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Leave Out All The Rest


When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done

Kaoru woke up to face the curtained windows that blocked out the hallway that lead to the waiting room of the hosptal. Faintly, he wondered what he was doing here, but remembered about the wreck. He looked down at the palm of his right hand with the needle dripping IV into his veins. Frowning, he glanced over at the phone and remembered the call.

He wanted to talk to Hikaru, about what he said. He knew that he only broke his brother's heart even more then he had mended, but life was cruel. They couldn't leave in their little world forever. He knew that right when Haruhi decided to tell them apart. If they hadn't challenged her like they did, then they would have been safe.

Fates were playing a non-safe game with them that time. They tempted it as well. Didn't their maid once say to them that there possibly wouldn't be anyone that would be able to tell them apart? Even if that's what they wanted? Even though she stole more then just money, she had shattered their hope. But when it wasn't renewed and wanted to keep it that way, Haruhi claimed that someone could. And it just happened to soon.

Or was it too late? He sighed as he turned his head away from the phone and thoughts. What time was it? He glanced over at the covered windows and sighed. No way was he going to be told when visiting hours were going to happen. No way were they going to tell him. Just allow anyone to walk into the room.

Help me leave some reasons to be missed


He glanced over to the door he thought that was locked, but happened that it wasn't. His mirror was standing right at the doorway, his eyes were red and cheeks were stained. His hair was a little screwed up, possibly from running.

"Hi." Kaoru tried to force a smile, tried to forget about the phone call. He didn't mean for this to happen.

Hikaru ran over to him and before Kaoru knew it, he was in Hikaru's arms. His head was buried into Kaoru's shoulder and he felt something wet land there. Feeling that it was his fault and knowing that this went deeper then what last night held, he carefully pulled him closer and made him sit down on the side of the bed, somewhere were they could talk and be comfortable.

"Don't you say it." Hikaru choked as his voice became muffled from the 'pillow' that he was using. Kaoru frowned and opened his mouth to say something, but Hikaru beat him to it. "Don't tell me to get out. Please Kaoru..."

"I said for you to cross the bridge with Haruhi. I never told you to get out." Kaoru soothed softly.

"Crossing over is getting out Kaoru." He pulled away from his brother's embrace and stared into his eyes. One was full of pain while the other was in confusion. "Please Kaoru, just stop telling me to get on with my life. To spend more time with Haruhi then with you. I know what I'm suppose to do!" He used the back of his hand to wipe away some more tears that were about to fall from his eyes.

Kaoru frowned. "That's what I want you to do though, HIkaru. We're not going to be separated. We still have our room."

"Don't you THINK that I DON'T KNOW what your GOING TO DO when YOU GET HOME!" Hikaru half shouted the whole speech.

Don't resent me

Kaoru frowned as his brother sadly and then said, "It was going to be piece by piece, little by little."

"Yeah, and to make sure that I didn't notice right?" Hikaru growled softly under his breath. "Damn it Kaoru just because I love Haruhi doesn't mean I'm going to toss you aside like you're worthless. I'm not that kind of brother. I would keep you close as I would Haruhi. Even if me and Haruhi get married or something happened to us that went downhill, that doesn't mean that I'm going to say good bye."

"Some speech." Kaoru tried to lighten up the mood with a soft grin on her face. "Obviously, you planned it all out before you got here."

"Planned?" Hikaru nearly burst into tears again. "Damn it Kaoru...you are acting more and more like a fool."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Kaoru asked his brother.

Hikaru straightened up and looked at his right hand. Kaoru's hand held a taped needle while his hand was pure and clean. He hadn't been so near death, but Kaoru did...and now everyone was going to be able to tell them apart just by how beat up the other looked. "Kaoru, you can't have thought I planned it." He said trying to get his grip together.

"Hey...did I come in at a bad time?"

The two boys looked over to see Haruhi standing at the doorway blinking. She held the door opened with one hand and was holding a box or something in the other. Her brown eyes turning to one twin to the other.

And when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory

"Nope!" Kaoru said as he scooted up in his bed and snuggled into the covers lightly. "What's up Haruhi?"

"Nothing much," Haruhi said as she walked in after closing the door behind her. She walked over and set something down to his bedside before pulling a chair for Hikaru and then pulled on up for herself. "Just thought to bring these over. Thought you must be bored with nothing to do but lie there."

"Thanks for reminding me of pleasures of walking." Kaoru joked lightly. "The doctors think that if I start walking I would run out of the room."

"That's sweet to know." Haruhi rolled her eyes while Hikaru shook his head a fast grin was spreading over his face.

Kaoru smirked lightly before looking at the bedside table. "What did you bring?"

"If you take it and open it, you may just find out." Haruhi said to Kaoru who reached over and took it. It was light but heavy at the same time. He noticed that the thing she held was a white binder full of plastic. Opening the cover his eyes widen when he saw pictures of the Host Club all together and with different actives. Some were indivual like Haruhi and Tamaki and some were in pairs like Mori and Honey.

"Pictures of everyone." Kaoru blinked.

"Including you and Hikaru before the accident." Haruhi said as she pointed over one picture of some sort of picnic and Hikaru and Kaoru were just lying down on their stomachs grinning and doing the peace sign over at the camera, being mischievous.

Kaoru frowned as he turned the page over to some sort of pool party where Hikaru was sitting out and was just grinning slightly, and Kaoru was sitting at the pool's edge his feet dipped in the water. Kyouya was in the picture writing something down on his notebook. Not even close to knowing who or what took the picture.

"I took some of them while Tamaki did others." said Haruhi laughing slightly. "Other ones after the accident I mean, were all taken by me. We all wanted you to see what you were missing out, because we thought you might want to know that nothings been the same without you around."

Leave out all the rest

"Thank you, Haruhi." Kaoru said softly as he closed the binder and held out his arm to give her an one armed hug. "Thank you."

Hikaru's eyes closed lightly as he leaned back into his chair. He opened his eyes, and a small placid smile glued to his lips. "Glad that you finally realize what your going to be missing if you walked out of our world."

"Its your fault." Kaoru said lightly.


Leave out all the rest