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It was early. Envy stopped tossing the object in his hand up in the air and sat it on the nightstand that was beside a bed he'd never actually slept in. Sleep was something that someone who technically isn't human—according to Dante, doesn't need. But this was coming from the same woman that told him it wasn't possible for homunculi to dream, either. Envy had found both statements to be false. Once, when he had slept, not because he was tired, but because he wanted to test the theory, he had dreamed. And he had never wanted to sleep again.

It was entirely possible to scare the hell out of a sin. His nightmare had done just that for nearly a week when he was 'younger'. He supposed that it wasn't meant for the spawn of Satan to sleep peacefully.

Looking over to the small belled-alarm clock, the man sighed. It was only a little after four. Dante wouldn't have any requests or missions for at least two more hours. Falling back with his legs off of the bed, Envy looked up at the speckled ceiling and wondered what he could do to pass time. He guessed that he could go tract down Wrath and figure some way to torcher the brat. But not to misunderstand; Envy only liked to piss Wrath off, just so he could hit him. The kid deserved a good knock to the head every once in a while, anyway. He was loud mouthed and over angered too easily. Always complaining and clinging to his 'mother'. And Sloth didn't do anything to discourage the behavior. No, she just let him call her 'mommy' and follow her like a lap dog. It made him sick.

Sick because no one had ever treated him that way.

He'd never had anyone to call 'mother'. The one time he had made the mistake, in the first few months of his creation, of calling Dante mother had only earned him a calm and disgusted look. She had told him bluntly that he was not human and therefore had no mother. He should look at it as having a leader, someone to obey. But never a mother.

So if he had not been allowed delusions, then why should Wrath be?

Huffing, he sat up and stood to his feet. Being mean to Wrath wasn't really what he had an itching to do in at this early hour. Or late. Whichever way a person wanted to look at it. He wondered if maybe he should just go out for a 'walk'…

Deciding against even that, Envy stretched and pushed his hair behind his ear. Looked like Wrath was his only option. Swinging open the door to his so called room, the sin began to walk down the long corridor, not bothering to shut the bedroom behind him. He trudged albeit sulkingly over the red, flower patterned rug and passed by Sloth's empty room. He could tell it was empty because it was also left open. He passed Gluttony's room and heard no noises, so he decided that Fatso was elsewhere. The room after that, he recalled, eyes narrowing, had been Greed's. It was empty now, probably for good.

Narrowed eyes changed to a look of dancing as he stopped suddenly before the next door. He could hear Wrath bouncing that moronic ball he had found in the basement. Smirking, he reached for the doorknob and then…he halted, ear twitching. His brow knitted and he looked down into space, listening in on the sounds on the other side of the hall. He kept his hand on the knob but loosened it. The ball stopped its bouncing; however, Envy was paying it no mind, as he was too intent on keening in on the muffled sounds coming from another sin's bedroom. No way was Lust sleeping.

Snorting quietly, Envy let go of the door knob. Oh yes, he had just spotted his meal ticket, and oh it sounded divine. He supposed that the poor woman was either trying her damndest to move something rather heavy, or se was taking part in an in-place jog that had been going on for hours on end. Or...she was doing what he knew she was doing. Which was all the better. Best way to spend the early morning, in his opinion.

Taking a step away from Wrath's door, the sin was all too eager to kick his day off to a good beginning. He was stopped dead in his tracts, though, when the youngest of sins opened his door and looked up at him with an annoyed looked.

"What?" he growled at the man's back.

Envy's eyes narrowed to slits. He stiffened. Looking over his shoulder with features that made Wrath look thrown, he planted a firm fist to his hip and swung around. Wrath took a couple steps backward.

"You don't scare me, Envy," the boy stated firmly, trying for his worth to look intimidating right back. "I could easily pulverize you."

Amusing. The kid seemed to think he was actually capable of it. Envy grinned. "Oh?"

"Yes," he said firmly. "Now leave me alone before I prove it."

"Oh, I'll leave you alone, kid."

