. Possible's head disappeared down the stairs Ron moved onto the bed and put an arm around his girlfriend.

"I was so worried Kim…" Ron said.

"I'm okay Ron, I just wish I knew why I was unconscious when ya found me… and what the dream I had was… it seems like it's important for some reason." Kim shook her head, trying to clear it.

"It'll be cool KP, you're the girl who can do anything, and the only thing I've seen come close to ya is Shego." Ron took her hand.

Kim smiled thinking about the green thief, her mind running back to the short time she'd spent with "Miss Go". She let go of Ron's hand and stood, walking around the room. It had been fun when Shego was a friend, and now all Kim wanted to know is what Shego was going to say. Well, without a reverse polarizer, finding that out was not gonna happen. Kim looked over at Ron and wondered again if he'd done it on purpose, but she dismissed that though almost immediately. He wasn't that devious. Zorpox, yes, Ron Stoppable, no.

"It's no big Ron, I just do what I can." Kim smiled as she sat back down.

"Kimmie-Cub, we brought you some juice and a bowl of soup to eat, and Ronald, your mother called while we were downstairs, it's probably best if you head home now that we know Kim's going to be ok." Her dad said as he brought the tray in.

"That's cool Dr. P. " Ron turned to Kim, "Call me if you need anything KP. I'll be here as fast as I can."

Kim's dad handed her the tray as Ron left and he sat in the chair near the bed. "Kim, are you sure you're ok? You still look a little flushed and I can tell something's on your mind."

"I'm fine Dad, just curious about what ever happened… speaking of which…" Kim hit a button her wrist Kimmunicator and smiled as Wade's face appeared.

"Kim? I'm glad you're up, what's happening?" Wade's voice came from the hidden speakers on the device.

"Just hoping you could give me a quick scan Wade, make sure there's nothing there that the doctors couldn't pick up." Kim said.

"No problem Kim, with this knew Kimmunicator it's actually easier…" Wade clicked a few keys and a green scanner field enveloped Kim's body, "And…. Done. The results will take a bit though… I should have them by the time you're done eating your soup."

"Thanks Wade, " Kim turned back to her food and her dad.

"So you think that Wade's stuff will pick up anything that your mother might have missed about your health?" Dr. Possible asked.

"My health? No. But Wade has been through just about everything with us. He's configured the scanners in the Kimmunicator to search for everything thing from trace elements of meteoric rock to mystical monkey power. If there's something he can't pick up, it's because it has never been seen before." Kim shrugged as she ate and her Mother soon joined them.

"Is everything all right James? You've been up here a while. I thought Kim would want her rest." Mrs. Dr. Possible said.

"I'm just waiting for Wade to call back dear, Kim had him scan for the things your medical teams would miss." James Possible smiled.

"Just a precaution Mom, I'm sure everything is alright." Kim said as she finished her soup, the Kimmunicator chiming a moment later.

"Sitch me Wade."

"Well Kim, I show an elevated core temperature, and some brain activity common with prolonged REM Sleep. The odd thing about the temperature is that it seems it's not a fever but your body adjusting to something new… your natural core temperature has literally been raised a few degrees."

"Well, that's odd… any idea what could have caused it Wade?" Mrs. Dr. Possible said.

"Whatever happened in that room? Other than that, no clue. There doesn't seem to be any mystical residual energy like there is with Ron and Monkey Fist, though, that wasn't a monkey temple either." Wade shrugged. "I've figured out how to pick up on most of it, but I know very little about mysticism, I can make a few inquiries about the temple though."

"Please and thank you, Wade." Wade cut the communication and her parents looked at her. "You heard the genius, we know nothing other than that I have an elevated core temperature, and no mystical residue. Now, as strange as this sounds considering that I just woke up, I'm tired, so I think I'll get some sleep." Kim smiled.

"Go ahead Kimmie, you don't have school tomorrow, so you can sleep as long as you like." Her mother said.

