Blood Washes Blood
Chapter One: Shameless

The funeral was the held the very next day, the ceremony conducted in the Great Hall. Hermione was asked to give a speech, but she declined. Harry and Ron each gave one instead. After Ron feel apart on the stage telling stories from their past, long summer days at the Burrow, humorous anecdotes about how in life all she really lived for was Harry, and so on. Hermione could not stand it. No one had cared enough about Ginny to save her.

When the speeches were over, Hermione was the first to tell Ginny good-bye. An eerie feeling crept over her as she looked at Ginny, clad in a robe the mortician had dressed her in. The robe was extravagant, but beautifully so. When Hermione touched Ginny's cold hand she felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. Ron stood beside her, tears streaming down his face.

"Good-bye Ginny." She choked and kissed her best friend on her forehead. "Bye." She heard Ron and Harry say. What else were you supposed to do? There wasn't much else. This was it. No more Ginny.

As Hermione walked down the long aisle that formed from the benches that had been set up and past a line of mourners, she wiped her face with a hanker chief Ron had given her during the ceremony. She just couldn't imagine Ginny gone.

The doors were open, and she turned the corner, trying to mute the sound of the organs playing, announcing people were to pay their final respects before she was buried. A lone figure was sitting, leaning against the wall, his head in his hands. At first Hermione thought another person was even more upset than her, but after sizing up the Slytherin tie and emblem upon the robes of the stranger, she realized who it was.

"You insufferable prat!" Hermione screeched, disgusted that even Draco would stoop so low as to skip the funeral.

Draco looked up; his eyes were puffy and red. Hermione stopped dead in her tracks, her expression of angry quickly changed to utter shock. Malfoy? Crying?


Hermione watched him stand up slowly, wiping his eyes. "Go away." Draco sniffled and turned the other.

"Here." Hermione held out the hanker chief Ron had given her and slowly walked over to Malfoy and handed it to him. He hesitated before taking it.

"I said go away." He blew his nose and stuffed it in his pocket. He was still Malfoy all right, but you could not fake those kinds of tears. Mourners were beginning to leave and Hermione started feeling anxious that someone would see them together like this. But, no one really seemed to notice all that much.

"I'm sorry." Hermione stepped away.

"Hey" He called out to her. "You forgot your, uh, hanker chief." He dug his hand in his pocket and pulled it out. "Take it, Granger."

She grabbed it and folded it up neatly as she walked back up to her Head Girl dorm, where she was sure Harry was waiting for her.

He was. It was disgruntling seeing Harry so upset; Harry was the one who was supposed to save the world. But here he was waiting for her in their shared common room, the look on his face similar to the one she had seen on Draco's.

"It's my fault," Harry muttered. "I could have stopped this."

Hermione sat down next to him, and put her arms around his shaking body, surprised that she was the one doing all the comforting today. She was the one who had found Ginny's body, after all.

"How could you have stopped this?" Hermione asked him. "None of us knew Ginny was hurting like that." But even as Hermione said the words she knew they weren't true. Ginny had seemed different that entire year; she had stopped gushing about Harry, she had stopped dating, and she had stopped talking about boys in general. But how does that point to suicide?

Hermione helped him sit up straight and hugged him like she hadn't hugged anyone in her entire life. For a second, that empty feeling left her, and for that second she was sure it had left him too. He sobbed into her shoulder for-she didn't even know how long. They didn't speak. They really didn't need to, not yet. Her heart ached each time he gasped for air. Tears began to slowly run down her cheeks, in succession to his.

His arms' surrounding her's felt like a structure, weak but strong. "Hermione." He sat up again, his hands grasping her shoulders. "I love her…I…love her." He looked down and shook his head. His raven black hair was more than a mess than usual. Then he looked up, his green eyes filling with tears again. "She…she…"

"It's okay." Hermione hugged him tight again.

Now that Hermione knew that Harry had loved Ginny, that Ginny's feelings had been reciprocated, everything seemed so much worse. Harry and Ginny had missed out on their big happily ever after.

"It's okay," she whispered again, but as they started to pull away from each other, and as Hermione's cheek brushed against his, she could feel the deliberate turn of his head, and then their lips were touching. They were kissing and it was surreal, and amazing, and absolutely horrific all at once. Harry pushed her away from him as fast as he had drawn her close.

"Sorry," he said, and she believed him, she really did.

"It's just hard." Hermione nodded and hugged him again.

He blushed and stood up. "Good night." He said and went to his room. She heard the door shut with a quiet click. Hermione knew Harry just wanted to be alone for a while, so did she. The feeling of his lips still lingered on hers. He was just all messed up, she knew this to be a fact, because Harry loved Ginny and Ginny loved Harry. She hated that everything she thought or said about Ginny was now in the past tense. She wished it went like this, Harry loves Ginny and Ginny loves Harry.