Wrath's large eyes followed Envy's hand as he pressed it to the edge of the door, his other still on his hip like a semi-feminine drill sergeant. He strummed his fingers, but Wrath held his ground and continued to wait for his pain in silence. Envy felt his lip curl in a sneer. He really wouldn't be so mad at the brat if he hadn't interrupted his journey to 'the promise land'. In truth, for every time that Envy hit the kid or yelled at him, there was a time when he flicked his nose or spoke civil…somewhat civil. As civil as it got with the child, that was. Today was not a nose flicking day. Today was an angry, pissed off kind of day.

"Still not scared," Wrath chided, shaking his head from side to side and copying Envy's pose.

"You should be, because you're not leaving this room until you rot and turn into red powder!" Envy flared, slamming the door abruptly. The older sin huffed and shook his head as he heard Wrath grab hold of the mangled doorknob, yelling from the other side, demanding freedom or else.

"Real scared, brat. You've got me pissing my pants," he mumbled, walking away from the severely damaged door. He felt his mood lighten and he grinned once more, looking head on at the door before him. Oh Lust, where for art thou lust?

Chuckling darkly, he stood in front of the door, catching the sounds coming in quiet murmurs. She had taken it down a notch since his little visit at the beach. A shame, a crying shame. Her cries were so pleasing to the ear. He looked down at the obstacle before him, wondering how he was to spy on her in her own room. And then Wrath gave him an idea.

"The window, huh?" he repeated what had been yelled by the boy. "Window it is—" He stopped, mouth open mid word, and tottered. Had he just heard what he thought he'd heard? Had the voice in that room just spoken to him? Uh oh. There was about to be bloodshed. Lust's muffled words, clearly aimed at 'whoever was in front of her door', came again. He listened, trying to see if he had heard correctly.

"I said," the hushed voice said in a somewhat irritated way, "if you're going to find a way to watch, you may as well come in the easy way…Envy. I know it's you."

He thought that she had to be pulling his leg. Letting him on. She was kidding! Wasn't she? However, if she was serious, who was he to pass up the offer? Feeling his lips tug up again, he put his hand on her doorknob. He stooped first, deciding that he should double check before attempting entry. No use in loosing any body parts. Dear God no, that would be tragic. Uncertain of how he should go about this—for it was new to him—Envy knitted his brow and searched for what he should probably ask.

"Uh…Lust?" he began. He heard nothing and decided that he should just go on. If she had some sick trick up her sleeve, then he could easily pin her down and knock the shit out of her for it. He'd never actually hit Lust or Sloth, but if the bustier of the two were to leave him no option…well. But he didn't think it would come to that. She wasn't the type to play stupid games with people unless she was ordered to. Which she hadn't been. Although…it seemed awfully fishy to him. So unrealistic. All this time, he had been apprehensive about approaching her when she was…in one of her moments. He'd always thought she would rather kill over dead than allow anyone to join her unless invited personally from the sin herself, much less him of all people and homunculi, someone who was…well…in a way they were related, he realized.


Not that it concerned him.

"Lust, if you're shitting me, I swear I'll rip out your guts and string them around the mansion."

"Well…won't they make lovely decorations."

"Muh?" He arched a brow. All sense of sentence had left him. Indeed, the woman on the other side of that bedroom door sounded completely serious. Blinking a few times to see if he was not imagining this, Envy shook his head, smirking. He turned the doorknob.

Lust's back was to the headboard, grating against it in a slow rhythm as the man against her thrust with surprising tenderness. She tightened her legs around his waist as he squeezed her hips, signaling her to do so. The added tightness caused her to gasp and arch against him, her head squishing against the wood. She panted, nails biting into Envy's back and shoulder. He growled in warning. Pain was something he disliked, and he disliked it even more in the middle of doing the horizontal twist.

His hand snaked from her thigh and inward, dipping between their meeting sexes. He bit down on his bottom lip, top one arching slightly, and dipped his searching fingers against her spread bundle of nerves that was so eagerly bucking against him. At first he chose to rub along side the edge of her swollen button, but, after get rather sick of that—though he was sure that she wasn't—Envy slid another finger along side and took the nub between them. He applied needed pressure, maybe a bit more than was needed, but hell, he liked to hear women scream, what could he say? Grinning, he began rubbing Lust yet gain, this time in a whole new way, and she really seemed to like it, he noticed.

