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Chapter 4

The Enmy Chapter

Duke Red was getting impatient. He'd asked a maid to bring him coffee half an hour ago, and she hadn't come back yet. Dukey sat at his little coffee table, tapping his foot impatiently.

Finally, a maid walked in. Dukey let out a sigh of relief. He needed that coffee, so he decided not to ask questions. As the maid came closer, she suddenly tripped and spilled the coffee all over Duke Red, who screamed.

"Sorry," she said, not seeming to care. "I'll go make more."

"No!" Widdle Dukeykins yelled. "Forget it!"

The maid slowly backed out of the room. Dukey sighed as he tried to wipe the coffee off himself.

"I need a maid to help me!" he yelled. A maid entered.

"Oh thank god…" Duke Red said, relieved.

It was Enmy who'd entered.

Finally, a maid I actually trust! Dukey thought. Enmy began to clean up the very stressed Duke.

"Those new maids and butlers you hired are not to be trusted," she warned. "They're constantly messing up things around here."

"I've noticed that," Widdle Dukeykins replied, trying not to yell "Duh!" into her face.

After cleaning up, Dukey walked into the hall. A butler was standing nearby.

"I know about Enmy." he said casually.

Duke Red stopped. "What?"

No… Dukey thought. He can't know that Tima was actually the daughter of me and Enmy, and I married my wife later!

"Enmy is pregnant. And you're the father." said the butler. There was a pause.

"No," said Widdle Dukeykins. "That can't be…"

"Haha! I was just kidding." the butler said. The Duke sighed.

What a relief… he thought.

"Enmy is pregnant, though. Except Rock is the father, not you."

There was a long, awkward pause.

"You're lying…" Dukey said.

"Ask Enmy." the butler replied.

So Duke Red ran to Enmy. "Is it true??! Are you really pregnant??!"

Enmy paused. "Well---I…yes, in a way, but I…"

"WHAT???!" Widdle Dukeykins screamed. "Is Rock the father??!"

"How did you know about Rock?" Enmy replied.

Duke Red stopped talking. He slowly walked out of the room.

Enmy is pregnant…and Rock is the father…

As Duke Red started going through one of those "This really sucks" moments, Rock walked by.


Duke Read looked up.

"You little bastard!!" Dukey yelled as he grabbed Rock by the collar. "You little pervert! How could you do that to Enmy???! How could you go and do something like that??!"

"Father! Father! What are you talking about??!" Rock yelled back at the psychopath possibly homicidal person we once knew as Duke Red.

"Don't lie to me, you cretin! When did you get Enmy pregnant???!"

"What??! I've never even dated a girl, how could I do that to Enmy?!"

"She said you did!!!"

"She must be lying!!!"


Dukey stopped trying to kill Rock. Enmy had yelled stop.

"I didn't mean this Rock!" Enmy said. "The father is someone named Rock, but not this Rock! I'm not even really pregnant, it's a miscarriage!"

There was a long awkward pause.

Then Duke Red ran. He ran around the whole mansion at least 10 times, and even ran back to Rock and Enmy once. Oh, and he was screaming the whole time. Finally, after 10 minutes, he fell on his back panting.

"My life is a joke…" he said to himself.

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