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This story is meant to tide me over until I finish the sequel to Endless Love, but I have to be honest with you, I had doubts on if this particular story should ever see the light of day. In this story, I'm having Yaya and Tsubomi play the role of foreign exchange students and sent them to Quahog for 6 months of insanity. Almost next to nothing in this story is to be taken seriously, my mad mind having indulged itself quite nicely. I'm definitely a bit self-conscious about it, though.

Originally, I came up with this idea after watching an episode of Strawberry Panic and an episode of Family Guy back to back (Warning: This is something one should never do!) and the original plan was that it would star Shizuma and Nagisa. I came to my senses, however and abandoned the story before it could take off. But everything came back the moment a friend (who shall remain nameless) challenged to build a story around this plot-bunny: Yaya buys a monster truck. So the story's main stars are Yaya and Tsubomi, but practically all main Strawberry Panic characters will be making an appearance in this tale.

This is also the first time I wrote for Yaya. I hope I did her justice. Thanks go to my friend Alphamonkey, sage of all things Family Guy, for going over the story and providing valuable feedback. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Strawberry Panic or Family Guy. If I did, I'd be in a huge house with a big bag of money, having a bit of a laugh. But I'm not, so I don't. Contains Shoujoai, naturally.

Also, we have characters talking in Japanese and English. When a character is speaking in Japanese, her line is displayed thusly : -"..."- I wanted other, less obtrusive symbols, but it seems like FF won't allow it.

Everybody loves Yaya!

Chapter 1 : Destination Quahog

Nanto Yaya was counting the seconds until the plane she was on would land. She was surprisingly active after a gruelling 14 hour travel time, but that was due to the pure excitement. Her traveling companion and girlfriend Okuwaka Tsubomi, who sat beside her, was still sleeping soundly. Yaya smiled: Tsubomi looked so cute when she was sleeping, her head tilted to one side and a gentle smile on her delicate features. The raven-haired girl took a moment to gently push some of Tsubomi's pink hair from her cheeks before sinking back in her seat.

Yaya closed her eyes and basked in the idea of a sixth month adventure in the States. When Spica made available a number of places for a foreign exchange student program, Yaya jumped at the opportunity and months of hard work had paid off. She had won one the places in the program and could bring along a companion of her choice. And Tsubomi was only too happy to join her.

After Hikari and Amane had become Etoiles, Yaya and Tsubomi's friendship had developed to a more romantic entanglement until they became a full-fledged couple. Still, as Yaya had entered her fourth year at Spica, it was still hard for her to see Hikari with Amane. She loved Tsubomi, that was not in question, though she had certainly never expected to fall for her. But still, living in the same dorm room as Hikari, with Amane dropping by at least five times a day kept reminding her of what could have been.

A six month adventure alone with Tsubomi, exploring a foreign culture, was exactly what she needed to break with the past and start looking towards the future.

A brief yawn next to her alerted Yaya to Tsubomi's awakening.

-"Good morning, sleepy head,"- Yaya smiled. -"Or should I say snory-head?"-

-"Hey!"- Tsubomi protested groggily. -"I do NOT snore."-

-"Seriously, it's like sitting next to a saw-mill. A seriously cute saw-mill, but a saw-mill nonetheless."-

Tsubomi scoffed and looked away angrily.

-"You're so cute when you're angry,"- Yaya shook her head and picked up the guidebook again. They'd had their first taste of America when they had to transfer planes at LAX. They weren't allowed to leave the airport, but at least they had their first American fast food on American soil. It had been rather amazing to see such a small girl like Tsubomi ravenously consuming an American sized slurpee soda. Yaya'd been seriously worried about Tsubomi's blood sugar level when they embarked on the second plane.

-"The children of our guest-family should be arriving at Spica right now. I wonder how they're doing. Spica's very strict after all. I hope they're ready for it."-

-"I'm more worried about us,"- Tsubomi said. -"I'm not really all that good at English."-

-"My English is well enough. I'll help you. Do you still have that phrasebook I bought you?"- Yaya asked.

Tsubomi took out the book. -"Yes. I have a feeling this book'll be my lifeline."-

-"Don't worry, you'll pick it up soon enough. Just let me do the talking when we get to the airport. I'll be happy to translate for you,"- Yaya smiled as Tsubomi flipped through the phrasebook.

"Good... morning. I am... Insert Name. How... are you? I... am fine, thank you... for asking," Tsubomi droned monotonously, while Yaya giggled. Needless to say, that earned Yaya another scowl.