Her back arched again. This time however, he caught sight of something that was out of place; the jealous sin, panting against her harsher with each thrust, caught sight of the wince from the corner of his eye, cheek pressed to the crook of her neck. He licked absently at his lips and slowed—stopping his hands completely but only stopping his other 'helper' for a second, to shift them so that she was not so crushed to the rough headboard. It wasn't as though he cared that she was in discomfort, but he'd rather this was good for the both of them, seeing as it was something he'd been longing for, for quite some time.


She looked at him and swallowed once, breathing way off and heart racing. "Yeah…"

He smirked crookedly and went about what they had been doing. He knew she was likely wondering what had come over him. But really, why must everyone assume he was always a bastard? Even in bed? Well, he supposed that was because he was always that way. And he liked him that way. He'd stay that way. But this time he was taking it slow. Not to say that he was getting soft or anything. Because hell would freeze over with rice pudding before that happened, he knew. No, he had another thing in mind. It did not involve paying attention only to himself and then killing the woman—or in several occasions, a man—afterward. No, he had another agony for Lust, and it seemed to be working to his advantage. Oh yes, from his observing this sin pressed against him—and he'd had lost of time for prior spying—Envy had noticed something. And oh, he was putting that to test. Why not? May as well go all out.

He picked back up on his twist-like rub to Lust's clitoris, all the while pushing himself into her deeply, but slowly. And it was taking everything in him not to loose it like usual and fuck her till she collapsed, like his usual 'lovers'. Paying no heed to their requests, begs, or in some cases refusals. Only doing what his body wanted. This time he was trying something new, and damn it, he was determined to succeed.

Lust squirmed and gave a small whimper, quickly followed by incoherent words of yearning. Her walls were about to try strangling him, Envy knew. It would be any second now. He really loved that feeling, that too tight but just so right fit and squeeze, and oh was Lust ever tight to begin with. He just wished her body would cave in already. He wanted it. And Envy always gets what he wants. He began to rub a bit quicker, as if it would also hurry Lust. To no shock whatsoever, it worked. It always did, Envy thought, grunting and pressing his forehead to the center of the woman's throat. Woman were so simple in many ways.

She moaned, her whole body jerking in a dance that only her nervous system knew. Poor body just couldn't seem to keep up, and Envy was no help whatsoever, as he was currently busy helping himself to the screaming walls of lust.

It took only a moment for her to come down from the high, only to pant and ask for more. Oh yes, definitely, she definitely had the right name for her sin.

Envy bit down maybe a bit too hard on her shoulder blade. She groaned and thrust her hips against his frantically as he hit a spot that seemed to get her wailing. But although he would keep doing so, he had no intensions of doing what he knew she really wanted.

"You're…going to slow," she moaned. "Faster."

He chuckled huskily into her ear, and then took it between his lips to suck in an agonizingly sexy way. "Heh." He moved from her ear, letting the lobe go with a quite, squish sound, and licked her neck. Lust jerked, mewing. "Oh, and what if," he grunted, "I like torturing you like this? Huh, Lust?"

For all she seemed to be trying, Lust couldn't manage to roll her eyes. She could only cling to him and call out to the sudden shock of pleasure that shot through her body. Envy would know; he'd felt his own pang of ecstasy.

"Oh, please," she breathed somewhat mockingly, after the wave subsided only slightly, continuing in smaller, separate shocks that caused her walls to tighten around him. "You're only torturing yourself—…Envy!"

He smiled against her neck as the sin faltered in her desperate attempt to fool him into quickening, only to call out his 'name' and clutch against him, hips trying desperately to move faster than he was allowing. "Ah-ah-ah," he clicked his tongue. "You're getting ahead of the game…Lust."

She shivered as her name fell off of his lips and against her neck, and Envy chuckled at her. He himself wasn't all sure if it had been to poke fun at her, or what, but she seemed to have liked it, either way. Fine with him. He began suckling on her heated flesh, tilting her back so that he could lick the cleft between her collar bones. She gasped when he nipped at her neck, above her pulse, sharp teeth scratching the surface.