As her parent's left, Kim looked out the window. She smiled as she caught her reflection. She was still wearing her mission gear. The purple top and black leather pants were a nice touch. She was glad she replaced the shoes for steel toed boots as well as went with all black pants. It looked better and doubled her kicking power. She smiled as she turned back to the bed, collapsing on it.

"I'll change tomorrow…"

Kim saw everything through a red haze as she ran. She felt the pull drawing her down the streets of the city and she knew she had to answer this call. She could hear the screams even from her home on the outskirts and they only got louder as she neared the city proper. She couldn't stand the screams, she had to help; had to stop the suffering.

There. A woman struggling desperately in the grasp of a rapist. Kim grabbed him and slammed his body against a wall. The first blow was enough to stun him but she didn't stop. She pounded her fist into his ribs, glorying in the sound as they broke under her blows. She slammed an elbow into his face as she yelled at him, her voice filled with primal rage.

The man screamed as he felt the overwhelming blows. Kim wrapped a hand around his throat and started to choke him, cutting off his air as she gazed on him. Then she looked him in the eyes and his screams could be heard for miles.

Kim turned to the woman she'd just saved and saw nothing but fear, but it didn't matter. She was off and again heading to the sound of a scream. She came across this one too late. The man was still hovering over a couple with a bloody knife. Kim grabbed him and threw him into a tree. She unleashed her fury on this one as well, her fist echoing with meaty thuds against the murder's body. She punched his torso and face till his blood poured. She stood and began to kick him.

"Scream for me! Scream for me like you made them scream!" Kim's voice was echoing and hollow, hissing with rage.

She leaned over the crumpled body of the killer, grabbing his bloody shirt to bring his eyes to meet with hers. When their eyes met, he screamed.

She turned back to the bodies and then moved on. She paused at a lake as she caught her reflection in the clear pool. She looked, and screamed. ………………………………...

Kim woke up in a cold sweat. She looked around and discovered she was in her room. But something was off. What was it? Her eyes darted quickly to the window she'd looked out last night. It was opened and there were burns near the window. Shego!

Kim's body moved on instinct from that point. Her feet hit the floor and her arms came up in a ready stance. Her eyes scanned the room. Nothing. No one was here but her. She thought back to the night before. Going to sleep. The window was closed… Strange dreams… but what were they? She couldn't remember. She looked out the window again and smiled.

"At least the sun is out, it's a beautiful day." She walked over and closed the window as she checked the burn. She flipped on her Kimmunicator.

"What's up Kim?" Wade's voice came back.

"I need you to scan a burn mark for me… can you tell me if it were made by…" She smiled as Wade cut her off.

"A certain green plasmatic fire bug?" Wade offered.

"Please and thank you." She turned the watches scanner to the burn, and watched as it traveled over the scorch mark, she turned it back as the scanner retracted.

"Well, it was definitely made by a very hot flame, the scorch travels deep in the wood, but the carbon marking indicates it was only in contact for a brief moment. Normally that would mean plasma fire, however, there are no markers that would normally be present in a plasma burn. From what I can tell, all natural heat… also it looks like this burn was something going out, not coming in." Wade finished.

"So… where did it come from?" She said to the air.

"You go out last night?" Wade said.

"No… and I think I'd have noticed if anything as hot as Shego was in my room before I went to sleep." Kim said.

"Kim? Did you just say Shego was hot?" Wade asked.

"Funny Wade.' Kim frowned at the super hacker.

"I try." Wade smiled, "Need anything else though Kim?"

"No Wade, I'm headed down stairs to get something to eat and catch up with the family, then I'm gonna grab a shower and a change of clothes, thanks for the help though…" Kim killed the connection and looked again at the burn. "Why is this bugging me? And what was I dreaming that woke me up?" Kim shivered as she tried to think of her dream, knowing it must have been awful.

She tried to shake it off as she walked down the stairs, but the sound of the TV soon had her running to catch the report.

