I'm falling for him… so why does it feel like I'm flying?

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"Hey…" I say as I latch my arms around Oliver in a surprise hug.

"Yes, my dear?"

With a huge goofy smile glued to my face I go on to gush about how much fun I've had all day. "The ruins were unbelievable. I had no idea how breathtaking they are in person!"

Oliver tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear but I continue. "And you know how much I love the beach so I'm happy we got to spend some time there, too. I'm finally not pale anymore!"

"You were paler than parchment…" Oliver mutters underneath his breath.

"Hey!" I swat playfully.

"I'm kidding. You're perfect no matter what."

The cliché but still undeniably sweet comments Oliver insists on submerging me in still make my heart clench in adoration. Sure, I've had boyfriends before that said sweet things but none of them showed me such pure affection or attention.

"Are you ready, then, Cupkates?" Oliver finally asks.

"Ready for what?" I question, caught off guard.

"For your surprise!" he chuckles at my confusion.

Huh? "I get a surprise? Since when?"

"Since a few days ago when I went off for alone for a bit while you were taking a shower. I planned it all out. Now get ready. Wear something formal."

I can barely hide my excitement. What on earth does he have planned?

I think I'll wear my champagne coloured halter top dress. I've only worn it once before and I got it over three months ago. Simply unacceptable for such a nice (and expensive, I might add) dress. I look about our stateroom, searching for matching heels as Oliver finishes drying his dripping hair.

"What time is it, by the way?" he asks in a strained voice as he hops on one foot, trying to put his sock on.


"Seriously? That doesn't give us much time at all."

"Tell me what you have planned!" BINGO! Found the other heel. Now I just need to put on my necklace and change into my dress. Since I took the first shower my makeup and hair are already done. All Oliver has to do is put on a shirt and his shoes and he'll be set. I don't know why he's panicking.

But then again, Oliver has always had a thing for being on time.

"You have to wait to see. Oh, you're so cute when you pout like that but it's not going to make me tell you."

I sigh but make him turn around so I can change into my dress. Just in case, I say a spell that puts up a changing screen between us.

"Is that really necessary, Kates?" There's a hint of amusement in his tone.

I consider for a moment and decide that if he really hasn't tried anything on me in the past 4 days, it would be safe to say he'd respect my privacy. Despite this, I still say 'yes', if only for the sake of my dignity as I pull the dress over my head and tie the straps.

"Do you think we could stop somewhere to get a bite to eat before we do whatever you have so evilly planned? I'm famished!" With the flick of my wand the wall disappears and leaves me face to face with one rather sexy boyfriend. Before I can stop it, my thoughts tumble from my lips. "Wow, you're hott."

"Actually," he says grinning, "the temperature in here is quite nice."

I groan in irritation at myself. It's not my fault I blurt things around him. I can't help but wonder- if I'm falling for him, why does he make me feel like I'm flying? "Come on, Mr. Everley."

"After you, my dear wife," Oliver holds the door open for me.

Oliver takes hold of my hand on the way to the elevator and from there on out refuses to let it go. Not that I'm complaining….

Seriously. Can just pause for a minute and gush about how perfectly his hand fits in mine? And its always so pleasantly warm- but never too hot and never sweaty. They're not smooth as silk (he does play a lot of Quidditch, after all) but the way he holds on more than makes up for it. It always feels as if he treasures my hand because it's always held securely as if to ensure himself that I'm really his now. It simply makes me feel safer than ever before.

Oliver leads me all the way up to the eleventh story and half way across the ship before I realize we're headed straight for the Portofino.

"Oliver!" I gasp his arm with my free hand and pull him to a stop. "When I said I was hungry I was thinking maybe just like a sandwich or something." I lower my voice to a whisper, "I don't need to eat at a five star restaurant!"

"Oh," is all he responds and begins walking towards the Portofino again. Much to my dismay, he still hasn't let go of my hand since we left the stateroom. Before I know it, I'm right at his side again, despite my attempts to break free of his grip.

