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Kakashi was tired of running. Rubbing the back of his head with a hand he sighed heavily as he looked around the town. After straightening up he slowly took off his headband and mask. Pocketing them, he walked into a bar. Perhaps his life would be flipped upside down again when he walked through those doors. Perhaps some different duo of girls are sitting drunk as can be plotting against the people walking inside. Perhaps one would take up the bet to sleep with him. Biting his lower lip gently, he gazed around at the foreign land's bar. Everyone looked at home here, he felt out of place. But he really didn't care. Walking up to the bar, he ordered a quick and cheap drink that would burn away the feelings inside. Tonight, he was going to get drunk. And perhaps he'd strike up a bet with another guy to play the exact same game Sakura had played with Ino. Perhaps that would make him feel better.


Sakura stopped running in the rain when her parents froze, "What? What is it?" She asked as Ino stopped next to her.

"…he's in that town. The tracks ease here…" Her father whispered as he ran his hand along the footprints, "The chakra is fresh…"

Sakura's heart leaped as she glanced up at the town. Why Kakashi had chosen to stop here made her wonder. Why here? Why stop running? It wasn't that far out of Konoha territory. What was he thinking? Why would he go to mist where he had enemies? Did he want to die?! Placing a hand on her father's shoulder, she thanked him for his assistance and turned back to them, "I can handle this, you guys can go back. Thank you so much."

"We'll stay here and wait for a while long before heading back. Just in case…" Her mother smiled happily.


"So, looser pays the bill?" The man hiccuped as he downed another expensive drink.

"Yep." Kakashi smiled as he sipped on his beverage, letting it burn him inside with a smile.

A girl with long legs and blond long hair pulled back to show her pretty face strolled in making Kakashi cheer, "Lucky dog!"

With a smile, the man stood and approached the girl, who smiled at the handsome man. She obviously was looking for a fun time rather then a drink, so she took up his offer to escort her to the storage room behind the bar.

Kakashi rolled his head and pulled out his wallet, counting the money inside. The door opened and the smile slid off his face when he saw the soaking wet pink haired kunoichi standing in the doorway, shivering slightly. Her brilliant green gaze moved around the bar and froze when she saw Kakashi. Kakashi slowly pulled out money and placed it onto the bar before standing up and pocketing his wallet. And then he found he was sprawled across the floor, and his face hurt!

Sakura bent over and picked him up in a lightning fast manner. Slamming him down onto the bar roughly she glared into his tired gaze, "Thanks for the sex?! THANKS FOR THE SEX?!"

"You should be thanking me… I left so you could-ouch! Dammit!" Kakashi rubbed the back of his head when she slammed him against the bar again. In a puff of smoke, he was behind her and had Sakura pinned against the bar, they had drawn too much attention to themselves.

"Let's talk about this outside." Kakashi frowned, the buzz slowly fogging his senses. He drank too much.

"Fuck outside! I think we should settle this in here!" Sakura brought her elbow back hard on Kakashi's chest knocking the air out of his lungs and causing him to crash back onto the table full of drinks behind him.

"Look Lady, I don't want to start nothing in my – " Sakura spun around and punched the bar owner in the gut and hurried over to Kakashi who was pushing a guy off of him. Soon, the scene erupted into absolute chaos as everyone in the bar started fighting one another.

Kakashi rushed forward and made to subdue Sakura, only to be kicked in the gut and fly across the bar. Sakura raced after him, dodging punches and glass bottles as she went. But then she found an arm grab her, and saw that Kakashi had once again disappeared. Glancing up, she saw Kakashi frown, a slight blush on his face. And then she was picked up and moved out of the chaotic bar scene. Out into the rain they walked, out away from the bar, through the town, away from the town. Sakura started kicking and fighting Kakashi when he walked down the muddy road.

After a moment of struggling to keep a hold on Sakura, he roughly placed her down in the muddy street and pushed her hard up against a side of a building, keeping her still and out of the rain, "Sakura. Stop this."