"Four dead in Middleton last night, and the police suspect a new vigilante is the cause of at least two of these deaths. The first apparent victim was a known rapist and was severely beaten before he was killed. The next three victims were found together. Two appeared to be a couple out on a date and victims of a mugging gone wrong. The last was found with their belongings and again severely beaten before death. The strange part about this is that the eyes of the rapist and murderer seemed to be burned within their skulls."

The image on the screen changed to a shot of one victim. His hair was stringy and black, his face pale. You could tell instantly that he'd been beaten from the mass of bruises, torn clothes, and cuts on his body. The frightening thing though was his eyes. They were indeed charred black and seemed to still have burning embers at they're core.

Kim took all of that in, in the brief moment before her mother changed the channel to keep the twins from seeing it. "Really, why do they show that stuff?"

"I don't know mom…" Kim said as she took a seat on the couch, "It worries me though. A vigilante on a killing spree is a dangerous thing…"

"No Kim, don't even think it, this isn't your job and if there is someone out there killing people, you don't want to get in their way…" Her mom said.

"Mom, I stop world conquering super villains, not murderers in the streets, I'm not trained for that. I won't get involved unless I'm asked to… like always." She promised.

"You're right, the Middleton Police Department will probably catch this one in no time." Her mother said and smiled. "And if they don't, I'm sure Betty will have someone looking into it."

Kim looked at her mother, "Has Dr. Director been trying to recruit me again?"

"Yes, and I told her the same thing you always do. Get back to you after college."

"Sounds good." Kim laughed.

"What are you going to do today honey?" Mrs. Possible asked as she continued to flip through the channels.

"I figured I'd grab Ron and go to the mall, I need to pick up a jacket since it's gonna be getting colder, and if we run into Monique… well, the girl knows fashion." Kim smiled as she thought of a day out with her friends.

"Sounds good Kim, just don't be out late… " Her mother admonished.

"Only if I get a mission Mom." Kim smiled as she headed into the kitchen to grab some food.

"TTMGF!" Monique said as Ron walked obliviously toward the male section of Club Banana.

"I don't know what you mean Mo…" Kim said as she fingered one of the leather coats.

"B.S. You know exactly what I mean, your mind ain't on your shopping, else you wouldn't be considering that faux leather piece of cheapness that looks like it's going to hide you more than style you." Monique stated in her own version of simplicity.

"I don't know what it is Monique, and luckily Ron hasn't picked up on it, or he'd be major worried, it's just since yesterday I've felt weird. Like there's something right at the back of my mind that I can't quite grasp… like I should know something, but I can't reach it." Kim shook her head, "Normally I remember my dreams, but I can't remember the ones I had while I was unconscious or the one I had last night, and that bugs me, not to mention there's some vigilante in town killing bad guys, and regardless of what I told mom I'm pretty sure I'll be the one who has to look in to it eventually."

"Whoa girl… you need this shopping spree bad…" Monique grinned and drug Kim to another rack of coats. "If you're set on leather… and honestly girl, who isn't? Then you have to check this out…" Monique pulled a jacket off the rack.

Kim's eyes traveled over the leather carefully, a smile playing over her lips. It was obviously a motorcycle jacket, the leather lined heavily, but still in a way to make it look smooth cut. There were metal studs on the shoulders and cuffs and a belt around the waist to draw it tight. Kim's fingers reached out to touch it and she shivered at the soft leather.

"That's real leather…" Kim smiled.

"That's not real leather, that's real, designer quality, Italian lambskin. The lining and stitching made so that the shell falls smooth and tight across your body so it attracts the attention you want, but still provides maximum protection from the cold as well as any other outside forces. The studs are solid steel as is the zipper so it is made to last. This design is a Coco Banana original and is just in stock as of opening this morning. This will be the first one sold, should you buy it… and…" Monique double checked. "With a little fancy foot work from yours truly, I can guarantee "Bon-Bon" won't have one for another month."

Kim's eyes sparkled, "How much is it Mo?"

