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Chapter 17: A Death in the Family

I walk around the village with Kakashi and Iruka. We were about to collect from a sushi shop. When suddenly out of thin air, bullets fly towards us. I lunge at Kakashi and Iruka to protect them from harm. We stay on the ground waiting until the car speeds off.

"They were trying to kill you!" Iruka shouts pissed off that they would do that.

"Call the others to warn them," Kakashi orders. We all take out our cell phones and call the gang to alert them of the hit. But, Shikamaru and Kiba already got hit. Temari was getting shot at when we called. Lee hid before it could happen, Neji stayed inside before the people in the car could see him. TenTen is at the house and it turns out that Hinata was at Sarutobi's house when it happened.

"What?" I hear Iruka whisper as he is still on the phone with Hinata. He looks over at me his face drained of all color. "Konohamaru is…he was shot…" Iruka confess to me. I pull the phone from him and talk to her.

"Hinata, what happened?" I shout my voice and body shaking.

"I have my hands on his heart trying to stop the bleeding but…so much is coming out! Sai called the ambulance but he's losing so much." I hear Hinata's sobs as she drops the phone.

"Naruto?" Sai questions me.

"What's happening? Did anybody else get shot? What about Hinata is she okay?" I question him feeling this fear take over.

"The ambulance is taking too long to get here. Konohamaru lost consciousness a few seconds ago and Hinata's tried to wake him but he hasn't…his body is so cold…Hinata she was shot in the left leg but she doesn't care if she's bleeding. All that matters to her is Konohamaru. Sarutobi-sensei isn't here right now either…" this is the most I've heard Sai speak.

"We're on our way!" I shout and I get up and run towards the car. Iruka and Kakashi run close behind me. Kakashi takes the driver's seat and basically doesn't stop at any red lights and we almost get into six different accidents but Kakashi maneuvers us out of the way. I shake my leg trying to keep my mind on something.

Hinata…she made sure to discuss this with Akatsuki…I'm sure she pretty much warned them on who should get hurt and who shouldn't. It seems that they can't control all of their people! Fuck! She's probably blaming herself so much right now…how could they be so irresponsible? Shit! This is going to back fire against us. It's going to get the guys even more relied up against Akatsuki. They are going to seek revenge against the Akatsuki…it's going to speed up our plans…

Wait…what am I thinking about? How could I focus on us? How could I just forget all about Konohamaru? I mean he's dying and here I' am thinking about us…

What the fuck is wrong with me? Why the fuck am I thinking about us and not about this boy who tried to be like us? Who followed me around everywhere bugging me to accept him as my apprentice? Konohamaru…he is dying and I'm just…

Where the fuck are my priorities?

"Fucking bullshit!" I shout into the car. Both men turn to stare at me wondering what is wrong with me. I keep silent as I think back to all those days when I would take him with me everywhere…if only he never met me…

As soon as we see the house I jump out of the moving car and run to Konohamaru only to hear as he's pronounced dead by the paramedics. I turn my gaze to Hinata and find her hands and front covered in his blood. She looks down at his still body her hands still covering the bullet hole. She turns her head up to stare at the paramedics, trying to see if what she heard was correct. Then almost as if she senses me she turns her vacant eyes to me. I see the guilt right away. I notice as it takes over her being. I walk to her and kneel down in Konohamaru's blood.

"It's not your fault," I whisper. She looks up her pale face even whiter than usual, and then she turns her eyes down at the blood. She just looks at it; her eyes hold the astonishment as she looks at the redness.

"I-I felt…I felt as his heart stopped…beating…" she whispers to me. Before I could pull her hands away from her face she buries her face into her cupped hands. Her face turns red with the blood.

"We need to take her to the hospital, she's losing a lot of blood and it seems like she was shot in an artery," the medic says in a tense voice. I look over at Sai who stands motionless at the body in front of him.

"Kakashi, accompany her to the hospital. I'll stay here and wait for Sarutobi-sensei…" I announce looking away from the sobbing Hinata. I have to take care of this. I have to face Sarutobi-sensei…

"No," Hinata shouts letting her bloody face out of hiding. "It's my fault he's dead! It's my entire fault, I should tell sensei about-" I cut her off as I look down at her, keeping my anger in check.

