Chapter 30: A Fitting End

Orochimaru grinned maliciously and looked down at his prized Jinchuuriki apprentice as he said: "Sasuke… Your training is complete… There is nothing left for me to teach you…"

A Dark Grin appeared on Sasuke's face and in a blink of an eye Sasuke appeared behind his master and swiftly sliced him in half. Orochimaru looked at his traitorous comrade as he asked weakly: "You Traitor…Why?"

Sasuke laughed maliciously and glared at his former master with a powerful hatred reflecting in his eyes. After his laughter died down Sasuke said: "It's just as you said Orochimaru… You have nothing left to teach me which no longer makes you my master!"

And with those final words Sasuke generated a Chidori through his blade and disintegrated the form of the former Legendary Sanin.

Naruto suddenly jolted awake as he sensed Sasuke's chakra signature spike and then disappear. Naruto quickly grabbed his headband and adjusted it to his forehead. Hinata stirred in her sleep and looked up at Naruto sleepily, lightly rubbing her eyes as she said: "What is it Naruto-kun? Is something wrong?"

Naruto shook his head and said: "It's nothing Hinata you just go back to sleep I just wanted to get a breathe of fresh air."

As soon as Naruto was sure Hinata was asleep Naruto got his gear together silently and proceeded in the direction he felt Sasuke's chakra signature spike. Just as he was a mere five minutes from camp a voice said: "You're not a very good liar, are you Naruto?"

Naruto sighed and turned to his teacher and said: "I wanted to go alone so you and Neji could look after Hinata..."

Jiraiya had a very serious look on his face as he replied: "Fool! You think you could take on Sasuke and Orochimaru?! I'm coming with you and as for Hinata's safety I left Neji in charge of guarding her life, it's his duty as a member of the Hyuuga Clan and Neji is also a full fledged Jounin and fully capable of protecting her, we can leave her in his care..."

Naruto sighed and replied: "You'd come with me no matter what I said huh Jiraiya-sensei?" With this comment Jiraiya chuckled and said:

"It's as they say... Like student, like teacher..."

Naruto and Jiraiya raced across mountain tops as the concentrated mass of chakra, as they got closer the source of chakra gave a massive spike causing Jiraiya to say: "That feels like..."

"...The Kyubi's chakra..." Naruto finished for him. Naruto and Jiraiya made eye contact to confirm they understood the seriousness of the situation and sped toward their final target.

At the source of power Jiraiya and Naruto were heading toward Sasuke laughed maniacally as he said: "This power... With this Itachi is dead for sure... And Naruto you will be my stepping stone toward absolute victory!" With those words Sasuke opened his eyes, they were glowing bright red, Sasuke struggled but with the help of his Sharingan he managed to recede the demon's influence for now at least... Sasuke began to laugh again as he said: "Naruto come to me.. Let's finish this!"

Naruto and Jiraiya were very close to their target but suddenly Jiraiya stopped, this naturally caused Naruto to stop as well as he turned to Jiraiya and asked: 'What's wrong?"

Jiraiya's eyes shot wide open as he threw himself into Naruto and said: "Look out!"

Jiraiya's evasive maneuver had caused him and Naruto to barely escape a barrage of seemingly endless kunai and Shuriken. As soon as the attack had ceased a very dark laughter erupts the battlefield as the voice os Sasuke said:

"You shouldn't be so careless Naruto!"

And with that statement an army of Sasuke clones appeared and began charging at Naruto and Jiraiya. Naruto created an army of shadow clones to counter and keep Sasuke's clones busy as he raced toward Sasuke, a rasengan charging up in the palm of his hand as he roared: "Sasuke!"

There was an enormous explosion of chakra as the entire battlefield was illuminated with a seemingly celestial bright light.

When the light Dimmed Naruto and Sasuke were in mortal combat, each exchanging blows on par with each of their respective blades, Naruto did not own a sword but Jiraiya had given him one for self protection after they had entered the Celestial Gate.

Sasuke backed up a good distance and performed a series of hand signs as he called out: "Fire Style! Inferno Dome Jutsu!" Immediately a dome of flame surrounded Naruto and Sasuke, cutting Naruto off from Jiraiya's support, Sasuke laughed and said: "It's just you and me now Naruto!"Sasuke grinned darkly and held his blade out in front of him and yelled: "Chidori!"

Sasuke's chakra elementally composed into electricity and seem to extend the blade the blade with that very chakra and shot forward at an incredible speed. Naruto barely dodged, the blade nicking his shoulder, the smell of burnt flesh and fabric in the air.

Naruto stared down his opponent, sensing the same hostility from his former comrade he sensed back at their fight at Valley's End four years ago. Naruto stared at Sasuke with years of hatred and betrayal as he found his resolve and said in a dark voice:

"Sasuke... You can forget about me bringing you back to the village, because I'll kill you! It's not as if I broke my promise to Sakura she can see your corpse for herself when I do bring you back!"

Naruto charged as much chakra as he could as he produced a countless number of clones, Naruto then grinned as he threw a smoke bomb into the middle of the fight to keep Sasuke busy...