The PA system crackled before the captain's voice came through it. "Good morning, this is your captain speaking. We'll be landing at our final destination of Quahog in a few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts."

"Yes!" Yaya exclaimed in English. "Quahog, here we come!"

-"What does Quahog mean, anyway?"- Tsubomi asked as she and her girlfriend Yaya were waiting for their luggage to appear on the conveyer belt.

-"Uh, hold on,"- Yaya said and rummaged through her backpack for her notepad. Yaya had done meticulous research on the city of Quahog prior to leaving and had jotted down many relevant things. -"Ah, here it is. A Quahog is a sort of hard-shelled clam. The town was founded by one Myles 'Chatterbox' Musket. Musket-san was a sailor from the colony of Rhode Island boat and was thrown overboard for talking too much and too loudly. According to legend, a magical clam rescued him and brought him ashore, and together they founded the town named Quahog."-

Tsubomi, who had already spotted their suitcases and dragged them off the belt, shook her head. -"That sounds a bit silly to me. Then again, local legends are usually silly. Part of their charm, I guess."-

Together, Tsubomi and Yaya walked past customs and into the meeting hall. Yaya had dressed for the occasion: she was wearing a red tank-top which left her midriff bare, a denim pair of short pants and a black cap which had the word 'FBI' embroidered on it. Tsubomi had chosen for a more conservative look: wooly sweater and plaid skirt.

-"Look, a welcoming committee,"- Tsubomi pointed at a delegation being headed by an elderly man with gray hair and a blue suit, who was hanging shells on a ribbon around the necks of the tourists visiting Quahog. Yaya and Tsubomi decided it would be an appropriate start of their foreign adventure.

"Let your stay in our fair city of Quahog be a fruitful one. Enjoy our culture and hospitality by day, and our hookers and scenic dope-dealers by night. Don't worry, we all know why you're here," the elderly man laughed while the tourist quickly moved on. The elderly man then smiled at the two girls, who bowed politely. "Greetings, and welcome to our fair city of Quahog. I am Mayor Adam West, here to personally see to your very own welcoming ceremony."

-"Wow,"- whispered Yaya as Mayor West hung a clam-encrusted purple ribbon around her neck. -"He's the mayor!"-

-"No way!"- Tsubomi gasped and immediately bowed deeper to show her respect as she also received a clam on a piece of string. -"Hey, wait a minute. These clams are real... And very smelly."-

"Konichiwa, honorable Mayor West," Yaya greeted with a smile. "I am Nan... Uh, I mean, Yaya Nanto and this is my girlfriend Tsubomi Okuwaka. We are from Japan. We are grateful for your greeting and well-wishes."

At the instant that Yaya had mentioned they were from Japan, Adam West's expression changed from kindly to god-inspired fearfulness. "I... Japan? But... Oh, no. You must be from some island where you've been since World War 2, aren't you? The war is over, my girl! OVER! Just..." he got on his knees and begged. "Just give peace a chance! A CHANCE! AAAAHHH!" he suddenly belted for the exit. "Run! It's an all-out invasion! They're evil ninja's! RUUUNNNNNN FOR YOUR LIVVVVESSSSSSSSS!"

Tsubomi blinked. And so did Yaya.

-"Uhm, what did he say, Yaya-chan?"-

-"I... I have no idea."-

-"I thought Yaya-sempai said she was such a genius at English."-

-"I AM good at English, but what Mayor West said just didn't make any sense. Besides, he was probably scared by your perpetual scowl, Tsubomi-chan."-


Though the experience was incredibly weird, Yaya and Tsubomi continued on their way through the meeting hall, looking for their guest family.

-"I think that's them,"- Tsubomi pointed at a sign being held up in the distance.

-"How can you tell?"- Yaya asked as the two girls navigated their baggage carrier around the gathered people.

-"Well, for one thing, there's Kanji on that sign. And also, they're holding it upside down."-

Finally, they saw their guest family. Standing in front of them was an overweight middle-aged male with glasses, a lovely red-headed woman wearing a bluish-green shirt, a dubious looking baby wearing red dungarees and a white dog walking on two legs.

Being very excited, Yaya bowed politely. Tsubomi, of course, did the same. "Greetings," Yaya spoke. "I am Yaya Nanto and this is Tsubomi Okuwaka. We are grateful that you will allow us to stay at your lovely home."

The overweight man stepped forward. "Me Peter," he said. "You new Peter kids. You stay Peter house."

Yaya blinked for a moment. "Uhm. I do speak English, Griffin-san. I apologize if you find my pronunciation inadequate."

