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Bella's Point of View.

It was true. I was spending all my time ignoring Edward and Alice. I was only doing it though, because in my mind, by doing so, Edward would get worried about me, and finally just tell me what Alice's vision had been. That was not the case, obviously.

He left. He just stormed out, that is, after our argument, and I felt horrible. What was I supposed to do? Of course I had to get the vision out of Alice. Something was happening, Edward was leaving, and I still had no clue as to what everyone was whispering about when I walked out of the room.

Charlie was being hurt- how could they possibly find any justice to not telling me? Why? Because I was never supposed to see him again? I could at least know whether or not he was okay! I did have that right. I wanted so badly to just visit him, just once. Maybe watch him while he slept, as Edward did me so many times, before we began fighting.

These thoughts overwhelmed me as I continued the drive south, to the place I missed so much. Even driving as quickly as the car could take me it still seemed to be taking far too long. Maybe if I wasn't so worried about everything going on, I'd be okay. Truth be told, though, I wasn't headed for my house, or for the hospital. I was headed to see someone I missed almost as much as my father. Someone who would understand the change, as much as he wouldn't like it.

Jake. I knew he'd be able to comfort me, at a time like this, when Edward was off in his own world. Hopefully, he'd understand everything I'd been through, and we could still be friends. Truthfully, I felt guilty, having put him through so much over the years.

Finally, my eyes took in the scenery that I once dreaded seeing every morning. Now, it was like heaven on earth, and almost as good as the feeling of being with Edward. I pulled into Jake's driveway, and stepped out of my car, crossing my arms under my chest.

Before I'd even taken three steps from my car, I was overwhelmed by a foul smell. I looked around, thinking maybe I'd ran over a skunk or something, only to hear someone approach behind me. I turned around, seeing Jake. His expression quickly went from angry, to shock.


I nodded quickly running towards him to hug him, only for him to take a step away from me and shake his head.

"They did this to you?!" He snarled, his fists balling up, so hard that his knuckle's were already going white. "I knew they were! I knew they were hiding you! Kidnapping you! Now you're a- a leech!" He screamed.

"They didn't do this to me! It was Victoria! The redheaded vampire, Jacob, please!" I said, taking another step forward, only to have him take another one back. "I accepted you when you became a werewolf, why cant you accept this?"

"Victoria? I'll kill the- accept you? Two words, Bella. Mortal. Enemies. You're not just hanging out with those bloodsuckers, now, you are one."

"Stop it with the names!" Shaking my head, I looked away from him. "Stupid me, for thinking you'd still want to be my friend." I whispered to myself, before turning to walk back to my car.

"Bella, wait." Sighing, Jake walked towards me, frowning. "I'm sorry."

"Me too, Jake. But if you're going to constantly-"

"I won't. Did you hear about, um..."

"Charlie? Yes. Is he okay?"

"Billy got a call not too long ago. He's in the hospital, but he's okay. You haven't been to see him?"

I looked down, knowing that if I could cry, I would. I leaned against the car, my back against the window. I shook my head slowly. "I can't see him, Jake."

"Why can't you? I mean, he'll understand."

"And what if he doesn't? What if he doesn't accept that I've been changed? Or worse, what if I can't resist his blood? It's not as simple as you think."

Jacob took another step towards me and put his hand on my shoulder. "I can be there with you, to make sure you don't hurt him."

"What happens when the people who thought I was missing see me there, hm? When they see me with you, how do you think they'll react? Not well, Jacob. I want to, so bad, but I can't. Can we just... not talk about it?"

"Who cares what they think, Bella?" Jacob was obviously becoming frustrated. "You're still as pretty as ever, you know. How are the other l- er, Cullens?"

Jacob began walking out towards the beach. We spoke as I followed him. "They're good. We're living up north." I left out the part about Edward and I arguing, for now, as well as the fact that I wanted nothing more than to become Edward's wife.

Jacob nodded, "You're not ever coming back?"

Sighing, I sat down on a log that was on the beach, and looked up at him. "I doubt it, not for a long time, anyway."

Jacob appeared rather angry. He looked away. "So, you're going to just... leave me again? This was your way of coming and saying goodbye?" He snarled.

"That wasn't my intention at all, Jacob! Will you just try to look at things from the shoes I'm standing in? I can't see my family, my friends! Not Charlie, Renee, Angela!"

"Whose fault is that Bella?" He yelled, glaring down at me, now.

"It's certainly not mine!" I stood again, but he was still so much taller than me. "I was forced to become a vampire! I was forced to be taken. What don't you get about this? One minute you're at my bedside and the next you don't even care!" I wasn't lying. I really had been forced to be taken, and bitten against my will.