"Well, with what you have on ya, and your employee discount, not to mention the fact I owe ya a birthday present…" Monique's eyes sparkled, "Let's ring this up."

Kim smiled as they rushed to the cash registers to buy the jacket. Ron caught sight of it from his part of the store and ran to catch up, Rufus hanging from his pocket.

"Whoa…Slow Down…" Rufus squeaked.

"Oh, sorry buddy…" Ron Slowed down and picked Rufus up out of his pocket, perching his pet on his shoulder. "YO! KP!"

Kim turned back, "Oh, Sorry Ron, Monique and I found what I was looking for and we wanted to get it rung up fast."

Monique slipped behind the counter and rung the jacket up and taking Kim's money. She quickly slipped the security tag off and tossed it to the red head. Kim slid easily into the leather, the steel studs shining as it smoothed out against her body, she turned to Ron and let her boyfriend look her over.

"Well?" Kim asked.

"Kim, you always look good… but that is a great jacket." Ron smiled.

"Lets get home, it's getting late." Kim hugged Monique and they headed out.

Police Detective James Saunders looked at the burnt eyed corpse on the slab in the morgue of Middleton's police station. He'd tried his best to keep the detail about the eyes out of the press, but a rookie officer and an pretty reporter had screwed that up for him. Still, that wasn't the thought that bothered him. It was the fact that his eyes were burnt from the inside out and carbonized. He didn't know of anything that could do that and neither did forensics.

He'd debated over half the day on what to do after he found that out, but the deciding factor was when they had finally found a witness; a woman who was apparently going to be the rapist's victim. He laughed as he considered her story. If he hadn't seen half the things he had in Middleton he'd have probably laughed at her instead of the situation. Just as he was about to pull out his notes and look over the woman's description, another voice broke his thoughts.

"Detective?" He turned to see a stern looking woman with brown hair, a blue jumpsuit, and an eye patch.

"I take it you're Dr. Director?" The woman nodded, "Right, I'm Detective Saunders, I was just trying to wrap my mind around this, I really don't know what it could be or what could be causing it… and the description from the witness is…"

"You seem reluctant to share detective." Dr. Director walked up to look at the corpse.

"Well, " He pulled his notes out and read, " She was average height, but her body looked well toned under the clothes she wore, a short sleeved dark colored shirt, black leather pants and boots, but her arms and head were skeletal, and covered in fire…" He shook his head. " What would you think?"

"I've seen green women with flaming hands, giant dinosaurs walking the streets, a man who wants to be the mystical monkey king of the universe, and life size, living breathing cuddle buddies. A vigilante skeleton with a flaming skull… I don't know, but if that is the case, then you definitely did the right thing by calling us." Dr. Director touched the corpse with a gloved hand.

"What are you planning to do?" Detective Saunders asked.

"I think it best you don't know." Dr. Director turned and left, confident strides letting him know the conversation was over.

She carefully made her way through the precinct, the few officers who saw her knowing better than to disturb the woman with the severe look. Dr. Director was in a great hurry to figure out who and what was up with this and she didn't have long if. She'd need someone who worked fast and well. She needed Kim, but she didn't want to put the teen on the streets with something that was not only willing to kill, but could do it in ways they didn't even recognize. That left Will. She climbed into her car with that thought in mind, and picked up her cell, calling headquarters.

"Agent Du, I have a mission for you. You're patrolling Middleton tonight. There's a vigilante taking out criminals with lethal force, and in a manner we can't explain. You're to proceed with extreme caution and stop this vigilante. Capture if possible, do not endanger your own life however. Are your orders clear Agent Du?"

Will Du's voice came easily over the phone. "Of course Dr. Director, I'll have everything wrapped up with my usual proficiency in no time."

"Of course." She hung up the phone and turned to the laptop computer on the seat, gesturing for her driver to head on.

She powered up the computer's wireless connection. She started the search for the only thing she figured would make the fewest hits.

