Same old song and dance. Warning: This Chapter is the darkest thing to be written so far in this series. If violence or death make you uncomfortable, then read no further.

Nega-Kat looked around the holding area that must have once served as a locker room in better times. Other people were there as well, waiting the same fate as them. She could hear cars racing around, crashing into the walls or each other, in an attempt to kill Negaducks "prisoners". Sighing she sat back down next to Darkwing who had managed to hang onto his mask while being frisked. Launchpad looked nerves and kept fidgeting in his seat.

"So, is there anyway out of this? A way to escape?" Launchpad looked over at her hopefully. She stopped trying to pick the locks on her hand cuffs and began to chuckle softly, eventually laughing fully. The sound vibrated around the room, causing the cold sound to reach the very back of the area they were in. Launchpad inched away slightly.

"Escape? Your kidding. If there was a way out, I wouldn't be worried. Oh that's funny, a way out." She looked back at her wrists, trying once again to get the locks. Darkwing looked annoyed by her answer as he watched her trying to pick the lock, finally taking the piece of metal she was using and bend over.

"I've gone against Neg's many times before. There's always a flaw in his plan that even he over looks. We just have to find it." After a few more minutes there was a click and the cuffs fell open. As she removed them he saw her bear skin, scars going around her wrists. He then began on Launchpads cuffs.

A lift came down as men in uniform filed off, grabbing people and pushing them onto the lifts, a few fighting, most pleading. One grabbed Nega-Kat and she went with out a fight, looking back at Darkwing as the lift went back up. Darkwing watched her go up, then turned his attention back to Launchpad as he got his cuffs and began on his own. He wasn't to sure of his next course of action, but he knew something had to be done.

Kat blinked as the pod opened, revealing a large green house. The Friendly Four stepped out of it and looked back at her, talking quietly amongst themselves. She remembered what Negaduck, that is was his universe. They seemed friendly enough. Nega-Megavolt smiled at her as best he could as the Nega-Liquidator offered her a hand as she stepped off the pod.

"So your Negaducks obsession." Nega-Bushroot smiled sadly at her as a chair was brought for her to sit in. "So, how long till your due?" He thought it was a simple enough question when Nega-Megavolt smacked him in the back of the head.

"Alittle under five months." She looked down at her stomach and smiled, gently resting a hand on it. "I have to go home, or hide where he can't find me. Of all the things in my life that have come out screwed up, I want this to come out all right." They looked at the woman before them, then nodded to each other. Though they had no way of knowing where her home was or that she wasn't even from their universe, they vowed to make their teacher proud by keeping her and any child she had safe from Negaduck and his taint.

Unfortunately, they had no idea their idol was closer then they thought. Darkwing stood on Launchpads back, watching the derby outside. He watched as people were run down by cars. Unfortunately, those lucky enough to escape the cars went down in a hail of gun fire.

Nega-Kat was doing well, avoiding the cars and gun fire. And above it all, Negaduck sat in the VIP area, laughing as he watched her frantic movements. Around him sat his most loyal followers, including the Muddlefoots. Nega-Launchpad sat alittle further down, his feet resting on the guard rail as smoke rose from his cigar.

He watched his former partner as she seemed to be looking for something. He chuckled to himself and flicked the cigar to get rid of the ash. In a few moments they would bring up the next round of people. Hopefully this time Darkwing and his counterpart would be part of it and settled into his chair more. For a moment thought, his blood ran cold as Nega-Kat looked up as though she were looking at him. Her one eye burning with malice and the promise of a slow and painful end.

Nega-Kat growled as her attention was pulled away from looking at the crowd as a car just missed her. She rolled out of the way as some punk shot at her and started running again. Watching the cars slow to a halt by the other side of the area the sound of the lift came up again. This time Darkwing and Launchpad were with the others. Turning back to the cars she watched as they were refueled. An idea began to form in her mind and smirked.

Darkwing watched the smile slowly creep onto her face as she waited till the cars started out again, heading for the new group of people. As they ran away from the cars, she ran toward them. Darkwing turned away, afraid to see her run over, only to suddenly hear the crowd explode in boo's and hisses. Looking up, he saw Nega-Kat smashing the window open and pulling the driver out. He himself smirked as she climbed in and turned it toward the other cars. Launchpad cheered along with the other prisoners as she caused the other two cars to hit into each other. His smile faded as she turned the machine toward him and ran back alittle before it back to a halt, Nega-Kat chuckling down at him.

"Afraid I was gona hit you? Now get in before I do run you over." Darkwing and Launchpad looked at one another then began to climb in. Gun fire began to ring out around them as they climbed in. She drove toward the wall as the black glass shattered from a large rock. "You were right by the way." When they gave her odd looks she continued. "About Negaduck's plans being flawed some how. He didn't count on me making a plan so fast." She smirked and pressed the gas peddle down further.

Negaduck hurled the glass he was holding at the floor and stood. "How dare she! Who does she think she is, trying to escape my arena!" He snarled and stalked off into another room, returning with a rocket launcher and aimed it at the car as it sped toward an exit wall. Nega-Launchpad watched, stunned that she would do this. Standing, he was about to leave when he looked over at the ranting Negaduck. The Muddlefoots were trying to reason with him about launching the rocket in such a closed space. Even he had to admit he had counted on her being dead.

Goslyan had almost reached the arena when she heard the audience turn sour. A few minutes later, a nastily looking car burst from an exit gate and roared down the street, followed by frightened looking people. She watched as the car turned toward the street she was on and thought she saw Nega-Kat and her dad in the cab. Jumping onto a light pole she began waving the paper bag.

Darkwing was looking at a cut on Launchpads arm when something caught his eye. There was his daughter, out of costume, waving a brown bag. "Pull over!" Nega-Kat gave him an odd look, but complied and stopped so the child could jump through the broken window onto her lap.

She was shocked for a moment, seeing the resemblance to another red haired duck she knew. Pushing those thoughts aside for the moment, she began to accelerate again as the sound of police sirens filled the air. "I know a place we can go that Negaduck can't get to us." She began driving down the main road of St. Canard and turned off just after leaving the bridge, heading down a dirt road to a cemetery.

Darkwing looked up and froze. Before him stood a house he knew all to well. One where he had lost his heart and the only woman he loved. Mc Cobbler manor stood out from the fog as the gloom of the woods around it seemed to consume all else.