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Who Knew


Its hard letting go, that's what they always said when someone died or was moving away. It was always the same words of advice given, as if the other people around had went through what Kaoru had gone through. It's hard letting go.

How hard was it to them? It was heartbreaking for Kaoru. It used to be Them vs Us. They lived in a world that was locked by the strongest lock and shut by the iron gates. Yet when Haruhi managed to break that lock and grab Hikaru's wrist, the gate shut, leaving only Hikaru and Haruhi to walk in and out as they pleased.

It hurt.

It hurt as if acid was being poured all over him. His heart was shattering before every word, every scene, every glance, by everything!

Hikaru managed to like Haruhi.

She accepted his feelings. Along with the key for her to in and out. Yet, Kaoru was alone in the world that him and Hikaru built.

Wasn't it just to be the two of them forever?

Now that they were together, Kaoru did everything he could to make sure that his selfishness didn't get in the way. He set them up on a couple of dates, and even managed to get away when they were at the household, leaving them alone.

It was the only thing he could do for his big brother after everything he did for him. Wasn't it fair? And besides his brother deserved love. It was only fair. The oldest seem to fall before the younger. Was it because of influence? Kaoru prayed to god it wasn't true. If it was, then maybe that's why he was walking down the streets looking gloomy and upset even though the day was bright. He left them to their lonesome for him to find someone to spend time? Did it make any sense?

He bumped into a girl with dark black hair that was long to her shoulders. Her eyes were hidden by her bangs. "Gomen," She said in a soft voice Kaoru swore he heard before. Where he had heard it from, he couldn't remember, but her face just looked familiar.

"It's okay," Kaoru said softly to the girl as he composed himself as well as her. "Have we met before?"

"I don't think so," The girl said blinking her dark black eyes at him. She seemed to be in thought.

Kaoru nodded. "Gomen na sai." He gave her a slight smile as he turned to walk away.

"I think I remember you," The girl said making him stop. "One of the Hitachiin brothers aren't you? I'm surprised."

He turned back around and it clicked. She was the same girl that played their game. The same girl that told them that she was sorry, and begged them not to cry since she guessed wrong. It was amazing about who she was, but even more so that she just happened to be walking by the same time he was.

"Surprised?" He asked blinking.

The girl nodded, "I'm guessing you don't remember me. If you do, then I suppose you don't know my name. I'm Yuri." She said lightly.


A plain name for a woman that looked to be in the same pain he was. She had a smile, but her eyes were in a whirlwind of regret and pain. Or was that his reflection just shining through?

"I'm glad to see that your back." Kaoru said trying not to stare. It's been so long, and they only met ONCE.

Yuri shrugged, "It's not a big deal for me. I have to admit, I'm taken back that you changed drastically. I suppose high school brings the worst and the best out of us doesn't it?"

The worst and the best.

What does she mean by that? It was almost as if she was quoting from a book. She could have very have been for all Kaoru cared for. But then again, what did she mean by it?

"I suppose so," Kaoru said dryly.

Yuri sighed and then said, "So, what made you upset?"

Kaoru shrugged, "Nothing."

Yuri understood. "I see." She bit her lip as she looked down at the sidewalk, thinking of what she should do next. How was it that Kaoru could read her like an open book? She could very well be thinking that hell should just swallow her up there and now. "Gomen na sai." She nodded at him before turning around and walked away.

Meeting the same girl that they first hurt, meeting the same girl that played and lost. Who knew that this day was going to turn out to be something Kaoru dreaded? He sighed as he kept walking.

If someone said count your blessings for your long gone, I guess I didn't know how, I was all wrong. They knew better, still you said forever, and ever...who knew?

"Kaoru! What took you so long?" Hikaru saw his brother walking up the steps and opened the door before he could let himself in. Haruhi was grinning at him and was pulling him inside.

If someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them out, for their all wrong. I knew better, cuz you said forever, and ever...who knew?

"I was just talking to a friend." Kaoru answered softly as the door shut behind him.