A/N Can you guess who they are before the end believe me I'm not subtle you'll do it easy

A/N Can you guess who they are before the end believe me I'm not subtle you'll do it easy!

The words in italics are his memories of what people said and what happened on that night.

Disclaimer - I do not own digimon there done easy

A new star in heaven

The golden haired man pulled his car to the side of the road and climbed out.

 Bringing his eyes up to rest on the bank of flowers well-wishers and mourners had been leaving there over the last week after, of course, they had removed the wreckage of the car had been removed and the three bodies buried.

(Tai stop! Watch out!)

 Walking forward, wishing he could walk backward, he strode over to them and knelt down to read some of the many cards:


           Although you're gone, I still know your here - in my heart.

                                Your loving sister Kari

(You can't drive for shit, you know that Kamiya?)


               We will miss you always, it's like a part of us is missing and really it is, everyone who had the luck to know you will miss your bright presence.

             Koushiro Izumi, Jyou Kido and Takeru Takaishi

(Headlights blinded him and he reached for her hand as he heard her scream)

Tai hadn't seen the car headed for them - it had come out of nowhere, Tai hadn't had enough time and in his last moments and he had reached for her hand and in his dying breath, he had said "Sora..." He could remember it clearly as his two best friends died. Tears began to leak from his cornflower blue eyes, as he remembered reaching for his own girlfriends hand tightly holding his at first, then slowly going limp then falling away as he'd blacked out and she.... had died.

(Will you marry me....?)

It should've been the happiest day of his life, she'd said yes to marrying him, her brown eyes had danced with happiness and she'd jumped into his arms her arms around his neck as she had kissed him.

(Of course...oh of course I will, I love you!)

They'd agreed to let Tai drive despite his lack of driving skills, Sora sat next to him shotgun, and the man had sat in the back next to the love of his life.

(Can't drive for shit)

(I love you)

The man stood and rubbed the cast on his arm, "Got off easy" The doctor had said and he was right, a broken arm, a concussion and a few broken ribs a mere scrape compared to the fact his three best friends were dead, he had been on the opposite side of the car - the side that wasn't crushed, his sweetheart and Sora had died instantly, Tai had been crushed by the front of the car.

 Wiping away his tears he tenderly laid the bouquet of pink and white roses on the ground, "For our wedding day" He whispered grief in his voice.

 The card read,

              I loved with all my heart

              But now you are gone

              And the heavens have gained another star

              Maybe one I'll learn to love again.

              But she won't be like you

              You were my love

              You were my one

              You were my sincerity,

              You were my Mimi.

                            With a promise to love you forever, Goodbye Mimi-Chan

                                                 Love Yamato Ishida.

Turning away Matt climbed back in his car and left he didn't look back for fear the tears would start and never stop

 He left and he'd probably never be back.

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 Sorry it's short, but it was just an idea that was fighting to get out of my head!

 Did you guess who they were, something tells me you might have.