With that, I turned and stormed away, only to have Jacob grab my arm and spin me around to face him. "Don't you dare say I don't care!" He put his hands on both of my shoulders, before leaning down to kiss me. I pulled away quickly.

"Jacob, no! We can't do this. I can't kiss you. I'm sorry.."

He frowned, but nodded. "What does Edward have, that I don't?"

His question startled me. I looked up at him, wondering. Really, what did Edward have that he didn't? A lot. Biting my lip, I began walking towards the beach again, but this time, heading out towards where the cliffs were, though they were kind of far. "Jacob, it's not that he's better, he's just...different. I don't know, there's something about him. The way he smiles, the way he talks."

"What do you say I finally keep the promise I made you so long ago." Jacob smirked, changing the subject, before pointing over to the cliffs. "Let's race." He said, before taking off.

"Hey, you cheated!" I called as I ran after him. After only a few moments, we reached the tall cliffs. I looked down. "Technically, I didn't break the promise, you did."

"Yes, and you nearly drowned doing so." He teased, and we both took a couple more steps to the edge.

"Ready?" Jacob asked, and I nodded. "On the count of three. One. Two."

"BELLA!" I heard my name called, surprising me. I thought the voice that I had once craved had left when Edward returned.

"Bella! Don't you dare jump!" It yelled again. I rolled my eyes, preparing to jump anyway, before seeing that Jacob had turned around, and was glaring at Edward, who was running towards us.

"Oh.." I said to myself, feeling rather stupid, now.

"What were you thinking? Coming out here, Bella?" Edward asked, as he came over and cupped my face with both of his hands and kissing my forehead, before hugging me.

I hugged him in return, seeing that he looked hurt. "Let me help you." I said, running my hands over his head, and his arms. "Edward, I'm sorry."

"Bella, why would you come out here with the dogs? Have you gone mad?!" He paused. "Again?"

Jacob snarled at Edward, but I stared only at the man holding me. "I'm sorry, Edward. I was only acting like I did because I wanted you to tell me the truth. When you left, I had to force it out of her."

"Bella, shhh." Edward placed his finger on my lips and I glanced at Jacob, who looked rather perplexed.

"She can heal?"

No one answered him, just yet. I turned my attention back to Edward. "Let me tell you this. I'm sorry. Victoria and Herrod were both there, it's true. Bringing you there would have put you in danger, and I didn't want that. Bella, you are my entire life. I want you. Forever. I need you in my life. I want to watch the moon rise with you in my arms every night. I want to lay with you under the stars. I want us to be together with no interruptions, and I want you to be safe. Always."

I nodded at Edward, before reaching up, as he leaned down, and kissing him. We shared a passionate kiss for a moment, before I realized that Jacob was no longer with us, and I pulled away. "Jacob!" I called, taking Edward by the hand and following after him.

Jacob did not stop walking away from us, and I had to run to catch up to him. He turned and looked at me, as if Edward was not there. "You can't do this every time, Bella! You're so cruel. Every time I see you, you leave me for him. I can't just be friends with you!"

I noted a hint of uncertainty in his voice at the end. "You yourself don't believe that." I said, taking another step towards Jacob.

Edward glanced between the two of us and bit his lip. "I think he's right, Bella. It's dangerous for us to be returning all the time. It's not safe."

I shook my head. "Jacob, we can talk on the phone. I can come out once in a while. I've never once meant to lead you on. I've lost contact with Charlie, and Renee, and Angela... Don't make me lose it with you."

After a long moment of deliberation, he sighed and nodded. We exchanged cell numbers, before embracing in a hug. "I'll see you later, Bella." he said, as he walked back into his house.

I hugged Edward tightly. "See?" We arrived back at my car, only for me to notice that Alice was in the driver's seat. I figured this meant that Edward and I were going to drive home in the car he'd come in. As I got into the passenger seat, I watched Edward and Alice exchange a few words, before he sat in the driver's seat, and pulled away; out of La Push.

Leaving was the hardest part of returning. Edward must have known that, so he left me to my thoughts most of the ride home. Occasionally, we exchanged a few words, but for the first half of the trip, it was rather quiet.

The second half of the trip, we talked about what had happened, and when we'd be able to return to Forks. Before I knew it, we had arrived back at the house. I got up from the car, and made my way inside. I smiled a hello to everyone, before sitting down.

Rosalie smiled at me, and I realized how much I must have misled her lately. I really didn't find myself as the beautiful vampire goddess I'd gabbed about with her. Really, I just felt like the same old Bella- whether I was blood-drinking or cereal-eating.

We spent the evening catching up on the past couple day's events; talking about everything that had went on. The entire time, Edward was sitting beside me, holding me tightly, and squeezing me a bit harder when the mention of Charlie came up. He knew me far too well. He could sense that it hurt to talk about it, but I hid the pain, and the story was told, anyway.

