There were a lot of things in life Zim refused to put up with. Crawling through smelly school air shafts to avoid insane big headed boys just to get to the next class could be considered one of those things. He has now been crouching in the same position for over five minuets and his organs were beginning to cramp. He had to keep on his toes if he were to go unnoticed. For an insane big headed boy he sure did catch on quick. Zim frowned to himself as he remembered how earlier that day in the cafeteria the ebony haired boy had caught him hiding in the potato salad. He thought his green skin would have allowed him to blend in perfectly. Stupid stupid stupid stupid…

Okay. It has now been 7 minuets. No sign of the scary crazy kid. Time to go! Zim carefully lifted the screen out of the wall climbing through the wall into the outside world. Thank God this day was finally over.

Walking home Zim decided to make a list of things he had learned that day.

big headed boys are scary

Potato salad does not make a good hiding place

And number three turned out to be a blue print of the school air shaft system; quite a productive day actually. Zim continued humming to himself, quite pleased for once. He could finally just go home, at peace and alone with his genius thoughts. And he actually was a genius; a child prodigy in fact. He loved creating things, regardless of whether or not what he actually invented could be considered useful. Zim just liked problem solving in general. Mysteries and the unknown absolutely thrilled him. Once Zim decided to think about this and decided that discovering things gave him a purpose in life; it made the world a little more interesting and life a little more worth living. Aside from that, Zim absolutely abhorred confusion. He needed everything to make sense to him and he needed to know everything about everything.

And he didn't realize it then, but walking back home all he could think about was Dib, one question soaring through his subconscious: Why?

Why was the crazy boy so crazy? WHO was the crazy boy? What did he want with ZIIIM?

Zim's bottom jaw jut out slightly as he hummed, thinking of ways to discover the boy's intentions. His humming began to sync in tune to his boots slapping the sidewalk as he marched down the street that would lead him home.

As Zim reached his house and was about to turn into his walkway he stopped. His eyes darted around the atmosphere in a quick analysis of the situation. He felt his adrenaline pump through his veins for split second until he registered that the area was secure. He let out a long sigh.

"Wooooooo!" He wiped away the beads of sweat that were beginning to collect as his brow. He could have sworn he felt a disturbance. Now anyone else would have thought a sixth sense to be nothing but paranoia, but Zim's "episodes" had a long history of always- always being correct.

He cautiously opened the gate and stepped inside. He halted swishing to defense position, prepared for any attack that may shoot his way. Seconds passed. None came. And so with newly restored confidence, Zim marched up to his front door with his eyes closed. Oh how amazing he was.

When he got to his door, he opened his eyes and released a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. Smiling, he stuck his keys in the door, jerked them once to the left and the door swung open revealing before a sea of ebony darkness.

Normally the dark didn't even phase Zim, but after the great amount of stalking he was subjected to today he was wary of even the slightest- KLINK! Zim froze for a second then leaned in, to squint into the darkness. He heard rumbling; getting louder and louder as it neared the entrance. Zim's pupils shrunk to the size of pinheads then-


"GIIIIIR!!! What is the meaning of thiiis??" It was only that styuuupid FILthee robot. "I thought I shut you off before I left?"

The little robot looked thoughtful for a moment, scratching it's little chin trying desperately to reach some sort of information that had escaped him and left his brain in the dust. His sensitive robot eyes caught a glimpse of movement behind his master, who currently had his hands over his hips and his bottom teeth jutting out in his signature scowl of displeasure-ment-ness.

"DERES A BIG HEAD BOY JUS BEHIN' YO!! AH SEEN IM!! Ah seen im good ah deed ah deed!!"

Zim's lip vibrated with a growl. –should have dismantled the stupid- when I had the- WAIT. Big head boy? Zim turned around swiftly. And sure enough he caught a glimpse of a little black scythe peeking from behind a bush. Oh Mother of mercy! Why?? Zim's palm slapped to his forehead.

Zim made a choked frustrated noise as he beat his fist into the space between his eyes. PERFECT. Now the little bugger knew where he lived. PERFECTO-MUNDO-GRANDE or whatever- some Spanish word… thing…

"Come out!! Zim has spotted you with his INcredible eyes!!! There is no sense in hiding now- boy-uh." Zim spat out the last phrase, narrowing his eyes toward the boy's hiding spot trying to burn a hole through that cursed bush. After a second of no movement on the boys part Zim scoffed and folded his arms to his chest in contempt. "You defy ZIIM??? Well then, it seems you have left Zim with no other choice but to let his robot force you out- GAAAHHH!!" Before Zim even knew what happened his face was pushed into a mound of grass with an aching weight straddling his back.

"HA! You fell for my decoy Zim!"

Huh? Decoy?- OH. Zim spit out the dirt clogging his air way and whipped his fist around colliding with the boy's skull. –for the love of all that was good in life he was going to DECAPITATE this stooopid BIG HEAD BOY!!!

The boy fell on the pavement and made an OOFF sound.

"YOU DARE TO TACKLE ZIM IN HIS OWN HOME????? YOU DARE??" Zim spat clawing at the sky in "rant-mode". "OF ALL THE FILTHY CHILDREN I HAVE EVER MET I HAVE NEVER-NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER MET SOMEONE AS INTOLERANT AS YOU- EVERRRRRR!!!!!" He screeched the last bit in the boys face who recoiled, looking bitten.

Zim panted heavily and violently pointed in the opposite direction of his home, where Dib scrambled to in seconds flat, a wildly scared out of his dreams look in his eye.

AN: not much going on in this chapter but WHAAAATEVER.