"We have a reservation for Everley," he tells the associate standing at the podium. She immediately leads us to our table. This leaves me to wonder if she has the seating chart memorized- she knows exactly where she's leading us and she didn't even look at any sort of list.

The associate stops in front of a room with incredibly lush curtains that seclude it from the rest of the restaurant. She pulls back one of the edges and Oliver pulls me inside. "Have an exceptional evening, Mr. and Mrs. Everley," she says kindly and departs.

As the curtains fall back into place, I stand still waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Except for a few candles along the wall and on the table, it's utterly dark.

"Oliver… what is all of this?"

"This is a private room, Cupkates."

I stare at him. Really? A private room? I had no idea!

Merlin… this must cost a fortune…

"No, really. Is this what you were talking about earlier?"

He ignores my question and walks over to the far wall. He pulls a cord and the curtains are pulled back only to reveal a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the moon's ascent above the ocean. I gasp at the beauty of it. It's so romantic!!

"You're kidding me, Oliver…"

He leads me to a velvet semi-circle couch that wraps around the table.

Oliver notices me staring in awe at everything surrounding us. It's all so expensive! The entire room is lined in deep red curtains, the carpet looks like satin, and even the tablecloth feels like it cost more than necessary.

And the way the moonlight illuminates the room is gorgeous. I can't even begin to say how lovely it is. The smell of vanilla and strawberries penetrate the air.

"Really, I'm flattered that you think so much of me that you took me to a five-star restaurant and on top of that got us a private room, but we don't have to do this. It's not too late to leave." Oh… if the room is so nice, how much is the food going to cost?!

He finally lets go of my hand, turns to face me, and holds both of my hands in his left hand while he reaches up with the other one to stroke my cheek with his thumb.

UNFAIR!! Just this alone is making my heart pound thunderously! And I already feel like I'm melting underneath his touch. But that's not enough for him. No. On top of everything, the way his chocolate eyes gaze into mine so tenderly makes me feel like my entire body is just liquefying into a sloppy pool at his feet.

It's unfair, I tell you. He can make me go crazy with a simple touch and mere eye contact while I have nothing against him. If this were a game of Quidditch, I would not hesitate to call a foul.

"Katie, you haveno idea how much you mean to me and what I wouldn't give to be with you forever. I tried to stop caring for you so many years ago because it was inappropriate in Hogwarts. It never worked. I tried to stop thinking about you by getting lost in Quidditch. That didn't help. I'vetried to use five different potions to stop my undying affection for you but it was all in vain. Merlin- I only chose those potions because their names. 'Kill the Love', 'Annihilate the Love', 'Termination: Love', 'Ick! Get it off of me!' and 'Eww…LoveBe Gone!'. All of them began with a different letter of your name. All of the strongest stuff on the market and all five of them failed.

"You make me happier than when a new broom comes out or when we win a game. You make me feel like I can always be at home with you- like being by your side is where I can completely let go and not worry about putting up a macho façade- I can be my goofy self. You're the only one that's ever truly accepted me for exactly who I was and because I knew you would always back me up and be there for me, I was able to put my entire life on the line when I went out for Quidditch. It's the only reason I ever made it big in Quidditch. You make me smile no matter how close or far away from me you are. The way you pout and giggle and smile and blush makes me feel like I ate some kind of hairy animal and it's tickling the inside of my stomach. Your sweet, caring nature makes me have hope that the world is not completely full of self-centered idiots." The ring on my finger not only tingles in warmth, but constricts ever more securely around me.

"I could go on for the rest of this cruise and list every way you make me smile and all the reasons you are perfect but then you'd start pouting and I'd just forget where I was because you're so cute and you distract me so easily.