Finally, after a few hours of gabbing, everyone escaped to their rooms. I moved my things out of Rosalie's room, and back into Edward's room. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come upstairs.

Edward smiled as he opened the door, coming inside. He sat beside me and kissed my lips softly. "So, that wasn't entirely tedious." He smiled, taking my hand and squeezing it softly. "Are you alright with everything, for now?"

I nodded, "For now, I am. But soon, I hope we can get a house of our own- with your family, and everything."

"Actually, Bella, I was thinking the contrary. I was wondering if you'd considered my offer. You see, I'd like to marry you." He bit his lip before handing me a box. "Will you please be my wife? For eternity?"

I opened the box and gasped, it was a lovely white gold band, with a heart-shaped diamond. "Edward. I don't know what to say."

"It was my real mother's ring. I want you to keep it, now." He said, taking my hands in his as I nodded. We shared a long kiss, before he pulled away and slipped the ring on my finger. It fit perfectly. "Forever." We both whispered, in unison.

After a while, we laid down and he wrapped his arms around me. I stared into his lovely topaz eyes, and bit my lip. "I love you," I whispered, quietly.

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Edward smiled and nodded, "Bella, have you ever wondered if it's time to..."

Nodding, I stared at him. "I do think so. I mean, now that we can. I want to. Do you?" Edward nodded slowly, before pulling me closer as we began to share a passionate kiss. He ran his hands over my sides, slipping his hand under my shirt slowly.

I felt a sense of nervousness, anxiety, and excitement. I'd wanted for so long to be so close to him, and now was the time. He ran his hand over my navel as he kissed the base of my neck. I ran my hands through his hair softly, before helping him to pull off my top.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" He whispered, as my shirt hit the floor. "I can wait if you want to, Bella." He said, quietly.

"Edward, if I wasn't sure, you'd know about it." I said, before pulling off his shirt as well. His chest and stomach were so well defined. I smiled and pulled him over me, as we shared another passionate kiss.

"I love you, Edward Cullen."

"I love you, too, Bella Swan."

After a while, he reached behind me, unclasping my bra and slid it off my arms. I felt myself shake with nerves. I'd been waiting to share this moment with someone my whole life, and I knew I loved Edward with everything I had. I didn't feel self-conscious as he looked over me and smiled.

After a few more moments, he and I both slid out of our bottoms, and he moved over me again, kissing the base of my neck, and running his smooth hands along my shoulders. He moved up, kissing my jawbone again, before my lips once more. We did not break this kiss, until I felt a trickle of pain between my legs. I closed my eyes tightly, and turned my head, breaking the kiss. We were still for a moment, as I let the pain fade away.

I looked back up once more at Edward and nodded, and we let our bodies move against one another. It was more passionate, more gentle, more extraordinary than I'd ever imagined. I couldn't have been happier that I had chosen Edward to be my one and only.

After, he laid beside me and held my body close to his. I had never felt more connected with him.

Author's Note: Okay, M-rating is gone now.

"I love you more than anything, Edward. Do you know that?" I said, running my hand over his cheek.

He nodded, "I can't begin to tell you the joy you've brought me these past few years. Nor can I begin to tell you of the joy I know we'll share for years to come. You are my sky, my moon, my stars. You are the breeze that blows in the summer, and the rain the falls in the winter. Your presence surrounds me, Bella, it engulfs me. I am a captive of it. And not for one minute do I resist against it. I'm in love with you, Bella. Madly, eternally, irrationally, uncontrollably, unceasingly in love with you. Forever, and I mean it this time. More than I've ever meant anything before. I promise you. Forever."

I sensed no doubt in his voice, no worry, no lie. He meant every word he spoke. I bit my lip quietly. "Forever is enough for me." I smiled, before kissing his lips softly. We laid against one another for quite some time letting ourselves get lost in our thoughts.

That night, I knew that for the first time, we were feeling exactly the same way. I watched him as he watched me, and I could see the emotion in his eyes. I was excited for what was to come in our life, yet content with what we already had. Considering all the joy he'd already brought me, I didn't know what else fate could possibly have in store for us. I couldn't imagine anything better that what we already had.

We laid in the moonlight that poured in from the window, smiling at one another. Yes, nothing in this world could be better than what we had. I knew this, yet a part of me- a rather large part, in fact, told me that there was something even better waiting around the corner. Whether I was right or not didn't matter to me. The difference did not affect me in the slightest. Here, laying in the arms of Edward Cullen, the man I loved, was enough for now. Enough for forever. And that's just how long I intended it to make it subsist.

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