Hermione went to her room; exhaustion hit her like a ton of bricks. The strange thing is, as she looked up at her clock, she realized time really didn't stop for anyone, it won't stop to mourn Ginny, and it will keep trudging onward. She sat on her bed and looked outside her window. The moon was covered in clouds, dark ominous clouds. Thunder shook her windows and lightening split through the black skies, lighting up her room in flashes.

Her body felt stuck in a sitting position. It felt draining to move or cry or think. She wondered if there was a heaven and if Ginny was there. But, then she pushed it out of her mind, she just couldn't bare the thought of thinking that what if there wasn't anything out there, what if Ginny just…

The thunder crackled in the sky and Hermione jumped. It had never occurred to her before how eerie her room was at night, the paintings, the cold, stone walls, and the dim torch light.

She silently crept out of her bed and hurried towards Harry's room, too unnerved to ever get any sleep. When she cracked open his door, Harry stood up from where he was sitting at the windowsill, staring out into space. He had changed into pajamas, like her, but he didn't look like he was going to be getting to sleep anytime soon either.

"Hey," she said, "With the lightning." She did not know how to word what she was trying to say without sounding sexual, but she felt like Harry of all people would understand. "With the lightning, and with everything, can I stay with you tonight?"

Harry nodded and she went inside, closed the door, and got under his covers. They smelled like him, a rugged sweet scent. She pulled the covers up to her nose and watched him get under them on the other side. She watched the lightning flash across the ceiling. The booming thunder made her tense up. But, Harry was there. Her best friend in the world and the one person she really, really needed right now.

"Do-" She tried to speak without crying, it was hard, but she managed to swallow the tears, "Do, you think she's alright?"

Harry didn't speak for a second.

"I hope so." He said.

"Me too." Hermione rolled over so she was facing him; he turned his head slightly and stared at her.

"Ron went home after the ceremony."

"Oh," Was all Hermione said. She stared at Harry, his presence was reassuring, he didn't even have to say anything. He went back to staring up at the ceiling and it was quiet for a while.

Then, Hermione spoke up, "Can I hold you hand?"

Harry looked at her, then moved his hand over her's and squeezed it. They intertwined their fingers. It didn't feel like she was holding a cute boy's hand, but Harry's hand.

Blaise and Pansy were sitting in the center of the Slytherin common room, the best seats always reserved for them and Draco. Pansy laughed as Blaise used a hex on a first-year that caused him to continually trip over his own feet. Soon, however, she was distracted by Draco's tall figure approaching them. He lazily sat down next to Pansy, pushing Blaise to the end of the loveseat.

"And where have you been?" Pansy asked Draco, always interested in his latest schemes.

"Around," he said mysteriously, enticing Pansy all the more. "I skipped out on that blood traitor's death party, though."

"We did too, didn't we Blaise?" Pansy said, trying to act like Draco.

"No, we were-" Blaise started, but Pansy stomped on his toes before he could say anymore.

"Granger fell for it." Draco laughed menacingly, but Pansy frowned at the sound of that Mudblood's name.

"Fell for what?" Pansy asked, curious as ever.

"My act, of course." He smirked.

"What act?"

He leaned in; every word he spoke made her shiver with pleasure, "Top secret." Every word he spoke

Blaise tensed up at their closeness. You ass, he thought. Draco, while he was whispering to Pansy, shot Blaise a look that said, "Look what I got."

Blaise shot up from his seat and stomped off.

"What was that about?" Draco looked up, a smirk on his face.

"Who cares?" Pansy said as she yearned for Draco's lips against hers.

Draco threatened everyone in the Slytherin common room that if they bothered him and Pansy they'd pay. Blaise looked back and watched as Draco leaned in and kissed Pansy hard. Then he went up the stairs, regretting not just stopping it. He wouldn't kiss her hard or angry. He would kiss her softly and make love to her, not just throw her on a bed and use her as a tool.

Draco pushed Pansy onto his bed in his private corridor. A small light from the lamp made the room look a golden color. Draco undid the buttons on her shirt, at least the rest of them. He cast it to the side; she wasn't wearing a bra or underwear for that matter, so it wasn't as hard as Weaslette, yet not as pleasurable.

"Draco!" She gasped when he went down on her, licking the inside of her thighs, then going for her sweet spot. He usually didn't like giving head, but he was in a good mood today. He made her come quickly, but he wasn't done with her yet. He lay on top of her naked body and kissed her like he had on the couch, squeezing her breasts and tugging at her hair. She moaned into his mouth, whenever his tongue pressed up against the roof of her mouth.

As he undressed, she lay naked on the bed, waiting for him. When he was done, he immediately positioned himself for entry. His cock slowly slid in, pressing right up against her clit, making her moan louder than anyone he'd ever fucked. Pansy wasn't tight, but she knew how to turn him on, and stroke his ego. She moaned louder, the bed shook as he thrust into her time and time again.

After had had finished, he rolled over and gasped for air.

"Good?" Pansy asked, hopeful.

"Not really."

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