"Charred Eye Sockets"

The red haze was no longer in Kim's dream vision, she could see clear now. The screams though. The screams were just as loud. Where, where did it come from? She ran through the city. Looking for the source… she needed to be faster, needed to ride… where was it?

She came to an alley; she could hear a struggle in the alley as she ran down it. A woman cowered on the ground as man in a blue body suit and carrying a side arm in a shoulder rig wrestled with a muscled thug. She watched the moves, and in a fight the man in the body suit might win. She could see the martial arts training even in her enraged state of mind. But the thug had size and leverage wrestling the way they were.

Kim ran down the alley and landed a blow to the thugs head before either of them could notice what happened. She looked at them both and her eyes took in everything. She turned to the thug first.

"Rapist, murderer, the blood of dozens is on your hands, pain that last for hours upon hours!" She kicked him in the ribs, smiling as she heard them crack. "I can smell the stains you've left on your soul." She used an upper cut to break the thug's jaw. "You'll pay with pain and your life for the souls you've destroyed!" She grabbed his arm twisting it till the bone shattered at the shoulder.

"STOP WHERE YOU ARE! RELEASE THE PERPETRATOR AND SURRENDER!" The fool in the blue. Kim turned her eyes to him.

"Soldier… noble… honorable… BACK OFF! He'll be punished by his own sins!" She turned and looked into the man's eyes, but her body jerked as a shot from the other's weapon hit her. She turned back to him. "YOU'RE PISSING ME OFF!"

She threw the man against the wall and advanced on the shaking form of the law enforcement officer. Her first punch knocked the weapon from his hand. The second knocked the wind out of his body and doubled him over. She brought her elbow down on his spine and let him collapse at her feet.

"Back off!" She turned back and saw the thug escaping. "Fool!"

She caught the thief and turned back to the law man. He watched as she held the man up and looked into his eyes. His screams pierced into the lawman's soul as he watched. Kim could feel the man's heart beating even from here, then she threw the murder toward him.

"He's paid for his sins…" Kim ran from the alley and off into the night.

Will could feel two of his ribs cracked and his collarbone broken from the blows. His back was probably injured as well but he'd have to see a medic to be sure. And he still couldn't believe what he'd seen. The thing had been wearing black leather and its face was definitely a flaming skull. That could have been a hologram though…what scared him was what it'd done to the mugger.

Will looked at his eyes from where it lay nearby and tried to pull his communicator out of the pouch on his belt. Finally managing to do so without too much shifting he dialed Dr. Directors frequency.

"Yes Agent Du?" Dr. Director's face appeared on the screen.

"I'm afraid I've failed Ma'am, the vigilante defeated me… and killed the criminal…" Will stated.

"What is the vigilante's description?" Her voice was tired.

"Just as reported, flaming skull, female, dressed in leather." Will winced. "And Ma'am, I think I've got cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and an injured back, do you think you could send a medical unit?"

"Of course Will…" Dr. Director shook her head. "Though you could have asked for that first."

"Yes Ma'am." Will smiled weakly.

Kim woke up, her head splitting for some reason. She tried to remember the dream she was having. Fighting… and something to do with Will Du. She shook her head, then winced as that made the pain sharper. She laid back into the pillow and took a slow breath as she tried to let her head clear.

"What woke me up?" She looked around.


"Kimmunicator…" She picked it up and hit the answer key, "What's the Sitch Wade?"

"There was another attack last night… another criminal died. And a GJ agent got his butt kicked." Wade said easily.

"And let me guess… Global Justice would like for Middleton's local world saver to check the city out tonight?" Kim sighed.

"That's about the long and short of it." Wade said.

"Alright, tell Dr. Director Ron and I'll be on the streets tonight… and Wade? Any new gear you have would be appreciated." Kim sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to relax her headache.

"Sure thing Kim. I'll have it to you soon." Wade started typing.

"Thanks Wade." Kim killed the connection and tried to go back to sleep.