Okay, what you've all been waiting for… the sequel to The Fowl Family Files: Monster InLaw. Well, Monster InLaw no more. We are going to do a recap of the last fiction in the new series:

Monster InLaw Summery:

We started off when Artemis and Holly got engaged and Artemis is meeting Holly's family for the first time. Holly's mother Hannah and her brothers Derk and Dryad seem to like Artemis very much… Derk not too much.

The next day is the day where they tell Artemis's parents about the news. Angeline never like Holly and tries her best to stop the wedding. Artemis goes off with his father to France for business, leaving Holly and Angeline together. Foaly now has a son and Opal is out of jail, making them a nice yet odd couple. Angeline is told about the fairies and we meet Ruby, Angeline's friend who's on both sides of the 'war.'

Juliet comes back from training just in time to receive bad news from France. Artemis the First has a heart attack and that stalls the wedding a little longer. New people from Artemis's family come to mourn like his cousins Andrew 'Andy' Fowl, Andrea Fowl and her fiancé, David. David is really Dr.Po's son and even after the fiction, Howard is still unaware of the marriage.

Angeline breaks-up the wedding in the end and thanks to a rule in the fairy bible, Holly and Artemis can't see each other for one month.

And now the terror begins…

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Five Months Earlier

Andrea was happier than a frog in a spider's web. Of course, I'm not speaking of Artemis Fowl's cousin Andrea, but of a sorceress named Andrea. To tell the difference, Andrea wore a long black dress and her dark brunette hair reached her waist. Full lips and grey eyes. Her fiery stare scared people out of their wits. Once it killed a man of shock that a young woman of such beauty could be so cruel… so deliciously evil. She chuckled to herself at the memory.

On a happier note, her day went well. No body had come to see her. She was widely known underground. People came to see her for love potions, magic spells and fortunes. Who do they think I am? She thought bitterly. What could they want from a simple sorceress? Everything, really. She looked over to a picture on her counter. Young Qweffor standing beside Qwan and some other warlocks. She was standing right beside Qwan. Qwan was Andrea's foster father and had grown up with warlocks during the interspecies war.

No fairy in history ever lived that long. She had lived for thousands of years and yet, in human years she would only be in her early twenties. She would never grow older than she was now. The average fairy lived to about seven to eight hundred. The oldest of them barely reached one thousand. Fairies that have had a lot of power and lived for a long time were not completely fairies.

Their roots were lucky enough to date back to the Nox- a very powerful species. Andrea wasn't even a fairy. She was a full Nox. Her mother had left her to Qwan as a baby to protect her from the Nox authorities. The Nox were an immortal and fascinating species. All throughout they're life they are given the choice to grow or stop growing. No one knows quite how this is, but they could never die, unless they were killed and it was quite hard to kill a Nox.

Andrea frowned deeply. Since Qwan and Qweffor had been back, she had only seen them twice. A knock sounded at the door. Andrea scowled, as her good mood faded quickly. Just one person today, she thought. I only see one person. Wait… it's almost as if they're… changing my future…

She opened the door hesitantly to see a young elf around ninety-five with messy auburn hair and hazel eyes. Well, one hazel eye. The other was sapphire, not to her surprise.

"Enter." She mumbled agitatedly. The elf looked weary, but shook it off and came inside. "Sit." Was the only thing she could say.

Holly sat in a chair that faced a stubby square table. Andrea sat at the other side. "Your mother-in-law broke up your wedding two weeks ago, and you need me why…?"

Holly was put aghast by her talent. "How did you know? I went to see Qwan if he could do anything to shorten the waiting period and he told me to see you." Andrea sighed. Good old Qwan. He may have been her father, but that didn't mean he didn't get on her nerves. Fathers were supposed to nowadays, she remembered. Before it was all just respect and admiration.

"Well, he's human for one. Those rules don't apply to him."

Holly glared at her. "They still apply to me."

Andrea sighed again. Why did she always get the hot headed ones? She took out her copy of the Book. "It also says that you shan't put your burdens among others. See?" Andrea turned the Book around to show her. "This is a burden that you carry among yourself. You sinned to leave him, and you would have sinned to stay. This is why I'm Atheist. It makes no sense, but either way, you sinned."

Holly sat there in silence. Tears began to fall from her eyes. "I didn't want to leave him. I didn't- it was the rule." She whispered. Andrea nodded.

"Go back to him. There's no harm. You have two weeks left anyways." Andrea got up and stirred what seemed like a sweet, yet vile potion from a caldron over a fire. Just leave, just leave, just leave you horrid girl that's ruining my peace and quiet! Andrea sighed. Maybe I should see the anger management professional like Isis suggested…Nah. Holly stood and walked up behind her. A look of pain was still on her face, and as everyone did, her face was also plastered with curiosity.

"How do you know all this? A normal fairy would know this much."

Andrea turned around to face her and gave an amused look. "I think our business is done," she handed her a piece of paper. "Call me or just come when you need me. Don't ever think nobody knows. I know everything."

Andrea knew that this was a mistake, but if her good future needed to be altered a bit, then so shall be it. She might even be helping this poor girl out anyways.

Holly left the building happier, yet confused.


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