"You, my dear Katie, are the love of my life. There's no way I could ever stop thinking about you." He pauses to wipe a tear from my cheek. "That's how I know it's true love. There is no way in the world anything could stop me from coming back to you. I would stop at nothing to protect you. If years of trying to move on have failed, it has to be because I love you. No potion or spell in the world could quell my feelings for you. No woman- muggle or witch could ever even dream of coming close to your place in my life. No matter what anyone does, you will always have the single key to my heart."

Even if he has more to say, I don't care. Tears roll freely down my face as I lean in to close the gap between us. My lips lightly skim his and I whisper the words that my heart has known all along but my mind was too thick to realize. "I love you, too, Oliver Wood."

He was about to lean closer but freezes at the words. I take the chance to kiss him softly. Just one peck.

But it's not enough… I've had to last my entire life without Oliver's lips and a wave washes over me- a wave that leaves me with a burning desire to feel his lips on mine.

I peck his lips again, this time refusing to break contact. Still, this isn't enough. I pull one of my hands free and run it through his coffee coloured hair, subconsciously tugging him closer, needing to feel that this is real and not some kind of perfect dream.

I kiss him again and again, finally breaking him out of his stupor. He moves the hand that was on my face to the back of my neck, pulls me even closer and kisses me back passionately. I can feel both of our hearts pounding with overwhelming emotion for one another. I'm pretty sure I literally dissolve is his embrace, but really I can't tell because my mind is so focused on my lips that it feels like the rest of my body is numb. His kiss leaves me breathless and I realize for the first time in nearly a minute that humans need to breathe. The second I open my mouth, his tongue slips in and touches mine.

And here I thought that Oliver Wood was merely perfect

Oh, that word is nothing compared to him. And I wondered how I survived without his lips? They were only the teasing glimpse to the torturous pleasure he's drowning me in.

Indeed, it really is like we're under undulating water. I feel like waves are just crashing down on us, and they're leaving me completely and utterly lost in his kiss. His tongue dances the Tango with mine. I just want to burst at the seams- how can he be so incredibly incredible?!

I honestly don't know how long we made out before he slowly calms the kiss and caresses my tongue. To top it all off, he pecks me sweetly on the lips and finally pulls away.

We both lean back on the couch, trying to catch our breath and both at a complete loss for what to say.

After a minute, he turns his head to look at me. I do the same and sigh delightfully as I get lost in those pools of Heaven he calls eyes.

"Impossible," I finally say.

"What is?"

"It is dumbfoundingly impossible to have lived so long without experiencing that every single day."

"Of course! That's because it's impossible to even live without a kiss from me," he gloats cockily.

"Oh, cut it out…" I swat playfully at him.

"Ok…" he sighs and stares up at the ceiling again. "But seriously…"

I giggle and snuggle up next to him, wrapping my arms around his torso. A few minutes pass before a bell rings.

"Yes?" Oliver responds.

Instantly, the curtains are pulled back and three chefs enter the room, each carrying a large tray with huge domes atop them.

I try to sit up to be polite but Oliver has none of it. He refuses to let me escape from his side.

They place the dishes down and one by one they lift the domes and explain what our meals are. Two of the trays contain two different types of fish and the third holds a variety of sides and vegetables.

My eyes glimmer at the frankly delicious looking meal. "How in the world did you know my favorite kind of fish?!" I cry excitedly once the chefs close the curtain behind them.

Oliver ignores my question and pours two glasses of wine. He takes his and signals for me to do the same. With those breathtaking eyes of his, he gazes at me. "Here is to the love of my life. Now that you're with me, I will never let you go. I promise you that." His Scottish accent threatens to make me crack.

"I love you, Oliver. I've always trusted you with everything but my heart… but now you have that, too."

He grins at this as we clink our glasses together and drink.

"Hearing you say those words makes me feel like my whole life is complete, Katie."

I smile for a moment but then pout.

"What's wrong?" he questions.

"You haven't kissed me in like…" I pause to think about how long it's been, "… seven minutes."

He raises an eyebrow. "Already wanting more, Cupkates?"

I glare at him as I grab his tie and pull him closer to me. "You have no idea…"

The End

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