Part 1: The Demon Within Him

Uzumaki Naruto - Last member of the little-known Uzumaki Clan after his parents were killed by the Nine-Tailed Demon Spirit, or so he was told, shortly after he was born The 4th Hokage, the leader of the village at the time, sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Spirit into Naruto forever marking his destiny, the 4th hokage died after sealing the Demon within Naruto and his only wish was that Naruto be thought of as a Hero, although regrettably he did not receive his dying wish.

Naruto for as long as he could remember was shunned, shut out and ultimately excluded from everyone's attention except for the occasional cold glares from the Adults that Pierced him like Icy Daggers stabbing at his insides, and for whatever reason he was hated he did not know until the day a ninja-gone-rogue named Mizuki told Naruto the Forbidden Dark Secret everyone who knew was ordered by law to never repeat, that the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon that was 'Supposedly' Destroyed was sealed inside of Naruto's body.

At first Naruto felt even more distant but after Iruka treated him with genuine kindness and respect he put his ultimate dream into full motion, one day he was going to be Hokage!

A blonde Hair Ninja was lying in his old bed, hundreds of thought swirling around in his brain, we sat up and remembered he was back home, after four years of Training he was back home at last, The years of training was tough but he had never felt stronger, or even in shape than as he was now, he had learned some New Jutsus and perfected some old ones, and Naruto couldn't help but smile as he thought of all his friends out loud as he drifts off to sleep: "Sakura-chan, Neji-san, Ten Ten, Lee-san, Kiba, Hinata-chan..."

In one of the many bedrooms in the Hyuga Estate a slender, shy looking girl with bright, oval white eyes sneezed in the middle of the night, almost waking her up, she was half asleep and blushing brightly as she muttered in her sleep: "But Naruto-Kun what if someone sees us.. No I didn't say no!"

She opened her eyes to her dark, roomy bedroom, It had been almost 4 years since Naruto Went to go train with one of the Legendary Sannin and she was a little mad at herself because she didn't have the courage to see him off, she had felt very lonely with him gone even if he just saw her as a friend... and for some reason every night since he left she started to have very romantic and lets just say... explicit dreams... yeah explicit... "Oh Naruto-kun..." And with those words and a tear running down her pretty face she slowly drifts off to sleep...

The bright light from the sun crept through Naruto's blinds into his face, causing him to stir and wake up, he pulled out a fresh set of clothes out of his dresser and grabbed his Forehead Protector on his bedside table as he made his way into his shower, the hot water relaxed his sore muscles along with the rest of his body, he turned off the water and made himself breakfast, as he ate his pork ramen he wondered what was new with his friends over these past four years, as he finished eating he decided to give his friends a long-awaiting visit...