Curling her toes, Lust wiggled.

The feeling it caused made Envy jerk, snapping his head back to look at her lidded eyes. He liked to be in control but this game of torcher was getting old for poor Lust, and she was damned determined to end it and get what she wanted, he saw. Bold. She should know that he wasn't going to allow that. Stupid woman. Why were women so damned pushy?

"Mmm," he hummed taking her lips with his and sucking them brutally. "I hate you…"

The female sin hissed through her teeth and sharpened her nails into his back. Envy gave a pissed ouch and slammed into her roughly once, on purpose, of course. Because of the pain it caused to her cervix—for, Envy had discovered, she was made just as any mortal he had fucked—Lust yelled and spat on him.

"The feeling's...ah!...Mutual!" she nearly growled, grinding against him.

That was it. He had had it with her and this gentle game. She was too much of an annoyance in bed. Didn't want to do things his way, and he didn't like that. Or maybe he did. Whatever.

He slammed her back against the headboard with a thud, clearly fed up with the slowness and gentleness himself. Lust called out and kicked behind them, causing the sheets to fly off the bed, leaving them bare. Envy's left arm lifted and shot out to steady them and the desire filled, sinful woman wrapped her arms around his neck. With the hand on her hip, Envy snaked it up her thigh, gripped, and forcer her to arch her leg higher. Lust called out what Envy assumed had been meant as his name, but instead came out as a bunch of jumbled syllables, and he rested his hand forcefully on her hip once more. The bed thumped the wall perhaps a bit too loudly.

She moaned, raking her hands through his hair, and Envy thought that he really wanted her to stop messing with his mane. Really, it was rather distracting. He was no puppy trying to get petted, for fuck's sake. He rumbled something that she either didn't hear or paid no attention to. Stupid. Maybe he should try to kill her afterward. Play a game of cat and mouse. The thought was actually somewhat appealing, seeing as he figured, since neither could kill one another, it would likely end…well…in a very similar position to now. Or so one could only hope.

Slowing himself down, Envy pulled out so that only the tip of his penis was inside of her. He narrowed his eyes, forcing her to look at him when she continued to close her own orbs and mew things he didn't really care to make out, but liked all that same. He gave up on making her look at his eyes and leaned down to her ear. His breath feathered across her skin. "It's like I said," he panted, still and prepared to end their bedroom dance, "you really live up to your name."

Her eyes opened and she turned her face to look at him. Her cheek bumped his ear and he brought his face up and over, finally managing to get a look at her red eyes. Lavender met crimson and the skinner of the two sins licked the other's top lip. She whimpered and he dipped his tongue into her nearly scorching mouth. He thought that he must have explored every inch of her mouth, and she his, before they settled for stopping the spit swap. Her wet lips relaxed against his chin and his to her forehead.

"Why are you stopping?" she asked in more of a breath, brow furrowed and confused.

"I'm not."

Envy hummed in the back of his throat and thrust forward, his penis slamming into her entrance with force that made her drop her jaw, unable to make a sound. He grunted, jaw clenched and body tensing. The warm fluids mingled and spilled down Lust's buttocks, smearing as Envy pulled out and fell beside of her. He looked over and watched her slide down the bed, trembling and staring at the ceiling with wide eyes. Licking his lips, the sin calmed his breathing. It didn't take him all that long. Of course, he hadn't really stopped it completely, he just had a special reason for suddenly sitting up and standing from the bed.

Lust lolled her head to the side, pupils dilated. "You…but I…"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget about you, Lust?" Envy asked. He chuckled as she began baring her teeth at him. "I'm sure you can take care of that."

And so, gathering his things as the angered and shocked, still hadn't got her rocks off the second time woman sat up and glared at him, Envy dressed and made his graceful exit. Oh yes, he had satisfied his curiosity, but that in turn had only caused something new to come to mind.

Now that he 'owed' her, perhaps he could manage to worm his way in again…


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