She looked out of the cell she was in, water dripping near her. She had been here for a three months now. Waiting. She was waiting for the moment when she would escape this prison he had built around her. Thinking back, she remembered everything clearly. Something that was becoming harder as time slowly dripped by. The only thing that kept her some what sane was the thought of the baby inside her. She was five months along now and she would be damned if she allowed Negaduck to lay a hand on the child, not that she had much say in it at the moment.

Kat looked up, hearing the barred door open. In walked a small girl, wearing a pink dress with curls covering her head. She had come to know the kid better after a few weeks of being locked up here alone with only a small lift in the wall that sent her tray of food back and forth as company. " You know your not allowed to be down here, much less opening that door kid." Goslyan looked up at her with her blue eyes and smiled, skipping into the dirty cell.

"I know, but dad is gone for now and I thought maybe you would want to stretch your legs." Kat looked at the girl and smiled sadly, moving her leg, the sound of a heavy chain was heard clinking across the cold, stone floor."I wish I could, but your dad has the key to this lock around his neck. You'd better go before he comes back and yells at you." She nodded, sighing sadly walking back out of the cell and closed it, relocking it and waved, walking away down the hall.

Kat hated sending her away, but didn't want her hurt, she liked her to much. She stood and walked to the cell door, the chain letting her get to about half a foot away and she sat on the floor, looking out the window across from her cell. It was raining hard outside."I will get free Negs, and when I do, you'll regret everything you have done to me." With those few words as the only comfort she had at the moment, she leaned against the wall and slowly fell asleep.

Negaduck walked inside, his hat some how managing to keep its shape despite the hard rain outside and tossed it onto a stand by the door. He could hear a childs' program being watched somewhere on a television. Walking to a large fire place her pressed a demons horn in and stepped back as it moved to the side and walked down the steps. He loved this old castle he had "borrowed" from its last owner in the Negaverse. As he descended the steps he looked into the many rooms leading off the staircase. Rooms filled with money or other treasures from his many looting sprees on the "other side" as he called it. Reaching the bottom he walked down the hall toward his destination.

Kat looked up as the cell door opened, glaring as she stood. Negaduck walked in, smirking like the cat who ate the canary. " So my dear, how are you feeling today. Well I hope. I wouldn't want my woman getting ill." Kat turned, walking away from him as best she could, and sneered as she felt his hand running down her spine. "Oh don't be that way. I brought you a gift." He moved his arm around her and opened a black box, showing her a yellow diamond necklace and earring set. "Rare diamonds of the finest quality. Only the best for you lover." Kat turned, knocking his hand away and glared at him. "If you care about me so much, let me go home. I hate you. I regret the day I met you." Negaduck narrowed his eyes at her, his short fuse getting oh so much shorter, almost to its flash point. Kat turned away from him, wincing as she felt the baby kick and put a hand on her large stomach. Negaduck watched this and smiled. The baby was going to be a healthy one. He could hardly wait till it was time for Kat to give him the greatest thing in the world. Then he would show the child the ropes, making it his next in line.

Kat glared at the wall, wishing she could burn a hole through it. It was now or never. Either she would stay and rot in this cell or she would grit her teeth, smile and preform some of the best acting that would put most of Hollywood to shame. Relaxing her shoulders she turned and smiled softly at him, taking his hand and placed it on her stomach. "The babys' moving around a lot. Maybe its twins."

Negaduck was struck dumb by her actions. If he had known all it took was stealing her diamonds he would have given her the whole damn vault. He looked down at his hand, feeling the little movements of their child inside her. For the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do. He slowly dropped his hand and knelt unlocking her ankle, then quickly stood and grabbed her arm. "I'll let you out. But if you double cross me, not even the fact you're carrying my brat will save you." His grip tightened as he pulled her out of the cell and lead her upstairs. Kat followed in shock that it had worked. Had she known that all it took was acting like she finally liked him she would have done it sooner.

Goslyan watched from her hiding spot and giggled. They were finally getting alone. It was about time too. This was no way to act when they should be setting a good example for her, not to mention with a baby on the way it wasn't good for Kat to be down in the cells. She did still feel sorry for Kat, having been forced into marrying her father, but she also liked the idea of having a mother and a real family. Now to keep it this way and every should be fine, until one killed the other.

Unknown to anyone of them, prying eyes watched the while scene unfold, narrowing as Negaduck put an arm around Kat. It was sickening to see the great ruler of the Negaverse reduced to a simpering love sick puppy just for a woman not ever from this universe. This had to end. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this was to break the strictest of rules. Traveling to the Normalverse was forbidden, though not known to many of their world. Darkwing duck had to be found and brought here to take back what belonged to his world and set right their own, or over throw Negaduck in the process. Which ever came first.