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The plot goes as follows:

It takes place in modern times, Sasuke and Naruto started a gang. Sasuke and Hinata have been together since they were kid's her reason is because he saved her, but Sasuke loves her she doesn't love him but, Hinata is Sasuke's girl, except she was going to runaway with Naruto to escape the gang and their crazy lives also because they love each other but Sasuke stopped her. He ordered the gang members to kill Naruto but he escaped and now he's back after four years of being gone. What will happen? How will Sasuke react and what about Hinata does she still love him? Does he still love her?

Here is my new story I hope you enjoy…

Chapter One: He's gone but now he's back

I pack my bags with trembling hands; finally I've found a way out of this life. It doesn't matter that I'm only twelve I'm running away with the boy I love, nothing else matters.

My whole body shakes in fear as I put everything in the bags.

What if he finds out, what will he do?

I don't care; as long as Naruto and I could get faraway from here then nothing matters! It's us against the world from now on!

I grab a picture frame off the dresser, I stop to look at it, it's the whole gang, well the main one is in this picture.

I smile at it how long ago did they start it?

Two, three years ago, now we rule the streets well more like Sasuke and Naruto but, that doesn't matter, not now, not when I'm about to leave with the boy I love and leave this ugly, dark, violent world behind.

I walk over to the bed where my bags are on, but then I heard his voice.

"Hinata," he calls out to me in a warning tone. I freeze, I know that tone, it's the one he uses on the people he kills, and I turn around slowly to face him.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asks me slowly as he walks away from the door locking it, he makes his way over to me his eyes never wavering from my own, I'm unable to look away, I can't. "Where do you think you are going?" he asks me as he stands a few feet in front of me. I stand absolutely still as he touches my hair softly.

I close my eyes; I feel my tears fall out of my closed eyes.

My chance is gone; I've lost my freedom forever.

I'm sorry Naruto, I say in my heard as he gets a bunch of my hair strands in his hand and pulls on it hard.

I feel as if he's pulled my hair along with my scalp.

"Did you really think I'd let you leave that easily?" he says to me in a blank voice. "Did you think I'd let you leave with him? You didn't honestly think I wouldn't find out about you cheating on me and trying to runaway with Naruto? With my best friend of all people!" he yells angry.

I fall to my knees as he let's go of my hair.

"It's not what you think," I whisper at him, I clutch the picture to my breasts.

"Really? Then explain the luggage on your bed!" he yells. "After everything I did for you. I love you Hinata, even if you are dirty," he tells me softly as he kneels in front of me.

I close my eyes in pain, why does he always bring that up. I wish he could forget about it but, he won't ever, hell, he tells everyone in the gang about how he saved me from my father.

"I'm grateful to you Sasuke. You saved me from my dad, you saved me from him continuing…" but I couldn't go on. "I don't love you Sasuke, I love Naruto," I whisper at him, I feel his hand come down hard on my cheek, I fall to my side, I hit my head against the floor.

"You dirty little bitch! How dare you say that to me! How dare you even think of loving someone else who isn't me?" he yells as he pulls me up by my hair.

"Sasuke, please listen to me," I say softly as I look into his onyx eyes, when did he turn so violent?

It's the life he lives, if he wasn't the Leader of the gang he wouldn't have turned out like this. I touch his cheek as I stand on my own feet, he lets go of my hair and closes his eyes.

"Sasuke," I whisper. He hugs me hard, he pulls me into him.

"You can't leave," he tells me. "You can't you belong to me! You love only me, only me. You are alive because of me, your mine!" he says as he hugs me tighter. "I love you Hinata, I need you!"

"Is this love Sasuke? Are you sure about that," I whisper.

"Yes, this is love, this is my love for you," he says as he pushes me onto the bed, it was so quick that I let go of the picture frame and it breaks, I hear it, I watch it break, I see all our smiling young face's fall slowly to the floor. "Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, get in here," he says, I hear the door unlock and in come the three boys.

They all look at Sasuke, they ignore me, they don't turn to look at me.

They stand there absolutely still like they are standing before their officer, like they are in the military, he's trained them well; I look to the floor appalled.

"Neji and Shikamaru stay here and guard Hinata make sure she doesn't escape," he tells them, they give one nod. "Kiba tell the other's to go to the place I said earlier, tell them to kill Naruto."

"NO!" I yell as I go at him, but I'm stopped by Neji. "DON'T DO THIS SASUKE!" I yell my tears falling out of my rage filled eyes. "DON'T DO IT!" I continue to yell trying to get out of Neji's hold.

"What are you going to do about it Hinata?" he asks me giving me his back as Kiba leaves the room.