"Me... Pe...Ter. Pe...Ter... is... me," Peter spoke slowly. "You... foreign chick."

The dog slapped a paw against his forehead and stepped forward. "Way to make a good first impression there, Peter," he said, before turning to Yaya. "Hi, my name is Brian. Please don't mind Peter here. Your English is wonderful, miss Nanto."

-"Uh, Yaya-chan?"- Tsubomi whispered at Yaya. -"Is that... a talking dog?"-

-"I think he's probably one of those really advanced robot-pets. Like the ones they have in Tokyo. I didn't realize the Americans had technology this advanced. I mean, I've read most of them can't even program their VCRs."-

"Hi," greeted the red-haired woman. "I'm Lois and I guess I'll be your surrogate mom for the next six months. I'm sure we'll learn a lot from each other and'll have a lot of fun together. Tonight I'll be cooking you a traditional American meal: french fries with ketchup!"

"Aw, Lois, tonight is Taco-night!" Peter protested. "There's nothing more American than Tacos and Burritos."

Tsubomi eyed the baby in Lois' arms. "Oh, kawaii," Tsubomi smiled.

"Goodbye?" Peter frowned. "Well, that was a short six months. Don't tell me we've fallen into a time-warp again, cause the last time that happened..."

"No, Peter," the dog interrupted. "Kawaii is Japanese for 'cute'. I think she means Stewie, though for the life of me I can't imagine why."

"Would you like to hold Stewie, Tsubomi?" Lois asked and handed the indignant baby to Tsubomi.

"Hey, what the deuce?!" Stewie uttered when the pink-haired girl pressed the baby to her and cooed some (to him) incomprehensible Japanese words. No one was more surprised than Tsubomi when Stewie punched her in the face. Tsubomi yelped as she fell backwards and landed on her posterior.

"What do you think you're doing, manhandling me? And why the pink-hair, that's so last year. Seriously, it makes you look like a reject from the barbie-factory with your pink-colored mop and a broken voice box. 'Math is hard, let's go Seppuku!' Please!" Stewie spat.

A stricken Yaya helped her embarrassed lover to her feet. -"Are you alright, Tsubomi-chan?"-

-"Did you see that, Yaya-chan?! That baby punched me in the face! He did that on purpose!"-

-"How could he? He's only one year old. Maybe you just scared him. It wouldn't be the first time you scared a small child."-

"Stewie!" Lois admonished as she picked up the baby. "What's gotten into you? I'm so sorry, Tsubomi."

"Oh, you've just gotten rid of the other two morons and already you're skirting around these two Pokemon rejects to replace them. And here I was hoping for some peace and quiet!"

Thankfully, the trip to 31 Spooner Street was uneventful. Yaya spent most of the time asking questions about America and life in Quahog. Peter mostly answered with nonsensical anecdotes about family members, while Brian kept correcting those with proper information afterwards. Tsubomi tried her best to make small talk, but was still having a lot of trouble with the language and kept flipping through the phrasebook and a small dictionary during conversation. Thankfully, Yaya was able to help her out where needed.

The Griffin residence was a lovely house of suburbian build, and both girls were eager to explore their new temporary home. As soon as the two girls entered the house, they removed their shoes and put them on the mat next to the door. They were surprised, however, to see that Peter and Stewie just strolled past them still wearing their streetshoes. Not finding any slippers waiting for them, the girls took their own from their backpacks. Outside, Lois was still struggling with the girl's suitcases.

"Hey, Lois!" Peter shouted out the door. "Hurry with those suitcases, will ya? We're already inside here, Lois."

Yaya watched on in a mixture of fascination and good humor when Lois growled at Peter and unceremoniously dumped the suitcases on the floor.

"Peter, 'helping' is not an ugly word," Lois challenged.

"Yeah, but it's not a beautiful word either, like 'Shapoopi', 'beer' or 'side-boob'," Peter crossed his arms.

Yaya removed something from her backpack. "Ahum. Peter-san? Lois-san? In Japan, it's custom to present the kind hosts with a small gift of appreciation. Tsumaranai mono desu ga."

Yaya handed Peter and Lois a small box which was filled with several Onigiri. "Oh, that's SWEET!" Peter exclaimed. "A gift of food, Lois. They gave us food! Our own kids never gave us anything but blood, sweat, tears and other assorted crap."

"I... brought for you a gift of," Tsubomi struggled with English and kept flipping through her phrasebook. "Maneki Neko. With left paw raised to attract companionship."