"Stop this? Stop this?!" Sakura closed her eyes and shook her head, "Kakashi, I love you. How can I stop that… You're running away from me. I have no choice but to chase you… don't you see?" Her body trembled more in fear then anything else. Put simply, she was afraid. Afraid of loosing a friend and a lover. Afraid that Kakashi would never speak to her again. Afraid that he would never want to look at her again. Afraid that he would run away and she would never see him again. Opening her eyes as tears trailed down her cheeks, mixing with the rain that still lay on her skin, she begged him silently to stay and hear her out.

Kakashi sighed before a slight smile formed on his lips, "Why didn't I think of it before…" He sighed heavily before returning his gaze onto Sakura. His heart cringed slightly at the sight of her green orbs, startled at the sight of his spinning Sharingan.

Sakura couldn't tear her gaze away from Kakashi, it was impossible. Her world slowly began to dissolve into a cloud of darkness, her legs slowly began to give beneath her. And slowly Sakura began to fall, while Kakashi just stood there and watched.


"Kakashi. Please. Hear me out…"

"Shut up."


"I said shut up. What do you know about love. You're just a child. What do you know about anything. You're just a stupid little girl."

"But Kakashi!"

"You disgust me. I never want to see you again!"

"Kakashi… KAKASHI!!!"


Sakura sat up straight in bed, tears slowly falling from her tired eyes. Shivering, she grabbed her arms and hugged herself as she looked around. She was completely alone in the small one bed hotel room. She was completely alone. Kakashi had left her here overnight, alone. She felt sick. She felt sick to her stomach.

Quickly getting to her feet, Sakura roughly threw the blanket back onto the bed and rushed to the bathroom holding her mouth. Collapsing in front of the toilet, she emptied the contents of her empty stomach into the bowl. The nausea slowly fading away with each gag, but a new feeling filled her. A feeling of rejection from the one she loved most. Wiping her mouth with her wrist, she sat back and flushed the toilet feeling incredibly pathetic. Even after all this, she still wanted to find him. Sakura could almost laugh the way she was acting, it reminded her of Naruto. Never giving up.

What would Naruto say if he saw her like this?

First he'd probably shake her for falling for Kakashi.

And then second he'd stand her up and tell her to keep going, to put her entire heart into every move. To try again and do her best.

And that was what she was going to do. Slowly pulling herself up to her feet, she walked over to the sink and washed her face slowly. She felt hungry. Usually Sakura skipped out on breakfasts, but she felt incredibly hungry. She wanted ramen. Almost as bad as she wanted to smack Kakashi. So she came up with a plan. She'd hunt down Kakashi, smack him around a bit, and have him buy her a meal. A big meal.

Now if only the room would stop spinning. She felt sick again as another wave of nausea hit. Falling to her knees, she leaned against the wall and waited for the wave to pass.

Kakashi had left, and with each second she wasted on the floor, another step he'd take away from her. She couldn't let that happen. Gripping the side of the wall, she pulled herself up and slowly made her way towards the door. Throwing it open, she stopped short when she saw a familiar green vest. Her gaze trailed up to see a mask, white hair… her tears blinded the rest. Kakashi hadn't abandoned her. Slowly letting go of the door, she reached forward and grabbed his vest, holding onto it for dear life as she tried to hold back the tears.

Kakashi sighed and gently pushed Sakura back into the room, a bag under her other arm. Shutting the door with his foot, he had her sit down on the bed as he placed the bag on the dresser and sat down slowly beside her.

After what seemed like an eternity of awkward silence Sakura asked, "Why didn't you leave me again…"

It took a while for Kakashi to reply, but he did, eventually.

Slowly taking off his headband and mask, he ran a hand over his face and sighed, "I… There are many reasons why I didn't leave Sakura. I don't know what made me change my mind. At fist I didn't think I could leave you because you were shivering while you slept. And then you started crying out my name… that almost broke my heart… And when you finally did fall quiet in my arms… I guess what kept me from leaving Sakura…" He turned his tired gaze onto her, "I guess what kept me from leaving you was that I realized I loved you too. I was just so upset when I learned that it was all just a bet."