"Hinata, you are injured and we can't wait until you get out of the hospital to explain to sensei about Konohamaru. So, please go to the hospital and get treated. Go and I'll talk to the old man. He'll understand why you can't be here to tell him yourself," I tell her. She just looks into my eyes. Her expression is so empty that it hurts my soul to look into her gaze. It seems like a bit of her died alongside Konohamaru. I can't see her like this. I don't want her to suffer anymore. If only she hadn't decided to create Akatsuki. None of this would've happened.

I finally turn my gaze down at Konohamaru and notice the smile on his face. I fall to my knees and start to cry. How could this happen? How could I let this happen? Hinata sobs next to me and she goes willingly as Kakashi and the paramedics pick her up. I hold the cold hand of Konohamaru and try to give him warmth. I hear as the police arrive and begin to search the crime scene that I have tainted. It's depressing that they'll never find out who did it but at least we'll be able to cover our tracks like this. Before the police cover the dead body I hear a scream. I turn my head towards Sarutobi-sensei as he drops his bags and runs to us. I feel this need to run to hold him and carry him over to Konohamaru. Suddenly the old man seems older than I remembered. I look away as he reaches down for the now hard body of Konohamaru.

I hear his wails and I suddenly fear that something could happen to him, that this could lead to his death. The police try to force sensei away from his grandson but he won't budge. He has more strength then we imagined. I reach out and grab sensei but he slaps my hand away.

"He's my grandson! Mine! Just let me…just let me…" he can't continue as he sobs into Konohamaru's open chest.

"Call Asuma-sensei," I say to Iruka-sensei. He takes out his cell phone and dials his number.

This is just…If only I would've pushed Konohamaru away from us. If only we could've let the old man out of all this mess, they wouldn't be victims right now. They would've lived a peaceful life away from danger, away from death…

"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry sensei…" I whisper to him. He continues to cry.

After a few minutes I hear as he murmurs.

"It's not your fault Naruto," he tells me through his tears.

It is the words are on the tip of my tongue. They are begging for me to let them out. Instead I bite down on it not wanting to let those words out.

"I'll make this right," sensei suddenly says. I freeze as I look down at him. Suddenly his expression changes and I notice the anger the need of revenge reflect in his tear filled eyes.

"He wouldn't have wanted you to kill yourself in order to get revenge!" I yell at the old man who suddenly believes that he is able to kill another human being. "He wouldn't want this! Think about him."

"I'm thinking about him, why do you think I want to kill the person responsible?" he shouts at me directing his anger at me.

"Don't do this…don't succumb…don't be like us…" I whisper at the old man. He suddenly looks at me and I stare down at the ground unable to meet his eyes. "Don't taint yourself sensei…let us handle it. He's dead because of us so let us get that revenge you desire. Let us do this for you…" I say as I look over at him to find him watching me. I remember how he helped us along. How he trained every single one of us to excel at a skill. He taught us to work as a team to trust one another. Without him we wouldn't be here right now. We would've been dead a long time ago.

So, to see him like this, this fragile old man who seemed so strong look like he's about to pass out, it hurts. My chest and throat hurt, the pain is unbearable…he raised us and loved us like he loved Konohamaru and Asuma-sensei. He guided us when everyone else ignored us…

Hinata and I did this to him. The two people whom he loved the most did this awful thing to him. It's something that we will regret for the rest of our lives. Konohamaru's death will forever be in our hearts and souls. It changed us and the course we are about to take.

I suddenly feel like I shouldn't have loved her. That she doesn't deserve to be with me because I'm the worst person on earth. I told her that forming Akatsuki would be the best thing. It would be our way out. I whispered into her ear that we needed that group in order to be happy, to be together forever. I planted the seed and it led to this…to the death of the boy we saw as a baby become a kid. The kid that will never grow up, he will never have a future. He won't be able to have kids to know what true love is. We took that away from him.

The tears don't stop as I realize the true tragedy.

Konohamaru is gone forever…along with any hope we had at a future together away from all of this…

I sit on my hospital bed remembering the instant Konohamaru threw himself in front of me…to protect me from the man's bullets.

I never knew that he would fire directly at my heart. Instead of taking mine he took Konohamaru's. I know what this means. I know what I have to do.

The door opens and I can tell who it is without looking over at him. I hold back my sobs as I turn my eyes to him. Sasuke stands at the door blocking anyone who would want to come in.

"Do you have it with you?" I whisper at him. He looks into my eyes trying to find something in them.

"You know that I take it everywhere I go," he admits as he walks to me.

