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So, I sat down and wondered what I could write-dedicate to the evil homunculus that is jealousy. Thus, you have this fic, which is titled correctly—that is no typo.

Infatuation Fascination:

Seven sins, seven names: Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth.

The jealous sin often wondered if his sinfulness had not gotten confused along the way, thus deciding that it wasn't sure if it was all envious or just a horny bastard. More than often his sinfulness bordered solely on rage and revenge. So perhaps it had gotten perplexed over that also; mimicking the young sin that was Wrath. He could also be very greedy. So maybe, Envy concluded, he was a mix of all sins. After all, he could transform into anyone he so desired, so was it not feasible to assume that his indulgence could also? Either way, he had no complaints about himself.

His eyes glazed over as he watched the woman writhe about on the rooftop. The plus side to his perch was the view. Oh yes, the view. It was a wonderful view, and he had no grievance about the scene before him.

A leer danced across his face as the woman's pale hand, free of any cloth or glove that usually covered it, dipped between her thighs and began tracing slow circles up the heated flesh, longing to touch the forbidden fruit. No pun intended. Envy chuckled wickedly to himself, patting himself on the back for his sneakiness. Oh yes, he was sneaky. Poor, aching female had no idea he was spying on her from atop the street light. Though he had to admit, he should have changed into a small form, because if someone were to look up and see him, they might find it odd that a seemingly late-teenaged boy was perched on a space that was well in the air, and no larger than his own fist. He was unwavering, so maybe they would assume him to be a misplaced gargoyle? Unlikely. He shrugged. What did he care anyway; he was having his fun.

He narrowed his eyes at the seen, sharp teeth edging out from his laughing grin. Lust really didn't know how to control herself, he thought, smile widening. In his book, that was a good thing. A homunculus often got bored on the job when scouting, and Lust more than often provided Envy with wonderful entertainment. Such as tonight. Forget the Elric shrimp; this busty woman had the sin's full attention.

It wouldn't be the first time that Envy had watched Lust touch herself, and he certainly hoped that it would not be the last. Though he had never 'participated' in her deed, it was a marvelous thing to watch. Lust was always so…temptingly striking when she brought herself to the intended peak. He liked how her pale cheeks flushed bright pink and she gnawed her bottom lip. More than not, Envy found himself pondering very naughty things while simply sitting around with the voluptuous sin. He often wondered what it would be like to be on top of the woman; feel her arch and clench against him; see and hear those wonderful things up close.

Envy was by no means 'innocent' in the area of sex—or any area for that matter. However, fucking pathetic, contemptible humans was nothing, he imagined, compared to sex with someone…like himself. Would Lust be 'different' from human females? He thought that perhaps she would be. Certainly looked it. Besides, how could one not wish to be with a woman that was literally the epitome of lust? Lust was lust, and oh, he bet grinding into her would send him flying.

She looked like she was getting close to release, Envy observed as he shifted the elbow that was laid across his arched knee. Damn, his fun would end soon, and off it would be to find a weak mortal to give him his own orgasm, be it sexual or carnage. Either way, he would have a hell of a lot of tension to get rid of after Lust was finished.

It was a pity that he could not simply pounce her. Or jump on over and ask to join n a more polite way. She'd decline, he knew. And once the refusal had been shouted—his head nearly sliced clean off—the woman would huff away, and her 'sessions' would end. Envy certainly didn't want that. And so he would just watch his…obsession. No, obsession was incorrect, because he was not infatuated with Lust. He simply wanted to fuck her a good round to satiate his curiosity. But that wasn't happening, so he would settle for a good show. A very good show.

He absently licked at his lips and watched her bring her left leg up. Her hand had left her center, and she was teasing herself. The other hand was working over the peaked nipples through the unique cloth of her tight-fitted dress. She moaned and Envy refused to believe that he had shivered because of it. Lust ran her finger slowly up her slit, dress pooling around her waist with her bottom fully exposed. She began the circling and rolling of her clit, jerking and bucking against her skilled hand.

Envy shook his head with another chuckle. The female sin was risky, that was for sure. He liked that kinkiness about her; surely the maintenance man for this lumber shop would have quite the shock if he ventured upon the eight story rooftop.

Lust arched slightly, hips bucking frantically as her mouth dropped open to a silent O. He was too far away to hear them at their best, but Envy could pick up her pants and gasps. What he wanted to hear from those wet, full lips was moaning. Or his name. That would be even better, a combination of both.

His smirk widened more so and he licked his lips once again, unaware that he was leaning forward and about to tumble from the post.

The female sin stopped her rubbing, teasing herself once more, and Envy growled, eyes narrowing. She was good apparently, but he was better, he knew. Her two digits slicked down to her entrance and she dipped them in. She pushed them in further and then pulled them out, gasping and bringing her other leg up only slightly. So close. Her fingers quickened their thrusting and finally she moaned. But it was quite, too quite for Envy's tastes. He bit the inside of his lip and stifled the sound that was trying to escape his overly dry throat. All the drool seemed to be collecting in his mouth. And on his lips.

Oh, he was drooling! Envy scowled, inwardly scolding himself, and wiped at his chin with the back of his limp hand. Meanwhile, he noted as he jerked his head back to his personal show of pleasure, Lust was working herself quite well. Quite well indeed. Those slick, sticky fingers had gone back to her clit, only to dip within her inner-folds a second later. She continued to repeat the action and Envy's eyes widened with glee. Hers, however, had squeezed tightly closed. And she was moaning. Yes! That's what he had been waiting for, but even more so, what he was still waiting for…

And she hit.

Calling out perhaps a bit too loudly in the nightly silence, Lust jerked against herself and thrashed about. Envy found himself panting with want as Lust swallowed and tried to calm her own breathing, her cheeks pink and sparkling with sweat. Fist clenching and unclenching by his side, Envy licked his wide grin once more—

and he fell from his perch… Luckily, Envy always landed on his toes.

Dusting himself off, the lean man put his hands on his hips and made his way to find his own orgasmic experience. And tomorrow, he would repeat the act, and Lust be, unknowingly, the cause of it.

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