As the smoke cleared Naruto opened his eyes, a bright white light shining from them, with a white rasengan charging in his right hand. Sasuke grinned maliciously and charged up a demonic red chidori in the palm of his hand as he said to Naruto:

"You're wasting your time Naruto! I have a demon and the sharingan! I killed Lord Orochimaru with this power... You don't stand a chance!"

Naruto clenched his free fist in fury and lunged forward at Sasuke as he called back:

"Fool! You think I get all this power from that stupid fox?! This power is all in my bloodline!"

And with those final words the two Shinobi each delivered their ultimate blow, each Shinobi completely draining their chakra supply. The winner would be determined by power. Unfortunately for Sasuke he had underestimated the number one unpredictable Shinobi...

Sasuke stared down at the palm that plunged straight through his chest, the Uchiha's last words were: "Impossible... How could I lose?"

And with Sasuke's final words his corpse fell to the ground. Immediately following the Uchiha's demise the barrier of fire that had separated Naruto from Jiraiya. Jiraiya ran over and asked: "Naruto are you alright!? What happened?!"

Naruto stared blankly at the fallen former shinobi on the ground and said: "He tried to kill me I had no choice..."

Jiraiya nodded and suddenly something hit him and he said almost in mid-thought: "But Orochimaru..." "Is dead..." Naruto finished for him.

Jiraiya's eyes opened wide in shock but after a moment to compose himself. Jiraiya looked down at the ground and responded: "I see..."

Naruto who was in complete understanding with what his sensei was feeling for he too once considered Orochimaru a friend like Naruto had considered Sasuke... If only he knew how much the two were the same earlier in his life... Naruto grinned and said:

"Come on Jiraiya-sensei everyone's waiting for us..." Jiraiya nodded as he and Naruto headed toward the campsite. Naruto carrying Sasuke's body.

Hinata screamed and twisted her body violently trying to escape Neji's grasp as she practically cried out: "Neji let me go! What if something happened to him!?"

Neji tried harder to calm down the Hyuuga Heiress as he sighed and said: "Hinata I promised Jiraiya I would look after you! I'm sure Naruto wouldn't want you going anyway! How would he feel is wasn't able to protect you!"

Hinata gave up her struggle against her cousin as she dropped to her knees, tears running down her cheeks as she said: "I know that! But..."

Neji took a deep breathe to calm down and said: "Hinata Naruto's strong, he'll come out of this alive trust me... I've fought him."

Neji ended with a smirk. Neji's facial expression when he thought of Narut brought a smile to his face as she said: "Thank you Neji..."

As if on cue Naruto and Jiraiya appeared in the distance. Jiraiya waving back at Hinata, Naruto's facial expression however seemed clouded and deep in thought.

Hinata ran towards her lover expecting him to open his arms for her, when he didn't she looked up questionably and asked: "Naruto what do you have there?" Naruto sighed and smiled as he walked past her and replied: "Just the body of a former comrade..."

A large ancient looking gateway suddenly glowed blue and was bathed in a seemingly celestial light. After the light had dimmed and vanished four figures emerged from the gateway. After they exited Naruto and Jiraiya made eye contact and nodded in understanding of what had to be done. Together Naruto and Jiraiya replaced the seal on the celestial gate. A rune of glowing chakra shaped like a lock almost seemed to be engraved into the very gateway itself.

And with those finishing acts the group of Shinobi headed back towards the village hidden in the leaves, the only place they could call home.

Five Days Later...

Naruto, Jiraiya, Hinata, and Neji had finally arrived at the gates of Konoha. As Naruto walked toward the Hokage tower carrying the body their "Great Sasuke Uchiha" the villagers began to all give Naruto very dirty looks, dirtier than usual but Naruto didn't care, it's not like he expected to be thought of as a Hero by ending the mission like this, there was no other option open to him, Sasuke had crossed over to the dark side and nothing he could have ever done could have brought him back, his latest experiences definitely taught him that lesson well.

After what seemed like an eternity from Naruto's perspective Naruto and the rest of their squad had arrived at the Hokage tower, Naruto gave a light knock and proceeded to enter as he heard as reply from the other side of the door say: "Come in."

Naruto, Hinata, Jiraiya, and Neji all entered the Hokage's office, Tsunade took a quick glance over the squad and asked: "Did you complete your mission?" Naruto nodded and replied: "Orochimaru is dead."

Tsunade's eyes widened in shock for a moment but after a moment to compose herself she replied: "I see so I take it you're the one who defeated him Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head and replied: "No it was Sasuke."

Tsunade was very surprised at this and a smile came to her face as she asked: "So I take it you brought him back?"

Naruto nodded and put Sasuke's body on the ground, tears starting to form in Naruto's eyes no matter how much he wished he could control his emotions now of all times. Naruto took a moment to breathe deeply and clear his thoughts as he said:

"I managed to bring him back and fulfill my promise to Sakura but not the way I had intended... It was at the cost of his life and he left me no choice..."

After Naruto finished he dropped down to his knees and cried. Hinata appeared by Naruto's side, a warm smile on her face as she pressed Naruto's face into her chest and began to caress his blonde locks as she said:

"It's alright Naruto-kun let everything out... It's not your fault..."

Naruto looked up at Hinata, his face stained with his own tears and began to cry into his lover's embrace. Remembering all over again the reason he fell in love with her...


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