"Kiba don't, please Kiba don't do it!" I yell as he leaves, he stops for a second but then continues to walk away, I look at him and he looks like he's in pain.

I turn my angry gaze at Sasuke's back.

"Stop it, Sasuke please stop it!" I say to him softly as I hold onto Neji for support. "You can't send the guys out to kill Naruto, he started this gang with you, you are both the leaders of it, you can't do it!"

"I can and I just did. He was going to leave us to runaway with you, my girl. I've got to set an example of him to show everyone that no one can mess with my shit!" he says I flinch at his choice of word.

"STOP THEM OR ELSE!" I yell, pushing Neji aside as I walk to Sasuke only to be held back by Shikamaru.

"Or else what?" he asks me as he turns around to face me, his eyes giving nothing away.

"I'LL HATE YOU," I spit out; he smiles at me as he touches my cheek.

"Any emotion is better then none at all," he says to me. He walks away laughing, I fall to my knees, they give out under me. I look at Sasuke's back as he leaves.

"Naruto," I whisper. "NO!!!" I yell out, I start to scream trying to get away from Shikamaru and Neji.

I feel them both hug me but, then Shikamaru let's go of me to stand outside the door, he locks it from the outside. I bite into Neji's shoulder, I close my mouth around his clothing, I muffle my screams by doing this.

"It's okay, Hinata everything is for the best," he says to me as he rubs my back.

I continue to scream with his shirt in my mouth, the one person I've ever loved...

The one person I could ever be happy with is forever gone.

I sob harder onto Neji's shoulder; I let my arms fall to my side. I stop screaming out loud but, I continue to scream in my head.

I've lost Naruto, and it's my entire fault, my fault alone.

I hide in the tree as I look down at my fellow gang members they are all carrying weapons, why are they here? How did they find out? Wait if they are here, what happened to Hinata?

I panic Sasuke has been acting weird lately; he wouldn't actually harm her would he?

I have to find out but, then I heard them talking.

"Good thing the Leader's girlfriend told us about Naruto wanting to have something with her, what an idiot!" one guy laughs; I clench my hands into fists as I listen.

"It's not a good idea to talk about a superior like that," the smart one says.

"It doesn't matter the Leader wants him dead so that means he's not a part of the gang anymore," another one says.

"Actually you're wrong, it was the Leader's girlfriend wants him dead she asked the Leader to do this, don't you remember how she asked him," one says. I stand on the branch frozen could they be telling the truth? No, she isn't that cruel she would not want this for me, she wouldn't.

"God, she is beautiful when she begs isn't she, I wonder if she begs the Leader like that when they fuck," one guy says, I shake in anger.

"Don't talk about her like that, show some respect she is the Leader's girlfriend if he hears you talking like that he will kill you," the smart one says.

"True, true, but, what I wouldn't give to hit that," another one says with a laugh.

"Me too," one says, they all begin to agree, they are probably fantasizing about her, I get angry, I want to go down there and kick their ass but, I'll get killed they all have a weapons while I don't.

"Hey, why are you hiding Naruto, I thought you were better then that?" I hear someone say to me, I turn to look at my right and see Kiba looking at me with a smile as he punches me and I fall to the ground. All the other members look at me surprised but then they bring their weapons before them as they look down at me, I stand just as Kiba jumps down. "Well who would've thought Naruto one of the Leaders of our gang would betray the main Leader like that, trying to take away his girl," he says as he looks at me, he looks at the other members to give them orders. "This comes from the Leader's mouth himself, kill Naruto on behalf of his girlfriend whoever does this, she will be forever grateful to you she might even compensate you for your troubles." They all hoot, and yell happy as they come at me and Kiba leaves, they gang up on me I stand my ground as they begin to beat me but, once Kiba is out of sight someone new jumps down from the tree next to me he has a mask on his face he starts to beat the shit out of the other members of the gang. I spit out the blood from my mouth as I stand before my helper.

"What do you want?" I ask the masked man he points forward and we both run, once we are out of sight he takes off his mask, I gasp at who is behind the mask. "Neji?"

"Hey Naruto," he tells me giving one of his rare smiles. "Come let's go Gaara has the car ready," he tells me as he leads me to the car and Gaara smiles at me as he looks at me another rare thing.

"Why are you guys helping me?" I ask them not sure or understanding why they are doing this.

"Hinata doesn't want you dead so, I want to help you," Neji tells me.

"Ditto," Gaara says. "Hinata is the best so I'll do anything to help her," he tells me quietly.

"Thanks," I tell them with a smile but, then I turn serious. "Where is she, how is she, what did Sasuke do, take me to him so I could kill him," I tell them angry.

"No, you can't face him not yet, you have to get away, he's too angry to be dealt with rationally," Neji tells me, Gaara nods.

