Sodapop goes to Confession.

Father it's me Sodapop Curtis … I know I haven't been here in a long time but, I needed to come back and get a few things off my chest…. Here goes nothing.

This was the thought going threw Soda's head as he stepped into the church.

Sodapop Curtis walked to Saint Mary's Church. He hadn't been there since him and Two-Bit got kicked out two years ago , after throwing paper balls at the priest.

"Ahh is that you Sofapop?! I haven't seen you in a long time!"

Soda turned around to see none other then Father McDowe . The Priest that him and Two-Bit were throwing stuff at. Father McDowe could never get his name right. No matter how many times you told him. And he also couldn't remember Two-Bits name.that annoyed Soda.

" Uhh it's Sodapop Sir.. and I know , it's been awhile."

" Yes, yes that's right … sorry about that Sodacan… and how is your friend Two-dime doing??"

" Umm Two – Bit 's fine sir…. I would have taken him here with me, but….. I thought it was better I came alone"

Soda wondered how this guy could even look at him after what a fool him and two-bit made him.

" So what are you here for Cokecan?? Light a candle …. Waiting for a mass…… confession….."

" it's Sodapop sir…. And yeah I'm hear for confession, I was hoping to get a few things off my chest"

" well step right into the booth… and let confession begin…."

Soda got down on the kneeler and thought about what to say first to the priest. Should I say sorry about the paper balls…?? No! I don't wanna bring that back up!!! What should I say… wait I got it…..

" Ok Pepsihead you may begin whenever you want…"

" Umm Ok last week I took two- bits Mickey Mouse shirt and flushed it down the toilet."

" Why would you do that to Three-Bit? …. Is there more???"

" umm it's Two- Bit……and Yeah there is . On Tuesday I made my brother Ponyboy cry by telling him he was adopted and that my older Brother Darry really didn't want him and that I was the one that convinced him to keep him."

" Lemonhead… Why would you say that to your brother??"

" it's Sodapop.. and I dunno I was bored I guess…"

" ok anything else?? "

" Yeah I throw a rock at Johnny's head.. on … wait that was today! Right before I got here."

" Why would you throw a rock at your friends head LemonLime?? "

" Cause he was getting on my nerves…."

" ok .. I think that is enough for today Cherrycoke…. you can leave now…"

Soda couldn't take it anymore….. he knew he was in church but he just had to say it…


" well I never!!! Get out right now!!!! Before I call the police on you !!!"

With that Soda stormed out of the church… oh Boy was the Priest gunna get a surprise later… Before he left Soda … had made sure he put laxatives in the wine.

" That's the last time I try and go back to church!!"

A few days after Soda had been there, Two-bit went to the church…Drunk out of his mind….and it didn't end to well.. Two-Bit ended up peeing in the confessional booth and then when smoking a cigarette dropped it and set the place on fire.

Good going Two-Bit…