I raise my left hand and he stands in front of me. He doesn't smile nor do I. We both understand that this isn't a happy occasion. It should've been under different circumstances. He takes out the engagement ring from his right front pocket and puts it on my ring finger. I look down at the monstrosity that is the engagement ring.

"Get me a smaller one before we make it official," I tell him as I drop my now heavy hand on the hospital mattress.

"You know that you need to have this ring. It shows how powerful I' am," he tells me again. I want to say that it shows how small his penis is but I hold in the words. I feel his eyes on me as I look up at the ceiling holding back the tears. "I'll tell him that it's finally over that you made your choice," Sasuke lastly says what he has wanted to say for so long.

He wants to tell Naruto that the ring finally shows who owns me. I swallow down my sob.

"I will talk to Naruto to tell him. If you say anything I will throw this ring into the ocean. I know how much it means to you. To me it means nothing, not yet," I warn him. He watches me knowing that I'm not lying.

"Why now?" he asks after a long period of silence.

"…" I don't want to respond but if I say nothing he'll get upset at me. "My love for him only brings destruction into my world. I can't have any more people I adore die in my hands. I can't deal with another heart not beating…for it to stop beating and my hands are on it. I can't let another life slip through my fingers…" I finally let my sobs out. Sasuke just stands there not offering me his shoulder to cry on. He just keeps his calculating eyes on my trembling body.

He gets that this death finally broke any resolve I had at running away. He knows how much I'm suffering and he's enjoying it. He looks forward to watching me be in pain alongside him…

Right now I'm wishing that Konohamaru wouldn't have stepped in front of me. I would rather be dead than be tied to Sasuke forever. Maybe I should just give up… Sasuke's hand shoots out and grabs my chin forcing me to look into his hate filled eyes.

"You won't die Hinata, at least not until you have suffered as much as I have. It won't even last this lifetime, it'll go on into the next life we have. In the next one I'll seek you out and continue to make you suffer the pain I've gone through," Sasuke maniacally warns me so convinced that I have made his life hell. That it's my fault everything bad he's gone through is because of me.

"You have to free them…" I whisper to him as I push his arm away from me. "If you don't I'll kill you," I threaten him. He laughs at me and gives me his back. He leaves my room laughing. He acts as if I just did the most stupidest thing in the world. I feel my face turn red with embarrassment. "Shino…" I call out to the boy who knows all my secrets. A few minutes pass before he finally comes into my room. I can tell he was thinking over if he should enter my room or ignore my request.

Right away he looks at my ring. I suddenly feel like I should hide it but I don't.

"You are actually going to do it?" he asks me in a heartbreaking whisper.

"We shouldn't be together. Not now after what happened," I say wiping away my tears.

"You're an idiot," he comments.

"It's my choice, don't judge me," I reply growing a bit angry.

"You don't…you shouldn't suffer with him…leave him Hinata. You have a way out," he tells me. I look into his sunglasses and become miserable.

"I've made you all suffer alongside me. I don't want that anymore. I need you to talk with you know who. I need you to tell him to leave this city because if it doesn't then I'm going to send you to kill it once and for all. If it wants to survive it must leave. I can't take responsibility for it not after today…I don't like asking you to do this. To put yourself out there for me but it's the last time I promise," I say knowing fully well what it means to him. I just want them to be able to live a peaceful life full of love and happiness. The gang can't stay alongside me anymore…it's full of pain and they don't deserve it. Not them. I don't want them to die also. I don't want their deaths on me.

After today it seems as if anyone is game. Anyone could die and I can't have that. Not anymore…They are my family, my life, but if it means that I can protect them then I'll push them away from me. Away from the terror that is their life.

"You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for us. Don't you think you deserve happiness?" he ponders out loud.

"I've lived through so much happiness that it's allowing me to go through with this. It's because I know that all of you will be safe that I can make this choice. Every single one of you made your own decisions when you came with me. But now I can't have you with us. Not anymore. I'll be fine, I'm much stronger than any of you can imagine," I reply to him. I smile at Shino as he looks down at me. "I just don't want to lose any of you…I'd rather have you all away from me then close to me. You could die because of me and I wouldn't live with myself if that happened. Live the lives you deserve not the ones you got…"

It's going to be difficult to say good-bye to them all. To watch them leave because they are my life. I'm here because of them. Without them I never could've grown into the woman I' am today. It's because of them that I was able to be myself. That I was able to actually live, to laugh, to be able to call them my family, and to finally understand what love really means.