"I don't give a damn!! I want her to come along with me, I need her," I tell them.

"No, she can't I'm leaving in a bit, I have to be by her side, I'll protect her until you return, so you could take her away from this life," he tells me.

"Yeah, she deserves better then this life," Gaara says to me quietly.

"What those guys's said was all bullshit, she loves you," Neji says.

"I doubted for a second but I knew she wouldn't say that," I tell them.

"Leave Naruto, leave for the time being," Neji tells me as Gaara stops the car and he gets out, "I have to go be by her side, I was ordered by Sasuke to stay there, if he finds out we helped you we'll be dead, so good luck," he says as he waves at me and leaves.

"Damn, I don't want to leave Hinata here, I want to take her with me," I yell as Gaara continues to drive.

"Don't worry Neji, Shikamaru, Chouji, Temari, Kankuro, TenTen, Lee, Kiba, Shino and everyone else will protect Hinata until you come back, we will protect her," Gaara tells me quietly but there's something in his voice that calms my nerves.

"Thank you, tell everyone thanks, I'll come back, I will return!" I tell him and he nods and we both stay quiet as he continues to drive.

I look out the window and vow that I will return, I will return and next time Hinata and I will leave this ugly world behind, she does deserve better, and I will give it to her!

Four years later…

I put my shades back on as I enter a cab.

"Take me to Konoha private Academy," I tell the cab driver as I sit back, he turns around to stare at me.

"Are you sure kid, there's a lot of bad kid's that go there," he tells me. "You seem like a decent enough kid so I should warn you about that school."

"Really, what is there to warn me about the bad cafeteria food or something?" I ask the man in a teasing tone.

"No, kid something much worse the Uchiha crew goes there, the leader Sasuke Uchiha even goes there so that's a definite danger zone," he tells me.

"They changed their name?" I ask the man.

"What do you mean?" he asks me cautiously, I take off my sunglasses and look into his rearview mirror, he gasps.

"They used to be called The Double U gang," I tell him.

"Your…your…the…Uzumaki brat," he says.

"You know me?" I ask him, I watch the back of his head move up and down.

"Yeah, you along with Uchiha created the gang," he tells me sounding scared.

"Those were the old days," I say as the taxi driver begins to drive.

"Doesn't the crew want you dead?" he asks me sounding interested.

"I don't know it's been four year's do you think they still do?" I ask the man sounding bored as I fold my arms behind my head.

"From what I hear they think you are dead some believe you are alive but most believe you dead," he tells me.

"Really? Hmm, did they think I was that weak?" I ask the man as he drives through the streets.

"I always knew you were alive, you are better then Sasuke could ever dream of being," he tells me his voice shaking a bit.

"Hey, old man, don't talk about my best friend like that, plus there's no need to suck up, it's not like I'm going to kill you or something," I tell the guy in a low deadly tone, he laughs a bit it's a forced laugh, I laugh along with him.

"Thanks, I'm sorry for saying that, please forgive me," he says in the same shaking voice.

"I told you old man, I won't kill you or anything but if you continue to piss me off I just might," I tell him sounding a bit bored but the man takes it seriously and takes a big gulp, I watch his hands shaking on the steering wheel.

"Tell me something old man," I say he nods as he looks forward. "Are all the old members still apart of it, the main crew that is?" I ask him.

"Yeah, I know that Shikamaru is the Leader's right hand man now along with Neji," he tells me. Hmm, who would've thought that?

"What about his girlfriend is it still the same girl?" I ask him sounding bored but my heart beats faster and harder inside my chest.

"You mean the Hyuga girl, yeah, who would want to break up with that Goddess?" he asks me laughing.

"Hey, learn to respect her," I tell him in a low deadly tone that I used earlier, he nods again, I pause before I ask him. "How much of a Goddess are we talking here?" I ask him quietly as I lean in closer to the man.

"Umm…I don't know if I should answer that, since she is the Leader's girlfriend, I heard that when she turns eighteen they are going to marry, she's even wearing his ring on her finger." He tells me, I nod as I pat him on the head.

"Good answer, it doesn't matter I'll see her for myself," I tell him as he stops before the Academy. "Thanks old man how much do I owe you?" I ask him as I take out my wallet.

"N-No that's not necessary, think of it as your welcome back present actually here," he hands me a business card. "Call me if you ever need a lift," I get the card out of his shaking hand.

"Thanks old man, now I definitely won't kill you, now," I tell him with a smile as I put my shades back on and get out of the cab and stand before the Academy entrance.

So I'm finally back.

How will everyone react when they see Naruto again after four years? What will Hinata do once she sees him again? What about Sasuke has his anger died down or is it still the same? Find out in the next chapter, so until then…