"You weren't supposed to learn about that. It was something stupid… but I wouldn't have changed anything Kakashi. I did take that bet, and you walked in there. What about destiny? Don't you believe in that?" Sakura asked as she leaned up against him and closed her eyes. He felt like the only solid thing in the room.

"Did you hear me Sakura? I said I love you…" Kakashi sighed, "That's a big thing for me. I swore to myself a long, long time ago that I would never love anyone again. Now look at me." He shook his head slowly.

Sakura smiled and inhaled his signature scent that made her insides dance happily, "Yeah… I heard you. You're going to have to get used to saying that you know."

"Hm? Why's that?" Kakashi asked, gazing down at Sakura.

Sakura smiled as the nausea slowly faded, and she turned to gaze at him. Gently taking his hand, she pulled it towards her and placed it gently across her lower stomach and smiled warmly.

Kakashi was very still before turning to gaze down at her, his eyes wide in surprise, "What… But, I thought…"

Sakura placed her forehead against his shoulder and smiled, "I've got great healing chakra. Everyone knows that."

Kakashi quickly turned and wrapped his arms around Sakura, pulling her up against him in a tight embrace, burying his face in her neck to hide his tears of happiness, "I guess your Dad's going to get a grandbaby after all…" He replied, his voice betraying his tears.

Sakura hugged Kakashi and cried happy tears, "Is that going to make you stay Kakashi? I don't want to drag a baby everywhere looking for you, but I will."

Kakashi chuckled slightly, "Well… you do have your father to watch after the baby…"

"I dunno… I don't want to leave the baby too much with my father… besides, he's going to be watching my baby on weekends."

"Oh? Weekends? Where are you going on weekends?" Kakashi asked, pulling away with an eyebrow raised, a smile on his face.

"Well… I suppose making a brother or sister maybe. My Dad wants tons of grandbabies you know. And since I'm his only kid. I think we're going to have our work cut out for us. But don't worry. I won't loose my fantastic figure."

"Every weekend huh?" Kakashi scratched his chin, "Well, if you're keeping me booked every weekend, we might as well get married. That means everyone in the village is going to find out…" Kakashi sighed and ran a hand over his face.

"Oh, trust me, between my parents, Ino, and Gai-sensei… The entire village will know all about us."

"I'll be the village perverted dog sensei for life… marrying my former student." Kakashi frowned.

"Hey, that's kinda kinky when you think about it." Sakura smiled and bopped his nose, "I'll be a great wife by the way. And I'll make sure you still have fun when I'm pregnant. I can read Icha Icha paradise out loud… I'm quite good at acting sometimes." She smiled.

A smile formed on Kakashi's lips and he leaned over and kissed her. Putting all of his love into that kiss, and Sakura gave back.


Kakashi and Sakura returned the next day, side by side, hand in hand. The rain had cleared the air making it refreshing and crisp. The day well on its way when they walked into the gates of Konoha. They were on their way to get the consent of Sakura's parents.

On the way to the village, they had discussed everything they were going to say. They talked out how they'd reply to everyone's questions. It was put to the test sooner then expected when Gai stopped right in their path.

"Kakashi. I've been meaning to talk to you!" Gai stood with his hands on his hips, the air about him was different, a bit more radiant then normal. Sakura had to blink until the gleam shining off of his teeth stopped irritating her gaze.

"Gai, this really isn't a good time. I'm sort of busy…" Kakashi replied holding up a hand. If Gai started on one of his talks, it would drag on for at least an hour. And he wanted to talk to Sakura's parents BEFORE everything really set into his mind. He really couldn't run again and break Sakura's heart. But if he didn't seal the deal quick, he'd get cold feet and disappear for a while. And this time Sakura probably wouldn't go looking for him.