But they don't deserve this life that I've handed them. They don't and I'm going to make it so that they can leave me knowing that I'll be okay. Because to my family that's all that matters to them.

I haven't seen Hinata since she was carried onto a gurney in front of sensei's house. I haven't left his side since the death of Konohamaru. I know he needs me now more than ever. She didn't even come to the funeral even though Kakashi-sensei told me that she left the hospital a day before it. It's better this way. It's for the best because if I see her, then I know I would lose my resolve.

"Naruto," Sai calls to me, I look back to find him there standing awkwardly in the kitchen entrance. "Hinata wants to speak with you," he tells me. I look at him then I look into the living room where Sarutobi-sensei is with Asuma-sensei and his wife Kurenai-sensei. I've felt like an outsider but it's my duty to stay by his side.

"I can't leave him here alone," I reply not wanting to see her. If I breathe in her scent and if I look into her eyes, I'll fall for her again. I'll let myself admit that what I think and believe is wrong. That Hinata was made for me and I was made for her. That we do have a future together, only that at the moment right now it seems wrong. I wouldn't want to leave her. I need time to make my resolve stronger.

"Sarutobi-sensei is it okay if Naruto comes with me?" Sai shouts at sensei.

"He's been cooped up inside this house for too long. Take him out for some fresh air," sensei easily replies. Sai grabs a hold of me and forces me to walk outside with him.

"I can walk on my own," I say tersely.

"You can run also so I'm going to make sure you don't," he answers me just as angrily. He forces me into the car and he sits beside me. The whole car ride there I don't talk and Sai doesn't try speaking to me either. We stop inside the driveway of the mansion and Sai gets out first. I follow after him. I notice more gang members hanging around the mansion. I wonder if this is a meeting to finally declare officially the war against Akatsuki…

We walk inside to find it completely empty. Sai takes the lead and I follow him into the ladies hang out room. I find everyone in there. I look at Hinata but before I can actually see her I see the ring on her finger.

Suddenly my stomach sinks into my toes. She's going to marry him…she has finally accepted his love…my eyes slowly make their way up to her full and blushing face and I realize that before I could even think of breaking it off with her she has already made her decision…she chose him over me…she chose Sasuke over me…she chose to stay here and continue to live the life that wasn't meant for her because she feels guilty…so guilty…

I can't move and Hinata finally makes eye contact and I notice her resolve. She won't change her mind no matter what I say…that's the Hinata that she became…the Hinata I wasn't able to watch grow…

"Naruto…" she begins, "I…we can't be together not anymore. This wasn't our time…we'll never find our time because of the lives we live. We won't find our time or place anymore because Sasuke is the one I have chosen above all others. I loved you but not anymore. We can't be together and you know it. It wasn't our time…" she continues but I tune her out. My inner voice wants to yell, I want to scream my outrage. I want to punch Sasuke in the face out of frustration. Hinata was born for me. I was born for Hinata. We are meant to be together… "I can't fight for you anymore. I don't want to…I don't have the energy anymore. If I want to have a shot at happiness than that means you have to leave Konoha. You can't stay here, it wouldn't be right to Sasuke nor to me," she finally tells me what she brought me here for.

"Are you afraid I'll ruin your happiness?" I question her. She sadly smiles at me as she touches her ring. Something inside me is boiling in rage.

"No," she simply says. She then turns her attention to the gang. "You must leave also," she tells them with a happy smile. They all shout their outrage their anger unlike me they want to fight against Hinata and her decision. She lets them yell she lets them scream at her. All she does is look at every single one of them the sadness is evident on her smile. Once they all quiet down she continues. "This is what's for the best. I don't want to lose you, I don't want any of you to die. Everyone that has died its because of me. I've forced them to love me to think that they want me so when their time came they would easily die for me. You guys have that mentality and it isn't okay. I don't want my family to die one by one because of me. So I ask you all to leave and never come back. I can handle everything on my own. I'm strong even if you don't see it. I know I' am that's why I asked them to join us. To fill your spots…" she says. Before she could say anything further my eyes grow wide in surprise. She can't mean…and sure enough one by one every Akatsuki member walks into the room. Everyone shoots up ready to fight them.