Lois gently took the brightly colored ceramic kitten and bowed slightly to show respect.

"Sweeeeet!" Peter exclaimed again. "First food, now a tribal sex-charm! This is getting better and better by the second, Lois!"

"Thank you very much, Tsubomi" Lois said as Tsubomi bowed politely. "Now let's get you up to your room."

Peter led them to their room upstairs, leaving Lois to drag the suitcases up the stairs behind them. Peter brought them to a room that was about the same size as a room at the strawberry dorms. There were two beds on either side of the room, ample closet space to store their clothes and two windows with a lovely view.

"We kinda heard from the agency that you girls are used to sleeping in one room, so we moved all of Chris' useless crap into Meg's room and put Meg's bed in here," Peter said.

"Correction," said Lois as she entered the room with the girls' suitcases. She took a moment to rub her back and panted deeply. "I moved Chris' useless crap and Meg's bed."

"Sure, take all the credit, Lois," Peter scoffed. "Rob me of my good graces like you always do. Like the time Buzz Aldrin Griffin could have been the first man on the first man on the moon."

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." sounded at the Cape Canaveral control post. "We have lift-off!"

On the viewscreen, the Apollo 11 rocket carrying the astronauts and the lunar lander shot up into the sky. And while the rocket scientists all cheered to their hearts' content, a portly man in an astronaut-suit stepped out of the bathroom.

"Ah, geez," said Buzz Aldrin Griffin. "I was only on the can for like five minutes. Couldn't you have waited?!"

"Sorry, Buzz," spoke the commander. "I mean, we are on a tight schedule here."

"Well, if you're on a tight schedule, I would think you'd have the cafeteria scratch bean-dip off the menu."

Yaya and Tsubomi bowed deeply in appreciation. "We thank you for your kindness and hospitality. And for your consideration."

Yaya took Tsubomi's hand and squeezed it slightly. Tsubomi blushed and gently pressed against Yaya. It took Tsubomi a few moments to realize what she was doing in front of her hosts and started slightly before pulling away from Yaya and excusing herself to the hosts with a gentle bow.

Peter blinked... then blinked again. He took a deep breath when it finally hit him what the display in front of him meant exactly. "This... is... AWESOME! Lois, we've got the full package deal here!"

"Well, uh," Lois blinked. "Far be it for us to be judgmental. We're all different here, to each her own."

In the background, a grumbling Stewie handed a grinning Brian a ten-dollar bill.

"We'll leave you girls to get settled then," Lois said. "But we want to hear lots of things about Japan later."

"Yeah," Peter said. "Especially about those square watermelons. How the hell do you grow those things anyway? Do you use square seeds or somethin' or do you just grow 'em in a box?"

As their host family closed the door, Yaya got to work on putting their clothes and other personal belongings into the closet while Tsubomi lay down on the left bed. -"This is nice. The two of us finally sharing a room,"- she yawned, still tired from the long planeride.

-"They're such nice people too, if a little weird,"- Yaya told Tsubomi. -"It's going to be fun staying with them. Oh, I can't wait. I can't wait to explore Quahog! I can't wait to go to school here!"-

Tsubomi offered Yaya a smile. It's been a long time since she'd seen Yaya this excited and care-free, and she hoped it would last. Tsubomi suppressed a yawn, but frowned when she heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the yard.

-"Hm? Did something happen,"- she asked a stunned Yaya who was looking out the window.

-"I, uh, think I just saw Stewie-kun trying to kill Lois-sama with a stinger missile launcher. I don't think Lois-sama even noticed."-

-"Yaya-sempai shouldn't make up silly stories,"- Tsubomi sighed and rolled to her side.

-"No, it's true. I really saw him shooting at Lois-sama with a..."-

-"Come on, how old are you? Stop trying to fool me with silly stories."-


At that moment, a second stinger missile flew through the open window in the left wall and went straight out the open window in the right wall, right over Tsubomi's head. It apparently landed in the front yard where it exploded with a loud bang.

Yaya crossed her arms and looked smug. -"And what's that, then? A mosquito?"-

Tsubomi blinked. Once. Twice. -"I did not see anything at all,"- she gulped.

-"Look,"- Yaya stressed. -"Relax, we're going to have so much fun. This is our great adventure! All we have to do is to stay out of the path of any explosive ordinance and we'll be fine."-

Tsubomi grumbled. Yaya smiled and sat down on her knees next to Tsubomi's bed, placing her chin and elbows on the mattrass, close to Tsubomi's face. -"Come on. Kiss me,"- she demanded playfully. -"It'll make it all feel better."-

-"Huh?"- Tsubomi frowned. -"But..."-

-"Kiss me,"- Yaya demanded again, with a lopsided smile.

