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Mr. Marvin Gaye on the Stereo….

by JellyBean30

House opened the door to his apartment and let Cameron enter before him. It wasn't her first time there by any means, but it was their first time there together. He closed the door behind him and then leaned against it.

Cameron turned to him and silently asked permission to look around. House nodded. She'd been here before, of course, and been through all of his things already but this was their first time here together. She was nervous, and she hoped poking around for a few minutes would help settle her nerves.

She walked slowly past the desk, letting her hand glide across the top of the impossibly soft leather sofa. The feeling of the buttery material beneath her fingers prompted all sorts of delicious images to flow though her mind. She had a feeling this sofa would quickly become one of her favorite pieces of House's furniture.

She paused to look at the books on the shelf near the kitchen. She could feel his eyes on her from across the room. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Goosebumps crawled over her flesh in tantalizing waves. Every glance he sent in her direction was like a hundred little kisses being showered over her skin. She could feel the soles of her feet tingling already and was amazed that she could be so aroused without even touching him.

House watched Cameron's fingers float over his piano and drew in a deep breath at the scenes that played out in his mind's eye. Cameron in his lap while he sat at the bench. Cameron draped nude over the top of the instrument, her heels tickling the ivories. Cameron bent over, elbows pounding a cacophony of sound from the keys. He closed his eyes and willed himself not to climb over the couch and throw her down on the floor. There would time for all of those things. Tonight he wanted to learn her the way he'd learned the piano. Hours and hours of practice.

Cameron examined the guitar hanging on the wall behind the TV. She heard House moving on the other side of the room and an anticipatory tension flooded her body. She heard buttons clicking and then music began playing in the small apartment. Cameron recognized the song and laughed.

"Something funny?" House asked.

"Marvin Gaye?" Cameron questioned. "Isn't that a little cliché?"

"I promised Foreman," House said quietly. Cameron shook her head both in amusement and at her lack of understanding. He'd explain it someday, she was sure.

She turned to tease him about his musical selection but froze when her eyes met his. Suddenly it wasn't funny anymore. The years of flirting, staring, fantasizing and teasing were over. This was real.

Cameron walked slowly across the small living room toward House, his back once again leaning against the door. She pressed herself snugly against him and tilted her head back to see those eyes. Oh, those eyes.

House leaned down and placed his lips over hers. He moved and she moved and soon there was nothing else in the world but these lips. She darted out her tongue and he opened his mouth instantly, reveling in the taste of her. Their tongues and lips slid and twirled for what seemed like hours before finally House pulled back and pressed his forehead against hers.

Cameron leaned forward and kissed his neck, slowly making her way across his stubbled jaw to his ear. She tugged on the lobe gently with her teeth and let her hot breath whisper gently over the moistened skin.

"Oh god," House moaned.

"Just so you know," Cameron said huskily, "I've never made a tree either."

House chuckled at her and let his head drop to rest on her shoulder for a moment before taking her by the arm and leading her to the bedroom.

Once inside he hung his cane from the doorknob and turned to watch her stand eagerly by the bed. He limped heavily toward her and placed a hand on her cheek. He let his fingers trace a slow path down the side of her neck, across her shoulder and finally to the buttons on her blouse. Each undoing revealed more of her creamy skin to him until finally the blouse was pooled on the floor.

Her pants received a similar treatment as he inched them slowly down her legs, savoring every bit of the glorious body that was unveiled. When she stood before him in her matching demi-bra and boy cut briefs in a shade of blue that very nearly matched his eyes, House stood back to admire her beauty.

Cameron trembled under his intense stare. A blush began to form on her cheeks and House watched with mounting pleasure as it spread down her slender neck and across the top of her chest. Her nipples stood erect beneath the thin material of her bra.

"Greg?" Cameron said, a little uncertainly. Why had he stopped? Was he having second thoughts about this?

"You are so …" beautiful? sexy? pale? thin? Cameron's mind self consciously filled in the blanks until he spoke again. "HOT." House stressed the word.

"And you are so House," Cameron said wryly. She could feel some of her insecurities slip away as she realized he wasn't still searching for flaws.

House placed his hands on her svelte hips and guided her to lie down on the bed. Watching her silken brown locks envelop her face like a cloud House quickly kicked off his shoes and shed his shirt and jeans. He felt no desire to allow Cameron the luxury of studying his rapidly aging body. He heard a gasp escape Cameron's lips and cringed, assuming she was reacting to his leg.

Cameron sat up and ran her hands over his muscular chest and abdomen, following her fingertips with her tongue. House felt relief and adrenaline flood his body as she showed him that his leg didn't matter to her. Cameron swirled her tongue around his nipples and suddenly even his boxers felt uncomfortably tight.

House crawled forward, with Cameron still laving her tongue across his lean body, until she was once again lying on the bed. He impatiently removed her bra and panties and flung them haphazardly across the room. Cameron laughed deep in her throat.

House began exploring just below her collarbone and didn't stop until his lips and tongue had tasted every inch of her breasts, abdomen and legs. Then he placed his large palms beneath her and flipped her over to her stomach. This time he began at her ankles and licked and sucked his way upward. When he reached the backs of Cameron's knees she hissed and clenched tightly. Intrigued and pleased, House paid even more thorough attention as he made his way up the backs of her thighs an aching millimeter at a time.

When he reached the barest of creases where the tops of her thighs met the gentle curve of her ass Cameron mewled loudly. House grinned as he continued further, teasing the sensitive flesh above her hips and reveling in the sensitive patches he found on her back.

When House reached her neck and began kissing it, Cameron felt his length graze against her ass. She thrust her hips upward, placing weight on her knees and ground her ass into his erection.

"God, Greg, please," she moaned into his pillow, the scent of him and feel of him nearly overwhelming her.

House didn't need to be asked twice. He shoved his boxers roughly down his hips and managed to kick them off his legs. Cameron felt his exposed member graze against her once more and she opened her legs to him.

House entered her from behind slowly, a feral growl escaping him and her tight inner muscles clenched him in a vice-like grip.

Cameron moaned loudly and breathily, it was almost a sob.

"Am I hurting you?" House asked in concern.

"Oh," Cameron breathed, "not anymore."

House closed his eyes, knowing exactly what she meant, and vowed to never hear those words from her again.

They began slowly, teasingly. House could feel his leg beginning to tire and as if Cameron could sense that somehow, she shifted and wiggled against him until he was leaning all his weight on his good leg and she was supporting herself against the headboard.

The new angle proved extremely pleasurable for Cameron, as each thrust hit her g-spot perfectly. After only a few moments, House could feel her contracting wildly against him and Cameron called out his name feverishly.

The sound of that raspy 'Greg' was so intoxicating to House's ears that his own climax soon followed Cameron's. A whispered 'Allison' was all that escaped his lips, but Cameron heard it.

Spent, they collapsed to the bed together in a tangle of arms and legs that shouldn't have been comfortable but was.

"I love you," Cameron said softly.

"And I … I love you too," House replied.

"How soon can we do that again?" Cameron asked.

"The sooner the better," House said as he pulled her naked body close against his own. "I missed enough chances. I'm not missing any more."