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Inner Sakura a.k.a IS


Outer Sakura's thoughts

And Sasuke's thought

Tomatoes Are Red Sasuke's Black and Blue

Sakura opened her eyes slowly.

Just one more minute yawn 1,2,3-


Sakura's eyes shot open as Inner Sakura screamed.

Geez! What the hell is wrong with you?!

I don't know Inner Sakura said smiling innocently.

Why did you wake me up so early anyway yawn

Um…I don't know IS said sarcastically while looking over at the boy sleeping next to her.

Sakura got up careful not to wake up her boyfriend, and ran into the shower as she remembered why she was supposed to wake up so early.

After her shower she put on her regular training outfit consisting of her red tank top and a gray skirt. Then she wrote a note incase Sasuke woke up and left for the village market


Just one more!


Agh! Which one is good?

It can't be that hard! Just get the red one!

Don't you have somewhere to go?

Oh yeah my date with Inner Sasuke…Ja!

"Ohayo Sakura-chan, can I help you?" an old lady Sakura had once healed asked.

"'I need one more please" the emerald eyes girl asked.

"Here's a nice firm one" the lady said holding it in front of Sakura's chest so she could see it.

"I'm sure Uchiha-san will like it" she winked.

"Uh...arigato" Sakura blushed.

After paying for her things Sakura waved and took off towards the Uchiha compound.


When Sakura got home she could here Sasuke in the shower.


She unloaded the contents of her shopping bag and went into their room to change.

Minutes later she came out and with shinobi speed put everything together.

Just one moooore…CHA!

And perfect timing too. At that moment Sasuke stepped out of their room in a high collard t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol and some shorts.

Sakura stood pretty in her new outfit with the Uchiha symbol on it, next to her masterpiece.

"Morning Sasuke-kun" Sakura said standing next to a bunch of firm juicy tomatoes stacked in the form of a heart.

"Since you were looking for tomatoes yesterday and we were out I woke up early this morning and made this for you" she smiled.

Sasuke walked up to her and scrutinized her face to see if it was really her.

I've NEVER seen Sakura happy in the morning. Hmm suspicious…

Sasuke's face closed in and just as Sakura leaned in for a kiss her moved toward his tomatoes causing her to fall onto the floor.


When she stood up she looked at Sasuke expectantly.

The raven haired boy picked up a tomato and made a sound before heading towards the living room.


Sakura twitched uncontrollably

Oh hell no! We did NOT wake up early this morning for that!

Sakura molded all of her chakra into her fist and punched Sasuke out of the window into the village market.

Now that that's done guess it's time to go heal Sasu-kun Sakura sighed before skipping off to go heal her mono syllable boyfriend.

Seconds later Sasuke crashed into his favorite produce stand.

"Enjoy the tomatoes Sakura-san picked up this morning Uchiha-san?" the old lady asked.

The black and blue bruised, tomato juiced covered Sasuke sweat dropped.

Definitely Sakura

Tomatoes are red

Sasuke's black and blue

Don't 'hn' Sakura or she'll punch you