Tsubomi relented. After their lips touched and Tsubomi was once again overwhelmed with Yaya's passion, she did indeed feel better.

The first few day were spent having a 'getting to know you' between the girls and their host family. Again, Brian was the one who asked the most poignant questions and gave the most useful answers. Lois' questions mostly focused on food and culture. Stewie was mostly asking strange questions of the state of Japanese weapon technology, while Peter was mostly focused on Godzilla, ninja's, seizure bots and tentacle monsters.

The first day of school at James Woods High was an event that Yaya would never forget. It was so strange to be able to wear her regular clothing to school, but she greatly enjoyed it. The lessons were fun, the classmates were interesting and she found herself the center of attention. Tsubomi was having more trouble with school, but that was mostly a communication issue. Yaya was sure Tsubomi'd pick up more English soon if only she would bring up enough self-confidence, but in the meantime Yaya would stick close to her. Everything was different and new and she knew she was going to love every minute of the six months in Quahog.

One week later, the girls had gotten somewhat more acclimatized to their new surroundings and were enjoying freedoms they never had at the Strawberry Dorms. For one thing, there was no curfew. They could stay up as long as they pleased and the Griffins had no objections to midnight tea parties. In fact, Brain-sama, Peter-sama and Lois-sama often even joined in. Though Yaya decided to stop with the midnight tea parties when an irate Stewie-kun had thrown the red-hot tea at Tsubomi and the poor girl ended up having to be rushed to the hospital. The girls also enjoyed being involved in the Griffin family game night. Although Peter-sama slipped once during Twister and fell, which unfortunately meant a second trip to the hospital for poor Tsubomi, the two girls regarded that as an incident.

After having come home from school one day, Tsubomi was dusting off some of Lois-sama's vases. Though Lois-sama had told her that she was a guest and wouldn't have to do chores, Tsubomi felt it was a matter of honor to be doing her bit in the Griffin household.

"BOOO!" sounded behind her while two hands grabbed her sides.

"IYAAAAAAAA!" shouted Tsubomi. To her horror, she knocked over an antique vase with her duster and tried frantically to catch it. She missed once... twice... and in an act of sheer desperation, she kicked out and miraculously caught the vase by balancing it on her foot.

Tsubomi sighed a breath of relief as she gently put down the vase. Yaya, in the meantime, hugged Tsubomi tightly and kissed the nape of her neck.

-"I realize Yaya-sempai missed me while she was at school, but..."- Tsubomi scowled. -"WHY SCARE ME LIKE THAT?!"-

-"Because I'd love to see Tsubomi-chan's various cute expressions,"- Yaya chuckled.

-"Yaya-sempai has been stealing material..."-

-"Yes, I have,"- Yaya smiled. Tsubomi tried to retain her anger, but all her resolve was shot to hell the moment Yaya started to nibble on her earlobe. -"Oh, look, there's Peter-sama,"- Yaya winked at Tsubomi.

Indeed, Peter was sitting on the couch enjoying a rerun of Hogan's Heroes. Yaya grinned mischievously at Tsubomi and snuck up to him from the back. Tsubomi shook her head when Yaya got into position.

"BOO!" Yaya shouted and laid both hands on Peter's shoulders.

"AAAH!" Peter shouted and jumped from the couch. Unexpectedly, however, he started running around through the living room like a headless chicken while screaming his lungs out. He crushed the coffee-table, accidentally ripped paintings off the wall, knocked over the stereo, ripped the curtains off the wall and ended up jumping through the window.

Yaya was flabbergasted as she stood in the mess of glass shards, wood splinters and fallen paintings and flowers. Outside, Peter sat on the lawn, apparently having hit his knee, he held it and hissed through his teeth. "Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah! Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah! Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah! Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah! Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah! Hsssssss! Aaaaaaah!"

-"Geez,"- Yaya sweat-dropped. -"I wasn't expecting that. I, uh, I guess I'd better go apologize."-

Tsubomi sighed. -"As well you should. Seriously, Yaya-chan, you can be such a child!"-

The pink-haired girl watched as an apologetic Yaya went out the front door and sat down next to Peter-sama on the driveway and wondered if Yaya would ever learn.

'Probably not', was her conclusion. But that didn't mean she loved Yaya any less.

Next chapter: We catch up with the girls after one month in Quahog with their temporary family.