"Yes. Well! A little friend of Sakura's tells me you left her a note?! Ran off?! I'm ashamed of you Kakashi. To think you could do that to a fragile little flower such as Sakura. I'm going to have to break my secret promise to my protégé and beat you up when you least expect it! Although now that I've spilled it out in the open… oops. That wasn't very professional of me. See what you did! You've shocked me out of my sane mind!" Gai pointed at Kakashi after waiving his arms around.

They really didn't have time for this.

Sakura cleared her throat drawing Gai's attention as if he just noticed her, "Gai-sensei. It's fine. Really. We really have to go though."

Gai opened his mouth to protest but Sakura cut him short, "-Or should I just leave you two here to talk…" Kakashi squeezed her hand in a begging manner and Sakura continued coyly, "…and me and Ino can go out drinking and accidently blab to the village who she slept with last night… hmm…"

Gai paled considerably and the air around him deflated, "Um… no. Some other time then Kakashi." With that, he disappeared in a whoosh of leafs.

Sakura laughed before tugging the stunned and slightly shocked Kakashi to her parent's house. She knew her parents would probably yell at Kakashi for leaving her like that, but they would eventually forgive him and most definitely agree to them getting married. Sakura knew that no matter what, Kakashi would stand by her in the end. Sure, he'd probably run away just before the wedding and she'd have to hunt him down again. And sure, he'd probably also show up three hours late to the wedding, but… that was her Kakashi. And she loved everything about him. The good, and the bad. With a smile, she raised her hand, and knocked on her parent's door.


A light shower of cherry blossoms fell as the village situated themselves bellow the small garden of Sakura trees.

Lady Tsunade stood up front with a scroll in her hand, ready to start the ceremony. To her right, stood the young women of Konoha, all dressed in beautiful white maid's dresses. To her left, stood a handful of jonin, the selected few of Kakashi's friends.

Straightening her wonderful gown her mother made for her, Sakura clutched the cherry blossoms to her chest, her green eyes wide with excitement. Gazing around at her friends in the crowd of people gathered, she exchanged smiles as she gazed up the isle. Her eyes caught the brilliant white hair of her future husband waiting for her before Tsunade. Apparently he had tried to tame his hair, and he was wearing a mask. Obviously he was teasing Naruto still, who had yet to see his beautiful face, amongst a few other villagers. With a sigh, Sakura picked up her dress slightly and marched up to him.

Kakashi turned around at the sound of high heels and a smile spread across his face as he pulled his hands out of his pockets, "You're late." His voice smiled as he took her hand.

"I'm entitled to be late now and then. I had to put up with you being late for everything." She exchanged with a smile before facing Tsunade. Taking the ceremonial brush from Tsunade, she twisted it open revealing the blade inside. Slicing open her thumb slightly, she smeared her fingers with blood before passing the blade to Kakashi. Together, they wrote their names on the scroll before Tsunade healed their small wounds.

Facing one another, Kakashi and Sakura gazed at each other for a minute before Sakura slowly slid her hands up to dig her fingers behind the material of Kakashi's mask as she had done countless times before. Pulling it down slowly, a few sharp intakes of breath were heard as well as the sound of people rising from their seats to lean in for a better view. Pulling it down past his chin, Sakura stood on her toes and kissed him slowly, filling the kiss with her love.

And Kakashi kissed back, his hands sliding down her back to rest on her hips, pulling her closer towards him. Sakura pulled away long enough to pull the mask off of him completely before she was swept off her feet by her husband. Her parents had energetically agreed to take care of the baby for the night, if Sakura promised to make another with Kakashi on their honeymoon.

With a smile, Sakura tossed Kakashi's mask into the crowd and watched as a very shocked Hinata caught it. Her face flushed considerably before she fainted, falling back on her heels into the arms of Shino and Kiba who both glanced at one another in surprise, before it shifted into rival glares.

Sakura gave a mock salute to her friends as Kakashi bowed in respect before the two of them disappeared in a small cloud of dust and leafs.


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