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She walks slowly over the ground in her black heels, listening to the crumple of leaves under her feet as they move, the crunch matching the beat of her heart. She knows doing this will make her sick. She knows.

She feels something slide down her cheek, and she realizes she's crying. She doesn't even care anymore. She lets the tears fall freely, just sighing. It doesn't matter. Nothing seems to matter anymore, ever. Now that' he's gone.

The tears fall down her cheeks, hitting the ground and making no sound. Yet, she can hear them. She can hear the loud crash as they hit the earth, feel the earth tremble as they collide with it. But who even cares? She doesn't.

She passes tombstone after tombstone, thinking of what the others went through when they came here. Did the same thing happen? Did they fall apart, seam by seam, as their loved one left them forever? She isn't even really concerned, but this beats thinking about him.

She finally sees what she's looking for: a tombstone near the back of the graveyard, smooth, newer looking than most of the ones in here. It's a larger one, the engraved script elegant pure, and the soil still slightly fresh before it. Her breath catches, and her heart skips. This was a bad idea.

But no matter what her thought, she doesn't stop, she doesn't turn around. She doesn't even slow down. She knows this is a good thing to do, even though she knew this would cause permanent, severe damage to her heart.

She's standing in front of the tombstone, when she finally stops. She just stands there for a few minutes, letting the tears hit the ground, sobbing broken sobs.

She looks around, seeing the beautiful bouquets of colorful flowers by gravestones, and feels uneasy. She's never had to do anything like this before.

She finally bends over, so slowly that the movement is nearly unnoticeable, and sits on her knees a few inches in front of the stone.

She holds a single red rose in her hand. She brings it to her lips, kissing the petals once, softly. Tear drops land on it, but she doesn't wipe them off. Maybe they make it look more symbolic. Maybe it represents more of how she feels. It's all just a blur to her now.

She sets the rose down, realizing she hasn't been breathing. She gasps wildly for air, and she realizes she's losing it. She regains her breath, and just lays her head down on the cool stone. She closes her eyes, and sighs for what seems like forever.

When she lifts her head up, she finally gains enough bravery to read the grave.

She says the words to herself, her voice just a whisper, but still trembling and faltering. She reads them several times to herself, and traces the words with her index finger.

And then, it all hits her once more.

"Oh!" her eyes widen, and she struggles for breath. And it has nothing to do with forgetting to breathe. It hurts to try, it hurts to think, to see, to hear. It just hurts.

She leans in again, and locks her hands around the stone. She kisses it quickly, and then just whimpers.

"I love you, Jack Bauer," Chloe O'Brian whispers through sobs.