"The reason Sasuke has accepted you all to leave is because I was able to form an alliance with Akatsuki one that he is happily able to agree to. I give every single one of you a month to leave. If you don't leave of your own accord then you will leave me no choice but to use force and you do not want me to use force. Everyone it's been great and I will always love every single one of you. But it's time we went our separate ways. It's sad that you won't make it to the wedding, well, more like you won't be invited but just know that this all came to be because of every single one of you. I'm able to stand here without crying and say good-bye to every one of you because I love you all. I adore and appreciate the time we spent together but good-bye…forever," she says walking away.

"Aren't you…you belong with Naruto!" Lee shouts out. "You know in your heart that Naruto is for you! You wouldn't have fought so hard if you didn't love him! You love him Hinata say that and I'll leave you alone," he concludes so sure in what he says. I watch her back as she slowly turns to face her family. The one she is pushing away for their safety.

"I belong to Sasuke, I always have and I was kidding myself to believe otherwise. Sasuke saved me like I saved you. He gave me life and I still need him. All of you gained your lives on your own. You don't need me anymore. You deserve a life that is away from this," she replies in an urgent manner.

"What about me, cousin?" Neji asks her. She smiles at him.

"Go and be with the woman that you love and make her happy. Make her happy like Sasuke is going to make me. Just leave knowing that I'm able to stand here and look you in the eye to tell you that I'll be okay. I'm going to be protected by Akatsuki there is no need to be afraid for my life," she finishes and walks away. I force my eyes off of her and I look at a shocked Gaara, he wasn't able to say anything. He can't say anything. If anyone needs her it's him. He is the one that needs Hinata the most. More so than me…

So that's it…that's the end of the love we feel for one another…it's the end of our story…

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kiba roars angrily. "We won't leave! We won't!" he shouts so pissed off that his face is turning blue instead of red. "I don't care what you say! I'm going to fight for you Hinata! Just you wait! We are going to take you with us!" he screams so loud that I feel the whole neighborhood heard him. He suddenly turns his angry face to me. "Right?!" he asks me. I look away and take my leave.

"I should pack my stuff," I tell them all.

"We already did," Tobi answers me.

"…" I look at Itachi to find him watching everyone. "This is her resolve can't any of you respect that? This is her choice, she has her own brain, her own thoughts, her own everything why can't you just be okay with her choices?" he asks them genuinely interested in what they are about to answer.

"You know the kind of person she is," Kankuro speaks up. "She loved us even if we killed other humans. She never changed her expression, she was the reason we were able to continue. Her determined expression never changed. She knew what she wanted and how she was going to make it happen. So even if this was her choice we know in our souls that she is doing this as some sort of penance. I'm not sure for what or for whom, but she wants to be with us. She wants to see us grow old, she wants to grow old with us. So we are not okay with her choices. If she was only thinking about herself then of course we would be okay if anything we would embrace it. But we know better. We know that she is doing this for us. We can't sit still while she is suffering. She's hiding it well but we know that she is depressed. We want her to be truly happy, to be able to smile truthfully without holding back. It doesn't matter what happens to us…"

Kankuro acted as if he never understood Hinata but he knows her perfectly…

"She isn't some saint," I hear Sasuke finally speak up. "Every single one of you act as if she is some god on earth but she is far from that. She is the most cunning person I know. She makes you think that all your life choices were your own but she manipulated you to her desire. Tell them what you confessed to me," he directs Pain. He glares at Sasuke but Sasuke doesn't care.

"She is the one who got us together. She is the real founder of Akatsuki," Pain says looking at me. He knows that I helped her. That I was the one who told her what to do.

"Actually," I interrupt before anyone could say anything further, "I helped her form Akatsuki…it was our idea and we made it come into fruition," I finally confess one of my many sins.

"You never told me that part," Sasuke directs his anger at Pain.

"I didn't really know until now," Pain lies easily.

"Who gives a fuck!" Hidan screams. "Get the fuck out of our new home," he orders us. We all look at Sasuke wondering what he wants.

"You heard the crazy get out of here now," Sasuke says giving us his back and walking away from us without saying goodbye.

"Tell your Sarutobi-sensei that we took care of the guy who killed his grandson. He's hanging on the bridge as we speak. That's what he gets for betraying Akatsuki," Sasori tells us. Everyone slowly leaves the mansion they called home. No one knows where to go and I offer them the one other place we know and love. They come with me even though I betrayed them like that. I know that the reason they are coming with me is because they want answers and the only person other than Hinata that haves them is me.

I suddenly feel like telling them everything. Every single sin that I have…but I'm not sure Sarutobi-sensei will ever forgive me for the part I played in Konohamaru's death…